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21-…………., they had to book the hall for two more nights.

A) Since so many people wanted to go to the concert

B) Even if more people want to attend the conference than expected

C) Although all the tickets sold out within hours of going on sale

D) In spite of the risks of using untrained personnel

E) The play was originally planned to be performed on Saturday night


22-It is essential that no one leaves the building …………… .

A) so that the building is very crowded

B) until the police have checked everyone's identity

C) as though everyone was still inside

D) yet it is still possible that there were a lot of people inside at the time

E) provided that nobody could state a valid excuse


23-Last year there was such a lot of rain in the south of the country………….

A) so there was not enough in the rest of the country

B) than the amount which was forecast by the weather station

C) when there was a lot of suffering and homelessness caused by them

D) that it appeared as though it would never stop

E) since there had not been that much rain for a long time


24-One of the main causes of heart disease is…………. .

A) as people eat the wrong things and don't get enough exercise

B) since people do not have to work physically as hard as they used to

C) yet treatment is available if you are sensible and have regular checkups

D) that many people are unaware of the dangers of smoking combined with poor diet

E) when chest pains occur after exercise


25-I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, but if you had only phoned, …………. .

A) I told you on the e-mail that I wouldn't be able to meet you at the airport

B) you should have checked with me that we had meant the same restaurant

C) whether the meeting has been put off or not

D) I have had the date and the address of the conference confirmed

E) we could have been sure that we understood each other


26-..........., until his car was stolen and he got mugged on the same day.

A) His life was so bad that he was sure he was due for a spell of good luck

B) The police were sure that they knew where the robbers were hiding

C) He never believed that he lived in a. dangerous part of town.

D) He enjoyed the security of his job even though the salary was low

E) No matter how hard he worked\ he always seemed to have trouble paying his bills


27-Some people feel that the American political system has steadily deteriorated ………..  .

A) when people became more concerned with the people who took decisions for them

B) while the media is one of the main causes of it

C) so that the candidates are now more honest and better qualified than ever

D) since the mass media began to make image more important than ideas

E) during the first televised TV debates between Kennedy and Nixon


28- ………, sometimes things all work out for the best.

A) Though it can be quite disappointing not to get to the university you set your heart 9n

B) Because in some countries there is no longer any compulsory military service

C) We all had a great time hiking through the woods last weekend

D) I've never seen such a terrible hotel or eaten at such a bad restaurant

E) It was unbelievable how he lost his entire fortune in a single night of gambling


29-………….., advances in medicine have also led to the present threat of worldwide over-population.

A) While they've undoubtedly improved the quality of our lives

B) Although sometimes more than one form of therapy is used to treat an illness

C) Because they have played an important part in raising our standard of living

D) Once dreaded annual events, polio epidemics are now mentioned only in history books

E) Even if family planning remains one of the great challenges of the late 20th century


30-Unless the two sides begin to negotiate seriously,.........  .

A) there is likely to be violence in the region

B) everyone is confident that there won't be a war

C) a peace-keeping mission will no longer be needed

D) they should be able to find a solution with no difficulty

E) the people in the region are now enjoying a peaceful atmosphere


31-Even though it was defended by so few armed men, …......... .

A) it didn't take the invaders long to capture the fortress

B) the city managed to hold out against its attackers until help arrived

C) the attackers were well aware of the town’s lack of ammunition

D) no one knew how many there really were

E) most of whom also had no war experience


32- Prepositions are one area which students of English find quite hard, ……….. .

A) as the rules for them are so logical and clear

B) because native speakers find them very easy to use

C) another being to gain an understanding of articles

D) once they have memorised all of them by heart

E) although they never really seem to understand them


33-There is going to be a big protest…………… .

A) when a ceremony was organised for the opening of the new motorway

B) in case the council continued pulling any more historical buildings down

C) while they were cutting down so many trees for a new housing development

D) if only taxes have been brought down a little by the new government

E) if the government tries to build a road through that residential area


34-I admit that I should have confirmed the reservations, …………… .

A) considering the fact that there have never been any problems before

B) but I really thought everything had been taken care of

C) so you could have done it as well, had you thought of it

D) so that we won't have to bother looking for accommodation

E) thus it is definitely not my fault, but the travel agent's


35- Whenever there is an international incident, ……  .

A) the United Nations was not able to solve it

B) powerful nations try to use it to their advantage

C) it has not been fair to expect too much of the United Nations

D) athletic competitions have certainly stimulated good-will between nations

E) it also includes such music contests as Eurovision


36-……….., it is obvious that the whole thing was a waste of time and effort.

A) None of us wanted to (bilgi yelpazesi.net) go in the first place

B) Staff meetings are often boring and have no apparent point to them

C) Since the results were far more satisfactory than anyone had expected

D) Seeing that we couldn't solve anything in the end

E) Except for the fact that everyone thought the food was terrible


37-………….., the south coast of Spain has been destroyed by insensitive planning and building.

A) Since it remains one of the nicest places you are likely to visit

B) As tourism has made a major contribution to Spain's spectacular economic growth

C) Once one of the most attractive spots in Europe

D) Because it accounts for just under 15 percent of Spain's total area

E) There was once one of the most beautiful resorts imaginable


38-……………when driving for long distances on a motorway.

A) Make sure you take occasional rest stops

B) You can arrive at your destination quicker than taking the back roads

C) On Sundays there are lots of cars along the Bosphorus

D) People who drive down the centre lane at low speed

E) A lot of young people return to university at certain times of the year


39-…………, melting ice will cause sea levels to rise, flooding many coastal regions.

A) By the time something was done about the situation

B) If only we had listened to the weather forecast

C) Unless drastic action is taken to halt global warning

D) While attempting to understand the greenhouse effect

E) Since drought continues to cause concern in many parts of the world


40-It is quite clear from the evidence……………… .

A) because no one else knew so much about the victim's habits

B) while he is trying to think of a reasonable defence

C) whether he actually did it is still the question we have to answer

D) though the police are trying to reach his accomplices in the robbery

E) that he is the only person who could have committed the crime





21A                22B        23B        24D        25E


26C                                27D        28A        29A        30A        31B        32C


33E                 34B        35B        36D        37C        38A        39C        40E








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