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46-It is clear from the passage that…………. .

A)no one at the University of Nebraska realised Willa Cather's potential

B)Willa Cather's writing ability impressed the other students

C)even at the age of sixteen, Willa Cather was an impressive person

D)the University of Nebraska specialised in educating young, gifted students

E)straw bats were common at the University of Nebraska


There is an ancient belief that when a female wolf loses a young cub, she seeks a human child to take its place. Romulus and Remus, the legendary twin founders of Rome, were supposed to have been cared for by wolves. The idea actually became believable in the late 19th century when a French doctor found a naked ten-year-old boy wandering in the woods. He did not walk upright, could not speak intel1igently, nor relate to people: he only growled like a wolf and stared at them. Finally the doctor won the boy’s confidence and began to work with him. After many long years of devoted and patient instruction, the doctor was able to get the boy to clothe and feed himself, recognise and say a number of words, and even to write a little.


47- It is implied in the passage that………… .

A)the legend of Romulus and Remus is certainly based on reality

B)Romulus and Remus were the actual founders of Rome

C)the boy found in the woods was like a wolf in appearance but not in emotions

D)people have believed for a long time that female wolves sometimes adopt human children

E)it took a long time for the doctor to train the young wolf


48-The doctor who found the boy must have concluded that…………. .

A)the boy had possibly been raised by wolves

B)Romulus and Remus were the twins who founded Rome

C)it is not possible to train a human child who grew up in the wild

D)the boy could not speak because he was of sub-normal intelligence

E)the boy was half-human, half-wolf, with supernational powers


49-Many years after the doctor began working with the boy, ………… .

A)he soon started to behave as a normal human child does

B)he became more like a human child, but couldn't function completely normally

C)he behaved exactly like Romulus and Remus in the legend

D)he began writing a book about his experiences living with wolves

E)his progress was too slow for the doctor to continue with the initial enthusiasm


In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on the Earth, created by Zeus to avenge Prometheus's theft of fire. Pandora, whose name means ‘all-gifted', was endowed with every charm, but sent to the Earth with a very special deadly box. Prometheus was too wise to be deceived by Pandora's beauty, but his younger brother, Epimetheus, fell in love with her and accepted (bilgi yelpazesi.net) the box as a wedding present from the gods. When Epimeteus allowed Pandora to open the box, a cloud of evils flew out, spreading death, disease and destruction throughout the world. All that remained inside the box was one small comfort - hope.


50-It can be inferred from the passage that in Greek mythology, …………. .

A)a long with the evils in the box, the gift of fire was included in it

B)women were seen to be wiser and more talented than men were

C)the gods were jealous of women's beauty and punished them for it

D)the world was a much better place before women came into it

E)people were taught not to accept wedding gifts as they might be evil


51-It's obvious from the passage that ………….. .

A)though she caused many problems, Epimetheus was happily married to Pandora

B)Prometheus was disappointed that Pandora was not extremely beautiful

C)Epimetheus really loved Pandora, but didn't actually want to get married to her

D)Prometheus gave his brother a truly terrible wedding gift because he was jealous

E)Pandora won Epimetheus's heart, though she was meant for Prometheus


52-According to the legend that's related in the passage, hope…………. .

A)was lost when Pandora released a multitude of bad things into the world

B)was the only thing left behind to help deal with the problems released into the world

C)meant that Pandora could still manage to deceive Prometheus

D)was eliminated from the Earth by the bad things released from the box

E)was the one thing that Pandora decided not to give to the world

Find the English translation


53-Rüzgar az olduğu için, Kuzey Kutup dairesinde katlanılmaz derecede soğuk değildir.

A)The light winds within the Arctic Circle make the extreme cold bearable in winter.

B)Winters are tolerable within the Arctic Circle as there is little or no wind.

C)There is little wind within the Arctic Circle, where the winters are unbearably cold.

D)Since there is little wind, winters are not unbearably cold within the Arctic Circle.

E)The winters within the Arctic Circle are unbearably cold, but there is little wind.


54-Genel olarak insanlar, herkese açık büyük bir dünya yerine, kendilerine özgü küçük bir dünyayı tercih ederler.

A)Some humans generally favour a restricted small world, while others are in favour of a more open world.

B)In general, people prefer to stay in their exclusive small worlds rather than move towards a larger inclusive one.

