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141-You should not have decided on the date for your holiday……… .

A) so you can take it then because we won't be too busy

B) even though you have a date with her next Friday

C) without talking to your manager about it first

D) thus you may not be able to find tickets in the busy season

E) before you make sure that there are tickets available


142-Ceila seems to be quite happy in her job……….. .

A) when she got it after spending a whole year trying to find one

B) ever since she started working there three months ago

C) however she has developed good relationships with her colleagues

D) even though everyone thinks she could do better elsewhere

E) in spite of the good pay and two three-week paid holidays a year


143-I don't know how my brother managed to get up early on Monday morning…………. .

A) if he didn't stay out until well after midnight

B) after spending most of the previous night out with his friends

C) owing to his healthy life style and good eating habits

D) as he is already in the habit of going to bed late even on weekdays.

E) when he spends such hectic weekends in discos or bars


144-…………., neither of which was very appropriate for my qualifications.

A) Both children looked at me gratefully

B) I couldn't have bought the car without the money my parents gave me

C) There were several companies which I could apply to

D) Both Sally and Nancy have invited me to their parties

E) I had two job offers upon graduation


145-They haven't decided yet………… .

A) that two employees had been dismissed for misconduct

B) and he is one of the best directors we have had so far

C) whether to open the office on Christmas Eve

D) when is the next meeting going to be held

E) nor have l been able to understand what's going on


146-……………..that we should have brought a present.

A) My parents celebrated their fiftieth anniversary last week

B) We thought that it would be a rather informal party

C) It would have been better if we had planned

D) When we saw that everyone else had brought something

E) It was not until we arrived that we realised


147-………., my mark was not as good as I had hoped.

A) Since I've, done so well on the exam

B) While the exam was very difficult

C) As l was expecting the exam to be a lot more difficult

D) Although I managed to pass the exam

E) Not only was it disappointing for me


148-Since trekking around the Himalayas three years ago, ………… .

A) the spiritual values he encountered there changed his life

B) he has wanted nothing so much as to go back there

C) it was one of the greatest experiences of his life

D) he had never seen such beautiful scenery or met such friendly people

E) the best thing is coming back and telling all his friends about his experiences


149-While the best time to visit India is in the winter, when the weather is at its best, …………. .

A) longer trips are always better than shorter ones

B) the monsoon generally lasts from mid-June to mid-September

C) it can be inconvenient for families with school-age children

D) you should be sure to see the holy city of Benares

E) there are many temples dedicated to the elephant-headed god, Ganesh


150-……….., we could tell there was going to be trouble.

A) As soon as he learns how badly he was cheated

B) No matter what the problem that disturbs him is

C) if only he had stopped treating others so rudely all the time

D) Just by the way he walked into the room looking angry and distressed

E) There was nothing to do but leave as soon as possible


151-Considering that you have never had any formal training as a computer programmer, ……… .

A) you show a remarkable amount of ability

B) so that you can do the job as well as anyone else in the office

C) which is the way everyone always did it until recently

D) you will have finished the course by early next year

E) you should have achieved a lot more by now


152-……….., even though it was not the sort of day we had hoped for.

A) We were forced to cancel our trip

B) We had been looking forward to our trip for so long

C) We were all eager to go hiking anyway

D) Our car wouldn't start and we had to call a mechanic

E) My father was unhappy about the weather


153-………..; on the other hand, he can be quite helpful to me at times.

A) Jerry is always helping his mother in the kitchen

B) If you ever need something done, ask Ferdinand

C) Mark seems to know how to manage every Job in the office

D) I'm not very pleased to be working with Max

E) !n contrast, he's a great contribution to the team


154-Because there has never been a better time than the present, ……………. .

A) at which every sort of investment appears to be very profitable

B) you should take advantage of the opportunity before it is too late

C) and you have chosen (bilgi yelpazesi.net) an unusual area to invest in

D) I vividly remember the post-war period, when people were in great poverty

E) it is still necessary to make a thorough investigation beforehand


155-…………, I have no option but to terminate your contract.

A) Because everything you have done has exceeded our expectations

B) Since you have ignored repeated warnings about the poor quality of your work

C) Even though you did not do very well on the last project

D) The reason why you are late for work every morning

E) Unless you attempted harder to solve your problems with the rest of the staff


156-Even though I wasn't really enjoying that book, …… .

A) I can recommend it without reservation

B) I'll lend It to you If you'd like to read it

C) I thought it was pointless and sentimental

D) which was about a boring woman and her job

E) It was irritating to find half the pages missing


157-……….., surfing can be as safe as any other sport.

A) Provided you are careful not to go out in waves too big for you

B) As going out in big waves can sometimes be hard to resist

C) Although very few people are actually killed in surfing accidents every year

D) When you forget to take the proper safety precautions

E) Because of the fun you can have doing It


158-……….there had been rumours about it for months.

A) When the public sees the stories about the scandal in tomorrow's papers

B) As the truth will be printed in the newspapers anyway

C) Only if everyone told the truth about what really happened

D) By the time the whole story came out in the press

E) Everybody wishes someone would tell the truth


159-…….., so my Dad wasn't very pleased with it.

A) I didn't enjoy the film last night as much as I'd expected

B) The neighbour's dog dug up several of our flowerbeds

C) I'm afraid my friends will be a bit noisy tonight

D) Mum cooked a marvellous dinner last night

E) My brother may have failed his final exams


160-When people are contemplating a big step in life. like buying a house, ……… .

A) prices have gone up rather steeply in the last year

B) they were not entirely sure that they could afford it

C) they should be sure that it Is what they really want

D) it may otherwise be very difficult to break their promise

E) and they might want a new car as well





141C              142D      143B      144E      145C


146E              147D      148B      149C      150D      151A      152C


153D              154B      155B      156E      157A      158D      159B      160C








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