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78-You are having an argument with a Mend about the meaning of an English word. Eventually you go and look it up in a dictionary, and find that you were right and your Mend was wrong. Proud of yourself, you return to your friend and say arrogantly:

A)I was right this time for a change, even though I usually get them wrong.

B)Well, I may be useless at grammar, but at least my vocabulary isn't too bad.

C)I'm really surprised! I actually got something right for once in my life.

D)I'm seldom wrong about vocabulary. You shouldn't argue with an expert.

E)Okay, I admit it. I was mistaken, even though I'm usually right.


77-You're having a rough day at work and are under a lot of stress trying to meet a deadline when the photocopier breaks down. Frustrated, you swear at the copier, and then suddenly become aware that there is a young staff member, who you don't know very well, present. You apologise saying:

A)I swear this copier was working yesterday. What's happened to it?

B)Excuse my language! It's just turning out to be one of those terrible days for me.

C)I'm sorry that the copier isn't working. What a day for it to happen.

D)I'm sorry to bother you, but I wonder if you have any Idea how to fix this.

E)I regret to inform you that I will be unable to fulfil the appointed deadline.


78-You're in class and trying hard to concentrate on a difficult exercise. One of your classmates is tapping his pencil on the table and you're finding it distracting. Irritated, you say sharply:

A)Can borrow your pencil if you're not using it at the moment?

B)Would you mind not doing that? It's getting on my nerves.

C)Have you finished the exercise? Could you help me with it?

D)I'm finding it really hard to concentrate with all this noise.

E)You're ruining that pencil. You'd better go and sharpen it.


79-You learn of an unpleasant and untrue story about yourself that has been circulating at work. Eventually, someone tells you which of your colleagues has been spreading the rumour. Hurt and angry, you confront this colleague, saying:

A) Have you heard the story they're spreading around about you?

B)I'm so angry with him that I'd like to get him fired tomorrow.

C)I don't know what I'll do when I find out who's responsible.

D)This office would be great if people didn't spread rumours about others.

E)Why have you been telling everyone lies about me?


80-One of your friends has a job that you'd really like. It's in an interesting field, and she earns a very good salary. However, lately she hasn’t been (bilgi yelpazesi.net) enjoying it as much as she did, and today she is moaning to you about it. Frankly, you still envy her because of her job, so you say unsympathetically;

A)I know what a pain work can be at times. I hate work too.

B)What a pity it is that your job isn't going as well as it was.

C) If I were you, I'd be looking for something else right now.

D) I wish you'd stop complaining. You're lucky you've got a great job.

E)Tell me more about the problems that you're having at work.


81-You've been waiting for your bus for quite a while when a stranger stops his car at the bus stop and offers you a lift. Although you're keen to get home, and the driver seems very friendly, you don't feel comfortable about it, so you refuse politely, saying:

A)I wonder if you're going in the direction of my house.

B)I wouldn't dream of getting into a car with a complete stranger.

C)That's very kind of you, but my bus will be along in a minute..

D)I don't normally accept lifts from strangers, but on this occasion. I will.

E)Thanks very much. I was just thinking that my bus would never come.

Find the closest in meaning


82-The more I hear about him, the less I want to meet him.

A)I've never really wanted to know him, but now, I've got a strong feeling that I really should.

B)People keep telling me things about him, and so I've decided never to meet him.

C)I don't know why people talk about that man so much, as I've met him and have little to say about him.

D)Each time I'm told something else about that man, my desire to meet him decreases.

E)I had wanted to meet the man, but now I know so much about him that I don't think it's necessary.


83-While it's unlikely that they’ll win the election, they'll surely affect its outcome.

A)They probably won't receive enough votes to be victorious; however, they'll definitely have an impact on the election.

B)They are far from being the favourite in the election; in fact, few people think they will be able to get more than a few votes.

C)If they really want to have a chance of winning the election, they will need to develop a much more effective strategy.

D)The results of the election cannot be determined yet, but not many people think they have much chance of winning.

E)As much as they would like to win the election, it's doubtful that they'll be among the top ranking parties.


84-Whatever the phone call was about, it was distressing enough, to make her cry.

A) She seems to burst into tears every time she talks on the phone.

B)She was in tears, so the phone call was obviously upsetting.

C)She was crying so much that she wasn't able to answer the phone.

D)What I was calling about was the reason why she was crying so much.

E)Hearing her crying on the phone for whatever reason was very upsetting.


85-She stared at me blankly as if she didn't know what I was talking about.

A)As she didn't understand what I was talking about, she just Ignored me totally.

B)I don't think she realised that I was talking about her outlook on life.

C)From the look on her face it appeared she didn't understand what I was saying.

D)What I said was that she looked like someone who wasn't very knowledgeable.

E)If she had known about it, she wouldn't have looked at me so blankly.


86-The film has been banned on the grounds that it could cause offence.

A)People don't like the film in that place, so it has been banned.

B)As the film might make people behave aggressively, they've banned it.

C)The film attacks certain places, so it has been banned in those areas.

D)The film has been banned in the places where it is likely to upset people.

E)The reason they've banned the film is that it may offend some people.


87-Until we've discussed it with him, we won't be able to address the problem.

A)We couldn't have solved the problem without talking to him first­

B)After having discussed the problem with him, we were still unable to solve it.

C)If we can't decide how to solve the problem, we should discuss it with him.

D)Before we can start sorting out the problem, we'll have to talk to him about it.

E)I’m sure we'll find a solution to the problem alter we've talked to him.

Complete the dialogue


88 Gerald: The weather’s lovely today, isn't it?

Felix : …………………………

Gerald:            You should take a break and get out a bit.

Felix:               I know, but I’ve simply got too much to do.

