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61-……….., whereas he is very like his brother.

A) Pete doesn't look like his sister at all

B) John really doesn't like his cousin

C) Jane likes both Graham and Nicholas

D) Bob can't stand living in a big city

E) Robin really loves his little sister


62-Although Egypt was once thought to be the home of the world's oldest civilisation, ……….. .

A) archaeologists now believe that there were even more ancient ones in India

B) Cleopatra is probably the best known queen in history

C) it was based on the yearly flooding of the Nile

D) this is why they make a lot of money from the tourist trade now

E) with so many dynasties spanning a period of several thousand years


63-…………, even after we had stayed up all night working on it.

A) In the end everything was ready and the boss was really pleased

B) We could have watched the film on TV last night if it had been working

C) In the morning we were disheartened to see how much work remained to be done

D) We found that the project only got its funding through last Friday

E) There were no more problems with any of the machinery


64-Despite the high cost of living, ……………… .

A) salaries are fairly high these days

B) people seem to live quite well

C) prices will have been quite reasonable

D) inflation just keeps going up

E) everybody wants to find a well-paid job


65- Not having ever ridden on a motor-cycle before, ………….

A) everyone says that nothing else is so much fun

B) the first couple of kilometres were really terrifying

C) the traffic made it even more frightening than it would have been

D) I was really frightened when I saw how fast we were going

E) my brother has also participated in several motor races


66- Though we live in a rational age, when there is a scientific explanation for everything, there are certain places in the world……… .

A) which has a lot more tourist attractions than others

B) so you should visit them before they lose their authenticity

C) like the beautiful palm-fringed beaches of the Pacific Islands

D) but you must decide which ones you most want to visit

E) where the landscape still seems to exert a strong spiritual force


67-Despite the remarkable economic growth of recent years , …………… .

A) some people are much richer than their grandfathers

B) you should have invested wisely to earn a lot of money

C) severe economic inequalities still exist in China

D) there is no longer any real hardship in Japan

E) formerly there was still too much economic inequality


68- However much he tried to discipline himself, ……… .

A) Albert Einstein was the man I most admired

B) there never seemed to be enough time to get everything done

C) his mother always thought he was the perfect son

D) he was already the top student in his class

E) it was the most successful year he had ever spent


69- You will understand why I am so fond of this place…. .

A) once the rain has stopped and we can go outside

B) because I have never seen such a good place for sailing small boats

C) if only you had not travelled so much and seen more exciting places

D) which offered much less to see than your hometown

E) when you saw there is nothing else like it in the entire world


70-………., so she wasn't very pleased when it was cancelled.

A) My uncle had bought us all tickets to the play

B) Mary wasn't planning on seeing the film anyway

C) Elizabeth was very excited about her birthday

D) Ann had been looking forward to the party

E) Joanne took out two magazine subscriptions


71-…………., youths from their countries often become friends when they meet.

A) Because of historical forces, some countries have never been on good terms

B) It is difficult to understand why some countries are always on the brink of war with one another

C) Since the peoples (bilgi yelpazesi.net) of some countries seem destined to hate each other

D) However much the political leaders of some countries may dislike one another

E) Due to the many diplomatic problems between countries with different political ideologies


72-While he was upset when his pocket was picked, …………….. .

A) it was done by a boy who looked no older than twelve

B) he could not help but admire the efficient way in which it was done

C) he knows that he shouldn't keep all the money in one place

D) he may decide to leave the country and never return

E) there wasn't anything worthwhile in his rucksack anyway


73-Just  as a diver never knows what he will bring up from the seabed, ………….. .

A) since there are so many things to discover down there

B) especially in a country, like England, where the water is often so murky

C) it's not often that a novelist knows how his book will end up when he begins it

D) a good engineer plans out every stage of his work meticulously

E) a footballer does not know how the match will turn out


74-Although the temperature was below freezing, …. .

A) it had been snowing heavily for days

B) the old beggar was only wearing a thin jacket

C) everybody at home had gone down with flu

D) the ice on the pond was a foot thick

E) it was not warm enough to play tennis


75-There are religious festivals almost every month in Kathmandu , ……… .

A) which is held in honour of their gods

B) while they are some of the most interesting sights a visitor is likely to see

C) however much everyone seems to enjoy them

D) where even the paving stones seem to be worshipped as some sort of god

E) when it is the happiest time imaginable


76-Despite the fact that the price was reasonable , …….. .

A) there were long queues outside the shop

B) Jacqueline really wanted to buy the dress

C) it shouldn't be reduced by 50% in the sale

D) we managed to buy a new car last month

E) no one was interested in buying the house


77- ……… ,whereas drinking hot milk can help you to sleep.

A) You shouldn't drive when you're tired

B) While tea and coffee contain caffeine

C) Milk should be kept cool in the fridge

D) Coffee may keep you awake at night

E) If you have trouble getting to sleep


78-When opening a bank account, ……….. .

A) the staff of the bank are very helpful with the completion of the forms

B) interest rates have gone up dramatically

C) It won't be open on Saturdays anyway

D) you have to provide some' form of identity

E) your money will be much safer there


79-………., provided that I didn't tell my father.

A) My mother said she would let me borrow the car

B) I bought my father a surprise birthday present

C) I wouldn't have been able to borrow the money

D) No one found out that my brother was in trouble

E) We have decided to stay up late and watch television


80- During the hot summer of 1976, ……… .

A) it was, fortunately, followed by a mild winter

B) many regions in the country experienced a terrible drought

C) we have been on holiday in Cornwall for only a week

D) there's never been a summer as hot as that

E) we have been finding it difficult to sleep





61A                                62A        63C        64B        65D


66E                 67C        68B        69A        70D        71D        72B


73E                 74B        75D        76E         77D        78D        79A        80B








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