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1-I wish you wouldn't………….me when I'm speaking - please let me have my say before you answer.

A) respond                     B) interrupt

C) imitate                       D) conflict             E) address


2-If you're looking for a good restaurant, the receptionist should be able to…………one to you.

A)recommend               B) explain

C)prefer                          D) advise                              E) reserve


3- She decided not to tell her father about her exam results until the guests left, because she was afraid that he might lose his………….. .

A)annoyance                 B) grief

C)shortage                    D) intention          E) temper


4-Dennis …………. got more frustrated with his job and finally left it when he could no longer stand the conditions.

A) utterly                         B)honestly

C) gradually   D) deliberately     E) instantly


5-It's………….hot in Las Vegas in the summer, but the air is quite dry, so it's not as uncomfortable as you would think.

A) obviously   B) superficially

C) bearably    D) sincerely          E) awfully


6-Florence's decision to move to Panama was completely……………- she didn't speak Spanish, had no Mends there and left a good job in London.

A) sensible    B) irreversible

C) immoral    D) irrational          E) intentional


7-Experts in sports medicine study physiology………..examine the effect of different sports and exercises on the human body.

A) owing to     B) in order to

C) so that                       D) in spite of        E) therefore


8-…………Nina was born in Berlin, she doesn't have a German passport because her parents are Yugoslavian guest workers.

A) Since                          B) However

C) Although    D) No matter        E) As far as


9-Don't pay the workers all of the money…………. they've completely finished the work, or you might end up with a half-painted house.

A)until                             B) when

C)while                           D) since                                E) provided


10-High in the mountains, Flagstaff, Arizona, is quite cold all year, ………Phoenix, only 150 miles to the south, can get as hot as50 C in the summer.

A) while                          B) therefore

C) besides                    D) so that                             E).otherwise


11-Bill never heard …….. Kris again ……….the big argument they had in public.

A)of/until                         B)with/against

C) for/about    D)from/after          E)about/since


12-…….a high school student, Anne was obsessed ……..Byzantine art history, but now, she's studying science at university.

A) For / like     B) Since/about

C) As/with                      D) From/over        E) Like/on


13-After being very unconventional throughout her twenties, Maureen surprised her parents when she decided to……..and have a traditional family.

A) bring up     B) settle down

C) drop off                      D) carry on            E) set out


14-A 'beefalo' is an animal…………mother is a cow and father is a buffalo.

A) when                          B) which

C) that                             D) whom                              E)whose


15-Peter's not bad at maths, but he's not……….his brother, who's a scientific genius.

A) so well that               B) the best of

C) well enough             D) as good as     E) rather good


16- If Prank gets any………., I'm afraid he won't be able to fit through the door. He already weighs 180 kilos!

A) fattest                         B) fat enough

C) so fat                         D) fatter                 E)too fat


17-As Soon as I finish writing this test, I'm going to have…………walk along ……… seashore.

A) a / the                         B) the / a

C) any / the     D) some / -           E) the / any


18-It's difficult to decide…………of these blouses will appeal most to my mother's taste.

A) what                           B) which

C) that                             D) why                   E) how


19-……..of the players……… contributed to the victory in his own way.

A) One/have   B) All/were

C) Each/has  D) Every/will have               E) A few/will be


20-Wolves………in vast numbers throughout North America, but in the last couple of centuries, they……… quite rare, except in parts of Canada.

A) are living / became

B) could have lived/are becoming

C) have been living/will become

D) have lived/were becoming

E) used to live/have become


21-I………..the deadline for this paper is Friday, but there's no way I………it by then.

A) knew / have finished

B) know / will have finished

C) have known / finished

D) had known / would have finished

E) will know/am going to finish


22-Ouch! I……. inside because I……….. by mosquitoes out here.

A) will go/will have bitten

B) have gone/was being bitten

C) went/would have bitten

D) am going/am being bitten

E) go/am bitten


23-Though the book……….yet, many people……..it from the publisher already.

A)hasn't been published / have ordered

B)won't be published / ordered

C)isn't publishing / are ordering

D)wasn't published / will have ordered

E)won't have published / order


24-Patricia…………..French for more than two years before she………the opportunity to travel to France.

A)studied / was having

B)will have studied / will have

C)had been studying / had

D)was studying / would have

E)has been studying / is having


25-I'm glad that our iron ……….itself off if it………..too hot, because I very often leave it plugged in.

A)will be switched / is getting

B)switched / would get

C)switches / gets

D)is switching / will get

E)has switched / got


Find the best completion


26-We went to the travel agent's to book a flight, …………… .

A)only to learn that there were no seats left on the planes

B)who is likely to tell us that we'll need to get a visa before going

C)considering that the plane ticket was very expensive indeed

D)which also includes a few historical places, such as Hagia Sophia

E)and landed at Gatwick Airport in the middle of the night


27-…………unless he does very poorly in the final exam.

A)Dave has only done very little work for his finals

B)Joseph is certain to do well in his course (bilgi yelpazesi.net)

C)Greg has never been very good at taking tests

D)Paul couldn't have answered that question

E)Bill won't be able to graduate next month


28-Though both sides claim that they don't want a war, ………… .

A)it causes a lot of suffering to civilians

B) maintaining a military is very expensive

C)the peoples of both countries are against it as well

D)they don't seem to be able to agree in the negotiations

E)the presidents of both countries were once very strict generals


29-Harry has been earning a lot of money recently, ………… .

A)although he is one of the most industrious workers in the company

B)but he hasn't managed to save a thing

C)so he can barely afford to look after his expensive house by the sea

D)in spite of the fact that his job pays rather well

E)until he'd contracted a serious disease and missed a month of work


30-……… ,yet it is much safer than it used to be because of modern safety equipment.

A)With a little care, you won't encounter any mishaps

B)considering the great risk involved in automobile races

C)Skiing can be counted among the most dangerous sports

D)Household accidents account for many deaths of children

E)Drink-driving poses a great threat for innocent pedestrians


Cevap Anahtarı:


1.B   2.A          3.E          4.C         5.E          6.D         7.B          8.C         9.A          10.A

11.D 12.C       13.B       14.E       15.D

16.D 17.A        18.B       19.C       20.E

21.B 22.D       23.A        24.C       25.C       26.A        27.B       28.D       29.B       30.C










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