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1-The store detective saw the woman steal two candies and stopped her as she was leaving the shop, but even so, she tried to…………. that she had taken anything.

A) confess                     B) refuse

C) reject                         D) deny                 E) protest


2-Bullying is a terrible problem at that school. Some of the older boys take money from the younger ones and …….. to hurt them if they tell anyone.

A)warn                            B) accuse

C) threaten                    D) insist                                E) admit


3-I need to buy some brown…….. so that I can give my shoes a good shine.

A) dough                        B) polish

C) glue                           D) paint                 E) bleach


4-Though eight states in the US have more people, New Jersey's small size and relatively large population make it the most……..populated state in the country.

A) densely                      B) widely

C) extensively                D) largely                              E) seriously


5-Please use the milk……….because it's nearly finished and we won't be able to get any more until tomorrow.

A)hardly                          B)generously

C)sparingly    D)thinly                  E) apparently


6-My sister told me that she thought my new haircut was unusual, which I think was probably just a………way of saying that she really didn't like it.

A) frank                           B) sensible

C) harsh                         D) virtual                               E) tactful


7-………the difficulty of the exam our teacher gave yesterday, the whole class managed to pass.

A) Although    B) Despite (bilgi yelpazesi.net)

C) Whereas   D) However                                      E) Owing to


8-In my opinion, dentists have the worst job in the world, ……….how much they earn.

A)even if                         B)as though

C) nevertheless            D) no matter         E) moreover


9-If you haven't made a reservation, I advise you to arrive quite early; ……….., you won't be able to get a table.

A)provided      B) besides

C)otherwise   D) In case                            E) therefore


10-Electronic calculators are used to save time and to reduce the chance of making mistakes, and are found……. people deal with numbers frequently.

A)whatever     B) whichever

C) wherever   D) however           E) whoever


11- Penny spends a lot of money……….. clothes and looks fantastic………. everything she wears.

A)for/with        B) with/out of

C) at/for                          D) on/in                                 E) about/on


12- Yesterday, Frank made an appointment………….his lawyer…………. three o'clock on Tuesday.

A)from / around             B) about / on

C) by / at                         D) to / by                               E) with / for


13-This is the street with the cheap hotels, ………was mentioned in the guidebook.

A) which                         B) that

C) whose                       D) when                                E) where


14-Barbara leads………a simple life………she lives on very little money.

A) the same/as             B) such/that

C) rather/than                D) as/as                               E) so/that


15-There is nothing in the world that I find……….lying in bed and reading a book.

A)as relaxing as           B)the most relaxing

C)more relaxed than   D)so relaxed that                E)very relaxing


16- My sister's shoes aren't big enough for………., so I can't borrow……….. .

A)mine/hers   B) I/their

C) my/theirs   D) myself/her       E) me/them


17-She's never eaten fish in her life, ……………. .

A)but her husband is

B)and her husband is too

C)and nor has her husband

D)and so has her husband

E)but her husband will have


18-Although he doesn't particularly like it, my brother doesn't mind……….the table for dinner, but he really dislikes……….it up afterwards.

A)lay / to have cleaned

B)laying / cleaning

C)to lay / having cleaned

D)being laid / to clean

E)to have laid / cleaned


19-We spent hours looking for……….hotel that wasn't fully booked, and finally ended up at…………Royal.

A) the/-                            B) any/some

C) some/-                      D) a/the                 E) the/the


20-Two months ago, I thought the builders………..never……..the job, but now it looks as if the house win be completed by spring.

A)would/finish               B)had/finished

C)were/finishing           D)will/finish          E)have/finished


21-Last night's council meeting………when angry protesters……..tomatoes at the council members.

A)disrupted/were thrown

B)was disrupted/threw

C)had been disrupted/would throw

D)has been disrupted/have been throwing

E)disrupted/were throwing


22- Jane………..for the company much longer, because she………in her resignation already.

A)doesn't work/will hand

B)didn't work/was being handed

C)isn't working/was handed

D)won't be working/has handed

E)won't work/was handing


23-Try to finish your letter before I……….so that l………. it on my way to the shops.

A)left/will post

B)will have left/should post

C)will leave/post

D)have left/will have posted

E)leave/can post


24-When I……..from him after several weeks, I……….to get worried.

A)didn't hear/am beginning

B)won't hear/will begin

C)haven't heard/will have begun

D)hadn't heard/began

E)don't hear/have begun


25-I wish I………..what to get Dad for Christmas. It's so difficult to buy a present for him!

A)have known               B)can know

C) knew                          D) will know         E) would know


Find the best completion

26- If the' rain hadn't stopped……….. .

A)the river would have flooded its banks

B)the tennis match has been cancelled

C)I wouldn't have taken an umbrella

D)it had rained heavily for almost a week

E)I will still be staying at home on New Year's Eve


27- Having never been out of England, ……………. .

A)Indonesia was a very confusing place for Richard

B)seeing new places and experiencing new things will have been exciting

C)it was a place that he had never had the courage to visit

D)Tom found everything about India to be completely overwhelming

E)it'd never been the thing that he most wanted to do though


28-What is impossible to forgive is………….. .

A)whether he'll telephone us during his stay there or not

B)his ingratitude after all that we have done for him (bilgi yelpazesi.net)

C)she should have married him after she'd got to know him better

D)even if you do apologise, it won't make any difference

E)I don't understand why she did something so insensitive


29-………….since it'll be dark when they arrive..

A)They won't be here until 9

B)Let's leave the outside lights on

C)There's no moon tonight

D)They're not travelling by train this time

E) They can't have got lost in town


30- Before Maria starts university, ………….. .

A)she decided to have a holiday first

B)her father seems to be very proud of her success

C)she didn't expect to find a well-paid job

D)she had to pass the entrance exams

E)her family will give a small party for her


Cevap Anahtarı:


1.D   2.C         3.B          4.A          5.C         6.E          7.B          8.D         9.C         10.C

11.D 12.E       13.A        14.B       15.A

16.E 17.C       18.B       19.D       20.A

21.B 22.D       23.E       24.D       25.C       28.A        27.D       28.B       29.B       30.E








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