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46-The sculptors who worked on Romanesque religious buildings………. .

A)not only created religious works but also images from nature

B)were only interested in Christianity, and had little interest in art

C)had to focus on the religious message and weren't allowed any ornamentation

D)regarded themselves as superior to architects

E)preferred to decorate their work merely with religious themes


Stuttering is the term given to the condition in which the sufferer speaks with difficulty because he or she cannot easily say the first sound of a word. Overall, there are about 50 million stutters in the world. Despite decades of research, the cause of stuttering is not known, though - contrary to popular opinion - it is not thought to be caused by emotional distress. Some believe it might be caused genetically, but scientists have been unable to pinpoint the actual reasons. What is known, however, is that it affects four times more men than women, and that 25% of all children go through a stage of development during which they stutter. Stuttering can be extremely demoralising. Those who are severely affected often attempt to avoid speaking situations altogether.


47-The passage tells us that stuttering………. .

A)is passed down genetically from fathers to sons

B)usually stems from the sufferer experiencing a sudden shock

C)is a type of speech problem that affects a large number of people

D)can be avoided by neglecting to say the Initial sounds of words

E)is an incurable disease, and sufferers have no hope of recovery


48-We learn from the passage that scientists……….. .

A)know that stuttering is genetic, but haven't found the gene that causes it

B)doing research into stuttering generally agree with public opinion

C)have not yet been able to determine exactly what causes stuttering

D)have discovered that both genetics and psychology cause stuttering

E)feel that stuttering is caused by emotional problems but can't prove this


49-It is implied in the passage that stuttering………… .

A)will always cause people suffering from it to be unable to speak at all

B)can be avoided by trying not to speak around too many people

C)affects only one-quarter of all women, but practically all men

D)can have a large negative impact on the social life of the sufferer

E)is easily treated if people are willing to avoid speaking in public


Women do not compete against men in sport because of medical misconceptions about their bodies, says Ellis Cashmore, a professor of sociology. He claims it's only in the past 300 years that anatomists have pointed out the differences between men’s and women's bodies, apart from the most obvious ones. Before then, they were seen as fairly similar. By the late 19th century, closer examination led to anatomists looking for inferiorities in women's bodies and believing that even their organs had (bilgi yelpazesi.net) different functions to men's. Cashmore's argument is that despite women's exclusion from most sports for the first half of this century, they have caught men up rather rapidly. Women's best times in the marathon have improved by an average per year of 2 minutes 47 seconds while men's have improved by a mere 66 seconds.


50-It can be inferred from this passage that Cashmore believes that……….. .

A)modern medicine is based more on myth than on genuine scientific fact

B)sociologists are better qualified to discuss human anatomy than medical researchers

C)in the last three centuries, there have been significant changes in the anatomy of women

D)it is quite obvious that women should not be allowed to participate in sport against men

E)there's no good reason why men and women shouldn't compete against each other in sport


51-Accordlog to the passage, 19th  century anatomists………… .

A)were surprised to learn that there were hardly any differences between men and women

B)were Claiming that women shouldn't be excluded from various sports

C)discovered that, apart from the obvious differences, men and women were alike

D)supported the idea that women were physically weaker than men

E)were concerned with the reasons why men seemed to outperform women in sport


52-The author quotes the times 2 minutes 47 seconds and 66 seconds to illustrate that…….. .

A)despite progress, women still take more than twice as long as men in marathons

B)women are actually superior to men in long distance running

C) the gap between men's and women's performances in sport is shrinking

D) his theory is scientific by including mathematical figures

E) women will one day surpass men in athletic endeavours

Find the English translation


53- Merkes bankasi, faiz oranlarını yükselterek ya da düşürerek,bir ülkenin ekonomisini kontrol etmede yardımcı olabilir.

A)The economy of a country will grow providing the central bank lowers interest rates and controls rising prices.

B)By raising or lowering the interest rates' the central bank can help control a country’s economic growth.

C)A country's economic growth can necessitate arising or lowering of interest rates by the central bank.

D)The central bank of a country can raise or lower the interest rates in an effort to control economic growth.

E)A country's economic growth is controlled by the central bank, which raises and lowers interest rates.


54-Güneş insan yaşamı için o kadar önemli olmuştur ki pek çok uygarlık onu bir tanrı, bazıları ise tanrıların armağanı olmuştur.

