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181-Dissatisfied with the quality of' the education he was getting, ……….. .

A) the college was obviously not a very good one

B) he decided to transfer to a better college

C) if only he had listened to his parents and gone to a better college

D) there were plenty of other colleges around to choose from

E) but it was the best that was offered in such a small town


182-…………unless all sides strictly obey the conditions.

A) The new peace plan will certainly succeed

B) The talks would not have been a success

C) One of the groups boycotted the talks and another left in disgust

D) There is no chance of the peace plan succeeding

E) There do not seem to be any problems with the new plan


183-…………, but by the time the first snow fell, she couldn't fit into any of them.

A) Janice has decided to buy an expensive leather and fur Jacket

B) Melanie bought tons of new winter clothes at the sales in May

C) Annette rented three post-office boxes for her business ventures

D) Lucy picked up a second-hand encyclopaedia at the library sale

E) Maggie's father owned three holiday houses near the ski resort


184-……….until people realise that public transport is much more efficient than travelling by car.

A) Traffic problems will continue to get worse

B) Nowadays commuters have to sit in traffic Jams for hours

C) In spite of all the new roads, traffic problems have not improved

D) No one could go anywhere since the traffic was barely moving

E) We're living in an age of car mania


185-Though I was ultimately unsuccessful, at least, I met a lot of interesting people…………. .

A) when tens or hundreds apply for a single position

B) that I didn't know unemployment was so widespread

C) which may soon leave me short of money

D) while I was looking for a job

E) were waiting for interviews as well


186-She decided not to have any lunch………… .

A) while sitting there, swallowing the sandwiches she'd brought from home

B) skipping meals, however, is not advised by dieticians

C) as she wanted to have a big appetite for the special dinner

D) though she was supposed to be dieting very strictly

E) when she has a lot of customers to deal with


187-The main reason that so many people want to emigrate to Britain is………. .

A) since the end of the British Empire

B) when they were actively recruited during the labour shortage in the 19505

C) as they sometimes encounter racism and discrimination

D) that some even left the opportunities in their own countries behind

E) to take advantage of the economic opportunities available there


188-While there are a number of good reasons for studying a foreign language, ………… .

A) many companies want their employees to speak a second language

B) few working people can find the time to study one properly

C) everyone should try their best to learn at least one foreign language

D) people who can't speak a second language are at a disadvantage

E) the most successful students tend to be the ones who want to communicate most


189-………., many people like living in London regardless of the weather.

A) Because of all the cultural activities available

B) Since it's wet and gloomy for most of the time

C) Unless they were satisfied with the standard of living there

D) Had they lived in the country for a long time

E) Rarely does one encounter a city so brimming with cultural activities


190-As soon as I walked into the room, ………… .

A) I could sense that they had been arguing

B) people were (bilgi yelpazesi.net) behaving very strangely

C) she turns around and walks back out of the door

D) for there was a certain atmosphere that was unmistakable

E) it's the special feeling I have always associated with the place


191-………..grew into a nation-wide campaign.

A) If only they had publicised their organisation better

B) In the absence of any real competitors

C) What started as a neighbourhood initiative

D) Even in these difficult circumstances they persevered with their project

E) Because they enlisted a professional publicity company


192-There is the possibility of strike action………… .

A) otherwise the workers would not have any money

B) if the management rejects the pay rise suggested by the union

C) thanks to the success of the negotiations between shareholders and the board

D) if they hadn't worked so hard during the previous month

E) ever since the management made some of the workers redundant


193-Once you've tried my mother's spaghetti, ………….. .

A) you'll never want to eat anyone else's

B) it's rude to eat off other people's plates

C) she has a secret recipe for tomato sauce

D) it is common around here to make your own pasta

E) I'm glad you have really loved its taste


194-As soon as the building work is completed, ………. .

A) the owners moved in immediately

B) the builders would have left

C) it has been more than seven months

D) they'll call in the electricians

E) the flats have been purchased


195-………….., but they used to be in deadly rivalry.

A) Americans and Russians bitterly disagree on several issues

B) The USA and the Soviet Union were engaged in the Cold War for decades

C) Everyone was surprised when the two former political enemies decided to negotiate

D) It's hoped that the United Nations will be able to solve some of the world's worst problems

E) The Americans and the Russians co-operate on many space projects today


196-Mike replaced his old Ford with a brand-new Honda, …………… .

A) even though his present one keeps breaking down all the time

B) when he inherited a large sum of money from his grandfather

C) if it breaks down again creating such an awkward situation

D) but no one believes that he can afford

E) until he finds a new job with a better salary


197-........ it is important to know which foods contain the proper nutrients.

A) Unless you want to remain healthy

B) Despite the fact that many young people Buffer from eating disorders

C) Because people who don’t smoke and exercise regularly tend to live longer

D) Although it is possible to be perfectly healthy as a vegetarian

E) A poor diet can lead to serious health problems


198-………….as long as he stayed out of trouble and did community service.

A) He has never been a well-respected member of society

B) Everybody knows how hard he tried to be a good citizen

C) He is known to be a good husband and father

D) The judge told him he would not have to go to jail

E) He promises that he will not get into trouble again


199-Unless new ways are found to process and dispose of sewage, ……….. .

A) obviously not enough has been done up to now

B) there' is a better way to handle the problem

C) water pollution will continue to grow worse

D) and so6n the rivers will be teeming with fish again

E) there may have been severe damage to marine life


200-………, the management fired them all and hired new ones.

A) If the management and the union couldn't reach an agreement

B) Had the staff not performed their duties effectively

C) When the Air Traffic Controllers went out on strike

D) As there are a lot of potential workers about to graduate from university

E) Should they be late for work three days in a row





181B              182C      183B      184A      185D


186E              187B      188D      189D      190C      191C      192B


193B              194E      195D      196C      197D      198D      199C      200C








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