C)Humans in general favour an exclusive small world rather than a large inclusive one.

D)in general, humans favour keeping their world small and exclusive, as opposed to large and inclusive.

E)Humans like to live in a narrow exclusive world rather than in a wider inclusive one.


55-Çok sert  bir taş olmasına rağmen granit, diğer kayalar gibi, zamanla aşınır ve parçalanır.

A)Granite is one of the hardest stones; nevertheless, like any other rock, over time. it will wear out and crumble.

B)As time passes, granite wears out and crumbles like most other rocks, even though it is a very hard stone.

C)All rocks, even a very hard stone like granite, wear out and crumble in time.

D)Being a very hard stone, granite takes longer to wear out and crumble, just like other hard rocks.

E)In spite of being a very hard stone, like other rocks, granite wears out and crumbles in time.


56-Ben, bireyin gerçek anlamda ilerlemesinin miras kalan zenginlikle yada nüfuzlu tanıdıklarla değil, çok çalışmayla mümkün olduğuna inanıyorum

A)I’m convinced that an individual can get ahead when he really works hard, even if he doesn't have any inherited wealth or influential acquaintances.

B)Without inherited wealth or influential acquaintances, it's impossible. I believe, for anyone to get ahead in any real sense.

C)Even without inherited wealth or influential acquaintances, if an individual believes in himself , he can get ahead in real terms by working hard.

D)I believe that it's possible for an individual to get ahead in a real sense by hard work, not by inherited wealth or influential acquaintances.

E)When an individual doesn't have inherited wealth or influential acquaintances, getting ahead in any real sense has to be accomplished by hard work.


57-Bu kadar çok Amerikalı ve göçmen işçiyi Detroit'e çeken, otomobil sanayii ve onun sağladığı yüksek ücretli iş olanaklarıydı.

A)It was the automobile industry and the well-paid job opportunities it provided that attracted so many American and immigrant workers to Detroit.

B)The automobile industry provided well-paid lobs for many of the American and immigrant workers that Detroit had attracted.

C)The automobile industry attracted both American and immigrant workers to Detroit, who were hoping to find well-paid jobs.

D)Most of the American and immigrant workers that were attracted to Detroit were provided with well-paid jobs in the automobile industry.

E)When the automobile industry in Detroit expanded creating well-paid job opportunities, many American and immigrant workers were attracted there.


58-Çok büyük gücü ve güzelliğiyle şelaleler, dünyadaki doğa harikalarının en muhteşemleri arasında yer almaktadır.

A)With their immense power and beauty, cataracts rank among the most awesome of the natural wonders on the Earth.

B)Not only do cataracts have awe-inspiring beauty, but the power of these natural wonders of the Earth is also immense.

C)Among the many natural wonders of the Earth, some of the most recent are cataracts, because of their tremendous power and beauty.

D)It is their immense power and awesome beauty that make cataracts the most spectacular natural wonders of the Earth.

E)Cataracts, with their tremendous power and beauty, can be classed among the natural wonders of the Earth.


59-Pek çok toprak türü, üzüm yetiştirmek için uygun olabilir ancak toprağın belli bir derinliğinin olması olması ve suyu iyi geçirmesi gerekir (bilgi yelpazesi.net).

A)As long as an area has soil of a certain depth and with good drainage. it can be used for growing grapes.

B)Grapes prefer deep, well-drained soil, but, apart from these requirements, they will grow in almost any type of soil.

C)Except for in shallow soils which don't drain well, grapes can be cultivated in any kind of soil.

D)Among many, this kind of soil is the most appropriate for growing grapes as it drains well and has a certain depth.

E)Many kinds of soil can be suitable for growing grapes, but the soil must have a certain depth and must drain well.


60-Bir bankanın en büyük gelir kaynağı, çeşitli gelirlerden elde ettiği faizdir.

A)Banks make large profits on the various types of loans by charging interest on them.

B)A bank offers various types of loans, on which it makes large profits.

C)The largest source of revenue for a bank is the interest it earns on various types of loans.

D)The revenue made at a bank is largely a result of the 'high' interest it charges on the various types of loans it issues.

E)Interest received on the different types of loans issued provides the bank with its largest source of profit.


Cevap Anahtarı:


46.C                47.D       48.A        49.B       50.D

51.E                 52.B       53.D       54.C       55.E

56.D                57.A        58.A        59.E       60.C










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