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31-………..but in the past few years, he's developed a taste for it.

A) I don't know what they use to make spaghetti

B) Steve's always loved the flavour of Coca-Cola

C) Lance used to think that ayran was repulsive

D) While Karl can't stand his own mother's cooking

E) Bill will never get used to eating olives at breakfast


32- The children were screaming loudly upstairs in their bedroom…………. .

A)that nobody heard the burglars enter the house through the back door

B)even though their mother was punishing them for their terrible behaviour

C)because of the neighbours, who are always complaining about the noise

D)so there was nothing at all anybody could do to get them to be quiet

E)until their father calls a baby-sitter and leaves to go to the supermarket


33-………..yet to be honest, at such a young age, I can't tell the difference.

A) I saw our neighbour's baby this morning and I think she's had a boy

U When Joey was a baby, she would only eat one kind of biscuit

C) The seeds that I planted last month have finally begun to sprout

D) Both of the twin sisters wore exactly the same dress and hat

E) In America, children start school when they're about five


34-……………., there's no way you'll understand my grandmother.

A)Even though she bas an impossible northern accent

B)As you can speak Ukrainian as fluently as I can

C)Of course she's a very nice old woman

D)Unless you pay great attention to what she's saying

E)Ever since she became senile a few years ago

Read the following passages and mark the answer


Sir Isaac Newton was drinking tea under the apple trees in his garden one summer afternoon in 1665 when an apple fell from an overhanging branch, hit him on the head and immediately provided the inspiration for his law of gravitation. According to the story that is how it happened, anyway. It may indeed be true, but no one knows for certain. Even the famed British astronomer Sir Harold Spencer Jones, who stated in 1944 that the story was probably true, later changed his mind (bilgi yelpazesi.net), noting that ‘one cannot be sure either way.' The story of Newton's Apple first appears in Voltaire's Elements de la Philosophic de Newton, published in 1738, long after the great Englishman had died and 73 years from the time the disputed apple fell.

35-The legend that's being questioned in the passage.………….. .

A)has been shown to be complete nonsense

B)refers to how Newton was prompted to investigate gravitation

C)was first created by  Sir Harold Spencer Jones

D)is a complete fiction invented by the French author Voltaire

E)expresses the luxurious life Newton was leading


36-According to the passage, Sir Harold Spencer Jones………. .

A)has a reputation for knowing everything about Newton

B)should not be taken too seriously as he is known to be indecisive

C)is well known for his work, which involves observing the universe

D)firmly denies that the incident with Newton and the apple ever happened

E)feels that nothing, including the story about Newton, can be known for certain


37-We can conclude from the passage that……….. .

A)Voltaire knew more about Newton's life than anyone today possibly can

B)Newton deliberately spread the apple story to make his discovery striking

C)Newton came up with his theory just a few years before he died

D)Newton asked Voltaire to tell people about his incident with the apple

E)it's doubtful whether the popular myth about Newton's Apple is true


Penn Wood, one of Britain's last surviving areas of ancient woodland, with.432 acres of mixed trees as well as grassland, is in a place of outstanding natural beauty. The wood has a record of public usage, stretching back through recorded history, but recently, the menace of 'development and improvement' threatened its survival. In a region already well-endowed with golf courses, the owner submitted plans for yet another 18-hole course. However, this angered local residents. They put up so much opposition to the plans that they were turned down by the Environment Secretary. Frustrated by the strength of the opposition he was receiving, the landowner eventually sold up, and the land was bought by the Woodland Trust, which will preserve the whole site as a prime wildlife habitat.

35- The author seems to……….. .

A)think that environmentalists go too far when they interfere with landowners' rights

B)be content with the outcome of the case mentioned in the passage

C)be too pessimistic about Penn Wood's chances for survival

D)have lived in the area called Penn Wood for a long time

E)like golf, but thinks that some of the land in Britain should remain wild


36-Penn Wood is located in a region…………

A)which is really underdeveloped

B)where there are plenty of golf-courses

C)which is home to several rare species

D)where the residents are not interested in golf

E)which is desperately in need of a golf-course


40-Following pressure from local people, Penn Wood's former owner……….. .

A)founded a nature preserve instead of a golf course

B)established a nature group called the Woodland mist

C)built an 18-hole golf course in the area

D)took the case to the Environment Secretary

E)had to sell the land to a nature group


Sleep researchers have found that people can make themselves wake up at a given time simply by deciding to do so before they go to sleep. Scientists took two groups of volunteers and, at nightfall, told one group that they would be woken at 6 a.m. and the other that they would be woken at 9 a.m. The sleepers' levels of the hormone adrenocorticotropin, which is known to cause spontaneous awakening, were then measured. In each group, there was a rise in the levels of the hormone one hour before the volunteers expected to get up. The three-hour difference between the rise in hormones in the two groups suggests that the body can be programmed to wake up on command.

41-The people studied by the researchers………. .

A)participated in the experiment at their own will

B)suffered from insomnia

C)were having difficulty getting up early

D)were unable to wake up by other means

E)came from similar backgrounds


42-It seems that adrenocorticotropin………… .

A)exists in higher levels in people who wake up very early

B)is produced by the body some time before a person wakes up

C)can't be measured without waking up the person being studied

D)is used by doctors for people who have difficulty getting up

E)is responsible for causing sleeplessness in a number of people


43-The experiment related in the passage has indicated that……. .

A)people who wake up at 6 a.m. have more hormones than 9 a.m. risers

B)computers can be used to help people wake up earlier than usual

C)our bodies are capable of being conditioned to wakeup at a suggested hour

D)the hormones that wake people up have a three-hour long cycle

E)hormones are more effective than outside stimuli for waning people


The Romanesque style of architecture flourished in the 11th and 12th centuries. Its primary characteristics are the round arch and thick walls, reminding people of the structures of ancient Rome. But the period is also noted for the reappearance of large figure sculptures and for the achievement of uniting sculpture with architecture. In the Romanesque period large numbers of figures began to be carved in stone in many cathedrals, churches and monasteries. These figures generally portrayed religious scenes, as the principal intent was to proclaim the teaching of the Christian faith. But at the same time, neither (bilgi yelpazesi.net) artists nor patrons had lost their taste for pure ornament. Thus, along with the biblical narrative appeared brilliant abstract decoration, based on the forms of plants, trees and animals.


44-We can assume that in the Romanesque period, architects………… .

A)imported ancient buildings from Rome, stone by stone

B)were less skilled than the sculptors they worked with

C)designed identical buildings to those in ancient Rome

D)excelled in plain designs, with few illustrations

E)must have worked closely with sculptors on the design


45-The carved figures in Romanesque churches ………… .

A)were painted onto the wooden panels

B)mainly illustrated biblical stories

C)were brought into churches from Rome

D)were only created by religious men

E)had been removed from older buildings


Cevap Anahtarı:


31.C 32.A        33.A        34.D       35.B

36.C 37.E       38.B       39.B       40.E

41.A 42.B       43.C       44.E       45.B










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