A) The Sun has been so vital to human life that many cultures viewed it as a god, while others as a gift from the gods.

B) Ancient cultures believed the Sun was essentia1 to human life, so they either worshipped it as a god or saw it as a gift from the gods.

C) Sun worship, in which the Sun is believed to be a god, evolved because of the Sun's importance to the very essence of life.

D) Because of its significance to human life, the Sun was believed by many cultures to be a gift from the gods and even worshipped by some.

E) Many cultures have worshipped the Sun as a god, reflecting its vital role in human life, while others believed it was a gift from the gods.


55-Günümüzde, bilgisayarın kullanılmadığı bir meslek neredeyse hiç kalmamış gibi görünüyor.

A)Computers are used in virtually every occupation today.

B)It appears as if computers can aid virtually all people, no matter what their occupation.

C)There are hardly any occupations left which don't use computers to carry out certain daily tasks.

D)Today, it seems as if there are almost no occupations left where computers are not used.

E)In today's world, it appears that almost all occupations make use of computers in one way or another.


56-Toprak şekilleri ve iklim bakımından dünya çok büyük çeşitlilik göstermektedir.

A) The landforms and climates found on one side of the Earth vary considerably from those on the other.

B) The Earth is so immense that its landforms and climates show great variation.

C) A great deal of diversity is seen across the globe in landforms and climates.

D) The Earth manifests a great deal of diversity in its landforms and climates.

E) Landscapes and climates found throughout the Earth vary a great deal.


57-İnsanlar fırtınaları kontrol altına alamıyorlar ama onları önceden tahmin ederek, mal ve can kaybını mümkün olduğu kadar aza1tabiliyorlar.

A) Although unable to control storms, mankind can reduce the loss of life and potential damage by predicting them.

B) Storms are phenomena which cannot be controlled by mankind, but the amount of damage they can inflict has been minimised by early warning systems.

C) Advanced warning systems have enabled humans to predict storms, and thus minimise their potential for damage and injury.

D)Humans are unable to control the weather, but the amount of damage a storm can do has been minimised by accurate weather forecasting.

E) Humans cannot control storms, but by predicting them in advance, they can minimise loss of life and property.


58-Bütün omurgalı hayvanların karaciğeri vardır ve, büyük1ük ve şekil bakımından değiklik gösterseler de, bütün karaciğerler benzer şekilde işlev görür.

A) All vertebrates have livers, and all livers function alike, though they vary in size and shape.

B) Livers, which are present in all vertebrates, vary in size and shape but not in function.

C) One common characteristic of vertebrates is the liver, which, although varying in size and shape, usually performs the same function.

D) Performing a similar function in all vertebrates, livers are approximately the same size and shape in proportion to the animal's size (bilgi yelpazesi.net).

E) All vertebrates have livers, which vary in size and shape, and sometimes in the functions they perform.


59-Çok çeşitli konularda 400'den fazla kitabın yazarı olan Isaac Asimov kendini, doğuştan yazar olarak tanımlamıştır.

A)Seemingly born to write, Isaac Asimov wrote a total of 400 books on several different subjects.

B)The 400 books written by the born writer, Isaac Asimov, are on a wide range of subjects.

C)The author of more than 400 books on a broad range of subjects; Isaac Asimov described himself as a born writer.

D)Describing himself as a born writer, Isaac Asimov, has written over 400 books so far on varying subjects.

E)Because he wrote so many books, 400 in all, about so many subjects. Isaac Asimov could be described as a born writer.


60-Gerekli güvenlik önlemleri gözardı edilmediği sürece, dağcılık sporu hiçde tehlikeli değildir.

A)Unless the necessary safety measures are ignored, mountain climbing won't pose much danger.

B)Mountaineering is completely safe providing all the necessary precautions are not disregarded.

C)Mountaineering is not dangerous at all as long as the necessary safety measures are not ignored.

D)Mountaineering is only my dangerous if any of the required safety measures are disregarded.

E)The danger of mountaineering can be reduced to almost nothing by taking notice of all the necessary safety procedures.


Cevap Anahtarı:


46A  47.C       48.C       49.D       50.E

51.D 52.C       53.B       54.A        55.D

56.D 57.E       58.A        59.C       60.C








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