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31-Whereas I really love the taste of coffee, …………. .

A)I can't stand it with milk and sugar

B)it is definitely my favourite hot drink

C)instant coffee is much easier to prepare

D)it is becoming increasingly popular in offices

E)it helps keep me awake when I have to work at night


32-……….., but with glasses, he can see as well as anybody.

A)Jeff used to wear contact lenses

B)Roy's eyesight is so bad that he's nearly blind

C)As a child, Richard's vision was perfect

D)Tim lost his glasses when he went camping

E)John leaves his glasses behind wherever he goes


33-Russia lost a lot of land when the Soviet Union broke up; ……….. .

A)nevertheless. not very many of them are very useful

B)even though many other things happened in the same year.

C)moreover, it is possible that they may try to find it again

D)in contrast, the rubble collapsed at the same time

E)however, it's still the largest country in the world


34-…………, which is a sport combining skiing and shooting.

A)I'm opposed to the use of guns in sport

B)Canadians traditionally do well in the biathlon

C)Every year many people die in hunting accidents

D)The Swedes have a skiing division in their army

E)More people die from guns in cold, snowy places


Read the passages and find the best mark the answers


The official language of the Czech Republic is Czech, a highly complex western Slavic tongue. Any attempt from foreigners to speak Czech will be heartily appreciated, so do not be discouraged if people fail to understand you, as most will be accustomed to hearing foreigners stumble through their language. If you don't know any Czech, brush up on your German, since, among the older (bilgi yelpazesi.net) generation at least, it is still the most widely spoken second language. Russian, once the compulsory second language has been practically wiped off the school curriculum, and the number of English speakers has been steadily increasing, especially among the younger generation.


35-It is clear from the passage that…………. .

A)more Czechs speak German than any other foreign language

B)as their own language is so difficult, Czechs prefer German

C)everyone in the Czech Republic speaks several languages

D)Czechs usually laugh at foreigners who try to speak Czech

E)Czechs learn English during childhood and German later


36-The author informs us that……….. .

A)it is now illegal for Czechs to speak Russian

B)Czechs do not want to speak German as it reminds them of the German occupation

C)most Czech schools offer courses in the Russian language

D)the influence of Russia is still felt in certain areas of the Czech Republic

E)Czechs were once required to study Russian at school


37-This passage would most likely appear in ………… .

A)a grammar book of the Czech language

B)a history book of the Czech Republic

C) a book about English language teaching

D)a travel guide for the Czech Republic

E) an article on the social history of the Czech people


The religion of the Jewish people, Judaism, is based largely on the teachings of Moses and other leaders as recounted in the Old Testament of the Bible. It is significant for being the oldest monotheistic religion - belief in one supreme being, which is given various names by the Jews themselves, including Yahweh, Jehovah and God. The two other important sacred books are the Talmud and the Torah, which contain the many laws and observances orthodox Jews are supposed to keep. The principal festival is the Feast of Passover: the principal place of worship is the synagogue and the priests are called Rabbis. Judaism is also noted for being the religion from which Christianity and Islam developed. There are about 14 million followers, about 3 million in Israel itself, and the remainder distributed throughout the world.


38-The passage suggests that Judaism is an important religion because …………….. .

A)it has three gods, all of whom are extremely powerful

B)it has many laws that the orthodox must follow

C)Moses was brought up under Jewish tradition

D)it was the first religion to believe in a single god

E)it has the largest number of followers among the major religions


39-It can be understood from the passage that………….. .

A)Yahweh and Jehovah are the names of Jewish holy writings

B)synagogues are rarely used these days, except by the orthodox

C)the constitution of Israel is based largely on the Torah

D)the job of the Rabbi is to enforce the law of the Talmud

E)the Jewish religion has at least three important sacred books


40-According to the passage, ………………… .

A)a large majority of the world's Jews live in Israel

B)Christianity and Islam have historical ties with Judaism

C)Judaism is the most common religion in the world

D)there is quite a strong Christian influence on Judaism

E)the Jewish religion is influenced by the teachings of both Islam and Christianity


Laws are the collection of rules by which any state maintains order within a society. In Great Britain, the law-making process is conducted by Parliament.  Proposed new laws are presented as Bills and if, after debate, they are accepted by a majority vote in the House of Commons, they duly become law. In Great Britain, as in most countries, there are several distinct types of laws. Constitutional law is concerned with the processes of the government itself Company law deals with the operation of many of the nation's commercial and financial activities. These are branches of State law, that is, laws made by acts of Parliament. Common law, by contrast, is based on past decisions taken by the courts on various issues.


41-The aim of laws, as described in the passage, is ……….. .

A)to punish people who insist on violating them

B)to secure the people's control of the government

C)to protect the government and people from chaos

D)to increase the government's authority over the people

E)to keep threats to the existence of the state under control


42-The author informs us that Constitutional law………….. .

A)cannot be changed by simple acts of Parliament

B)is composed of several distinct types of Bills

C)causes great concern to Members of Parliament

D)has little bearing on the government of Britain

E)is related to the way the government does its job


43-As is stated In the passage, the difference between State and common laws is that………. .

A)State laws only effect Members of Parliament, not common people

B)common law was only valid in the past, while State law is still used

C)only State laws actually have financial consequences to the people

D)the former are made by acts of Parliament, the latter, by the courts

E) the latter is applied to common people, but not to parliamentarians


The term 'castle' is most commonly applied to the fortresses belonging to European kings or important nobles during the Middle Ages. The first of this type were built by the Normans in France, during the eleventh century. They were constructed of wood and consisted simply of a tower built on a mound and stood in a courtyard, which was surrounded by a fence and a ditch. By the twelfth century, the wooden tower had given way to a stone one, containing living accommodation for the whole (bilgi yelpazesi.net) household, centred on the Great hall, and surrounded by a strong wall. As new methods of attack developed, the outer fortifications became more elaborate in order to withstand them.


44-We can conclude from the passage that…………. .

A)a castle was a certain type of early defensive structure

B)every noble in the Middle Ages had his own castle

C)the first fortress was built in Europe in the Middle Ages

D)the first castle built by the Normans remained inhabited for a century

E)castles were used for defence, not as residences


45- The author makes it clear that in the12th century, …. .

A)the Normans became less influential in Europe

B)the towers were built of stone

C)a castle consisted only of a tower

D)a castle was still a residence only for the army

E)castles were strong enough to repel any attack


Cevap Anahtarı:


31.A 32.B       33.E       34.B       35.A        36.E       37.D       38.D       39.E       40.B

41.C 42.E       43.D       44.A        45.B










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