A)I haven't the slightest idea. I’ve been inside working all day.

B)It is indeed. I got sunburnt when I went to get the paper.

C)When I was outside a few minutes ago. I actually felt a bit chilly.

D)I can see, but I'm so ill that I can't even get out of bed at the moment.

E)If you like this kind of weather. Personally, I prefer it a bit cooler.


89-Customer: …………………………

Waiter: Oh' the first comes with chips, salad and soup, while the other doesn't.

Customer: Oh, in that case, I’ll have the dinner – I’m starving!

A)Is it possible to get a sandwich with chips and a bowl of soup?

B)Exactly what is in the soup of the day? Is it as good as yesterday's?

C)What's the difference between the dinner and the a la carte?

D)Could I have a plate of chips with my soup and salad, please?

E)I'm not sure what I want to eat, but first I'd like a lemonade.


90-Gary: My head feels as if someone's hitting it with a hammer.

Bill:     …………………………….

Gary:               I had one about half an hour ago, but it doesn't seem to be helping.

A)How did he manage to do that?

B)Why don't you take an aspirin then?

C)Oh dear. Have you got a headache?

D)I think you should go and lie down.

E)You ought to try to relax a bit.


91-Nicola: This is a very interesting book about a woman who was kidnapped by aliens.

Barry: ……………………

Nicola : How can you take that attitude when you haven't even read it?

A)Really? Could I borrow it when you've finished it?

B)Oh come on! You don't read that rubbish, do you?

C)That does sound interesting. I'd like to have a look.

D)Wow! What a terrible thing to happen to someone.

E)I think I bought it, but never got round to reading it.


92-Fraser : ………………….

Helen:             No, not if you return it when you've finished with it.

Fraser :           On second thoughts, perhaps I'll wait and ask her myself.

A)Would it be okay if I called my mum on your phone?

B)I'd like to borrow Wendy's camera for a few hours.

C)Could I use the scissors on Heidi's desk?

D)I wonder if you'd mind lending me a bottle of milk.

E)Do you think Maxine would mind if l used her calculator?


93- Debby: What have you done to your hand?

Julie:               I cut it while I was making the salad.

Debby: ………………..

Julie: Oh, it's not as bad as it looks.

A)Well, I hope you didn't get blood in the salad.

B)You really aren't very good in the kitchen, are you?

C)That must hurt! It seems to be bleeding a lot.

D)You poor thing! Still, it doesn't look too deep.

E)That knife in the kitchen is really sharp.


94-Cliff :I’d like to talk to you about your punctuality, Martin.

Martin: ………..........

Cliff : Yes, but it was the first time this week.

A)What do you mean? I was here on time today.

B)I'm sorry, I know that l was late this morning.

C)Why me? Nobody in this office gets here early.

D)Yes, I know. Joe's already talked to me about it.

E)Not again! You've always got something to say to me.


Find the odd sentence


95-(I) For a man to gain 1 pound in weight by eating fish, it has been claimed that 1.110 pounds of living matter must die first. (II) This is because 1,000 pounds of plant plankton have to be eaten to produce 100 pounds of small creatures in the sea. (III) In the United States alone about 36.5 million fishing licences are issued each year. (IV) These in turn are eaten to produce 10 pounds of fish. (V) This is the amount of fish which a man would need to eat in order to gain that 1 pound in weight.



96- (I) The modern Olympic Games have been held every four years since 1896. (II) The first competitive event held in the ancient Olympian and other Greek games was the short footrace, or sprint. (III) This was run over a single length of the stadium, a distance of approximately 200 metres. (IV) This race was called, approximately, the stade. (V) For the first thirteen Olympiads, the stade was the sole athletic event staged in the stadium.



97-(I)The Persians built the first windmills sometime in the 6th or 7th century ~D.. for the purpose of powering irrigation pumps. (I1) In some early large irrigation projects, mostly in arid and semiarid regions, little attention was paid to drainage. (III) Evolving (bilgi yelpazesi.net) over the years, by the eighteenth century, windmills were commonly used in Europe and America for grain-grinding and irrigation (IV) Along with waterpower, these provided the basic energy source for the Industrial Revolution. (V) In fact, two centuries ago, nearly every industrial process in existence ran on windpower.



98-(I) The most obvious threat to the safety of your home is theft of its contents. (II) In fact, of all crimes committed today, crimes against property are the most common. (III) Needless to say, there are many more serious crimes such as murder, which take up a great deal of police time. (IV) However, this does not have to be the case. (V) Many people simply make it too easy for a burglar, by not securing their homes adequately.



99-(I) In 1066 the Norman invasion of England brought the tremendous impact of the French language to England. (II) For two centuries, French was the language of the English nobility, while English remained the language of the peasants. (III) English is now the principal language of twelve countries and official language in over a dozen more. (IV) It was only in the 14th century that English finally became the most important language in England, with the London dialect as standard. (V) However, as late as 1700, there were only 8.5 million English speakers.



100-(I) In 1912 Edgar Rice Burroughs sold a story to All Star Magazine about an infant of English nobility who was abandoned in Africa and brought up by apes. CI)) For this, Burroughs was paid the considerable sum of $700 by the magazine. (III) Although Burroughs had little difficulty finding magazines to publish his numerous sequels, he received a number of rejections before finding a book publisher; (IV) These circumstances drove him to take up writing in order to attempt to support his family. (V) In fact, it was only in 1914 that his novel Tarzan and the Apes was finally published.



Cevap Anahtarı:


78.B                 79.E       80.D

81.C   82.D     83.A        84.B       85.C

86.E 87.D      88.A        89.C       90.B

91.B 92.E      93.C       94.A        95.C

96.A 97.B      98.C       99.C       100.D










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