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… – …  EĞİTİM VE ÖĞRETİM YILI ………..……………..… OKULU 7/… SINIFI



Tarih: …/…/……

ADI SOYADI:………………………… NU:………….. PUAN:………


Choose the correct item! Each question has only one correct answer. Your faults will not effect your points. You can use any extra answer paper, do not forget to give it out too!


1) We are ________________    English.

A) learn                         B) learned                            C) learns               D) learning


2) I ___________   going to be a teacher.

A) am                            B) are                                    C) will                    D) have


3) Sedat  ___________   to school every morning.

A) walk                          B) walks                                C) walking            D) walked


4) I ______ got two sisters but Kerem  ____  got  any.

A) has / hasn’t                                                            B) have / haven’t

C) hasn’t / has                                                            D) have / hasn’t



A: You know English, ___  ____ ?

B:  Yes , I do.

A) aren’t you                B) can’t you                          C) don’t you         D) do  you



A:  ___________________

B:  I was born in 1990

A) Where are you from?                                          B) When were you born?

C) Where were you born?                                       D) What were you born?


7) Yesterday   ____   Tuesday , today  ___  Wednesday  and  tomorrow  _________  Thursday .

A) is / will be / was                                     B) was / is / will be

C) will be / was / is                                                     D) am / is / are


8) Rıfat Ilgaz was a / an __________  .

A) actor                         B) writer                                C) singer               D) actress


9) Last night  I  _______ English  and  ______ to bed early.

A) study / go                                                                B) studyed / goed

C) studied / went                                                        D) studied / gone



A: What time _____ you get up yesterday morning?

B: At 8 o’clock.

A) are                            B) do                                     C) did                    D) have


11) On 10th of November , 1938  M. Kemal Atatürk _________.

A) died

B) founded the Turkish Republic

C) opened the Turkish Grand National Assembly

D) went to (bilgi yelpazesi.net) Samsun


12) Ebru  is  my  ________   friend.

A) very                          B) better                                C) best                  D) good


13) Mount Süphan is ________ than Mount Uludağ but  Mount Ağrı is the  ________  mountain in Turkey..

A) high / higher                                                          B) more high / most high

C) higher / highest                                                     D) highest / higher


14) Semra and Hasan  do their  homeworks  by  ________.

A) herself                     B) myself                              C) himself            D) themselves


15) Ayşe’s skirt isn’t  as long ________  Fatma’s skirt .

A) than                          B) as                                      C) from                 D) more



Aykut : “ My  brother wants to be a doctor.”

Aykut says   ___________________________________.

A) my brother wants to be a doctor.

B) his brother is a doctor

C) Aykut is a doctor

D) his brother wants to be a doctor


17) Kamil  ________  go supermarket  but he _________ have to  clean the house.

A) has to / don’t                                                          B) have to / doesn’t

C) hasn’t to / doesn’t                                                 D) has to / doesn’t


18) The Kızılırmak is ___________________  river in Turkey.

A) the longest                                                             B) the longer

C) the long                                                                  D) most long


19) My surname is ____________my father’s surname .

A) the same as                                                           B) as old as

C) different from                                                        D) more beautiful than


20) We have got only one _____________________

A) nose                         B) eye                                   C) ear                    D) arm


21) English is as ________________ as Maths.

A) expensive               B) heavy                               C) difficult             D) fat


22) Albert Einstein is the _______________ of the world .

A) most intelligent person                                        B) tallest person

C) the most handsome person                               D) oldest person


23) Selma wants ________________.

A) play basketball                                                      B) to play basketball

C) playing basketball                                                D) to playing basketball


24) I prefer  ________  English  ____   _______     mathematic.

A) study / to / study                                                    B) to study / and / studying

C) studying / to / studying                                         D) study / and / study


25) 30 years ago people  __________  live small houses and play marbles.

A) use to                       B) are                                    C) have                 D) used to



A: _________ you  ___________ English ?

B: Yes , I _________

A) have /  study / have                                              B) have / studied / haven’t

C) have / study / haven’t                                           D) have / studied / have



A:Excuse me!The room is too hot, _____ I open the window?

B:  Yes, certainly!

A) are                            B) am                                    C) may                  D) must


28) In my holiday I and my family ________  go to village .

A) are                            B) am                                    C) will                    D) is


29) I like  __________  basketball  but I am  ________   it .

A) play / bad at                                                           B) play / good at

C) playing / good at                                                   D) playing / bad at


30) I am __________________  watching horror films .

A) like                            B) afraid of                           C) hate                  D) bad at


31) _______________   is  famous  for  ice cream.

A) Diyarbakır               B) Amasya                           C) Malatya            D) K.Maraş


32) Tea  is  ___________   in  Rize.

A) grow in                     B) make in                           C) made of           D) grown in


33) Books  are   __________   paper.

A) made in                                                                  B) made of

C) make of                                                                  D) produced in


34) Where (bilgi yelpazesi.net)   is  apricot  grown  in?

A) Elazığ                       B) Ordu                                 C) Amasya           D) Malatya


35) Where  is   famous  for  Harput ?

A) Bingöl                                                                     B) Şanlıurfa

C) Trabzon                                                                  D) Elazığ


36) What  is  Bingöl  famous  for?

A) Pamukkale                                                            B) Harput

C) Yüzen Ada                                                             D) Balıklı Göl


37) __________  is   not  an   animal.

A) cat                             B) car                                    C) monkey           D) donkey


38) What  is  the  name  of  our   lesson  book?

A) Quick Step                                              B) Headway

C) Let’s Speak English                                                            D) English Today


39) What  colour  is  our  lesson  book?

A) red                            B) blue                                  C) green               D) yellow


40) What is this month?

A) may                          B) june                                  C) july                    D) september


Başarılar Dilerim…













EKLEMEK İSTEDİKLERİNİZ VARSA AŞAĞIDAKİ "Yorum Yaz" kısmına ekleyebilirsiniz.



11. **Yorum**
->Yorumu: hepsini burdan sordu hoca 100 aldım ellerinize sağlık 
->Yazan: ilay

10. **Yorum**
->Yorumu: coook güzel bu site :D 
->Yazan: şehmus

9. **Yorum**
->Yorumu: çok beğendim siteyi herkese tavsiye ederim 
->Yazan: aytol

8. **Yorum**
->Yorumu: perfect bir site soruları da çok güzel ben hep 100 aldım!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...:) 
->Yazan: yusuf

7. **Yorum**
->Yorumu: Çok harika ve yararlı bir siteymiş soruları gayet kaliteli işnizi hakıyla yapıyorsunuz ben daha yazılı olmadım ama yarın olacağım eksiklerimi haletim diyebilirim... 
->Yazan: Serenay

6. **Yorum**
->Yorumu: Allah razı olsun ablalarım abilerim 
->Yazan: tuba

5. **Yorum**
->Yorumu: çok harika bir site olmuş. Ben yazılıdan 100 aldım. :D 
->Yazan: bengü

4. **Yorum**
->Yorumu: çok harika 100 aldım.
->Yazan: melike

3. **Yorum**
->Yorumu: iyi bi site çalışın
->Yazan: hilal

2. **Yorum**
->Yorumu: çok güzel bir site hep 100 alıyom 
->Yazan: zeki.

->Yazan : betül
->Yorumu: ben çok sevdim bu sorulari.




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