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46-We learn that castles became stronger and more defensive………….. .

A)as new and better construction methods were developed

B)as they began to accommodate larger populations

C)in reaction to the development of new military strategies

D)as more and more buildings were added for the increasing population

E) when stone and wood were used together as building materials


Mozart made his first visit to Prague with his wife Constance in 1787, staying with his friend and patron Count Thun. A year earlier, his opera The Marriage of Figaro, which had failed to please the opera snobs in Vienna, was given a marvellous reception in Prague. Encouraged by this, he chose to premiere his next opera, Don Giovanni, in Prague rather than in Vienna. He arrived with an incomplete score in hand, and finished it there, dedicating it to the 'good people of Prague'. Mozart's final visit to Prague took place in 1791, the year of his death. The climax of the stay was the premiere of Mozart's final opera, La Calmness di Tito, according to legend, completed on the coach from Vienna to Prague.


47- We learn from the passage that TheMarriage of Figaro………….. .

A)was given its first ever performance in 1786, in Prague

B)was more highly appreciated in Vienna than in Prague

C)had obviously not been a success in Vienna

D)was clearly the first opera that Mozart had ever written

E)encouraged Mozart to write his next opera Don Giovanni


48-The passage tells us that Mozart…………… .

A)gave the first performance of Don Giovanni in Prague

B)wrote and performed two complete operas while in Prague

C)only visited Prague twice, 4though he really liked the city

D)died in 1791 while he was visiting Prague to see his opera

E)moved from Vienna to Prague, where he was more appreciated


49-It is mentioned in the passage that La Clemenza di Tito…… .

A)was Mozart's least popular opera in Prague

B)was based on a legend which Mozart had heard in Prague

C)brought Mozart to Prague for a very short visit

D)was given its final form in Prague

E) was apparently unfinished when Mozart left Vienna



Ever since the 1978 Camp David Agreement and the 1979 peace treaty signed between Egypt and Israel, the Suez Canal has been filled with a constant flow of maritime traffic. It is 163 km long, but still not wide enough to accommodate modern ships sailing in opposite directions. There are plans to widen the canal but, for now, ships can pass only at two points - the Bitter Lakes (bilgi yelpazesi.net) and Al-Ballan. With a depth of 19,5 metres, the canal is deep enough for most ships, except for super tankers. The canal is the prime source of hard currency for Egypt's troublesome economy. Each of the 50 ships that pass through the canal each day is charged a fee based on its size and weight. The average fee is about $70,000.


50- It is implied in the passage that………… .

A)the famous Camp David is located near the Suez Canal

B)the Suez Canal was constructed sometime after 1979

C)there are no bridges anywhere that cr6ss the Suez Canal

D)in the period before 1979, fewer ships used the Suez Canal

E)the traffic on the Suez Canal makes shipping dangerous


51- The passage suggests that…………. .

A)the Egyptians could make more money if they widened the Suez Canal

B)without the canal, the Egyptian government would be much better off

C) super tankers must proceed very carefully while going through the canal

D)the bigger and heavier a ship is, the more it has to pay to use the canal

E)the Israelis get a sizeable commission from the Suez Canal's traffic


52-It can be determined from the figures in the passage that…………. .

A)most ships on the Suez Canal are under 20 metres tail

B)a large ship pays about $1,400 to pass through the canal

C)the Egyptians make, on average. over $3,500,000 a day from the canal

D)the Suez Canal is less than 20 metres wide in most parts

E)passage through the canal costs almost $100 per kilometre


Find the sentence for the blank that covers the meaning


53-Cocoa is a product of Theobroma cacao, a small tree originally found in tropical America. It flowers directly from the trunk and branches, and has fruits containing 40-60 seeds. …………. . At the end of all these processes, raw or bitter chocolate is produced.

A)These seeds are the raw material from which chocolate is made

B)The ripe seeds are fermented, dried, roasted and ground to a paste

C)About 1 million tons of cocoa a year is produced in Africa and Brazil

D)In the 1800s, eating chocolate and powdered cocoa were developed

E)To make chocolate, cocoa butter has to be added to balance the sugar


54-…………. . It affects eight percent of men and one in two hundred and fifty women. It is particularly troublesome when individuals cannot distinguish between red and green - the colours of traffic lights.

A)Acute alcoholism is a serious problem in the northern part of Australia

B)The origins of the colours used in traffic signals is difficult to trace

C)While some people think green is a beautiful colour, others prefer red

D)Colour blindness is an inherited condition affecting the ability to see colours

E)Persistent headaches and blurred vision are symptoms that may indicate serious eye disorders


55- ……… . Both are derived from the Greek term for city-state and have to do with the administration and oversight of communities of people. Police operations vary from nation to nation. In some states, police forces arc highly militarised and nearly indistinguishable from the armed forces.

A)The words 'police' and 'politics' are related

B)Police forces are part of the criminal justice system

C)Interpol has caught thousands of international criminals

D)Many of the regulatory powers of government involve some kind of policing activity

E)Many countries have centralised, or national, police organisations


56-Janissaries were the elite troops of the Ottoman Army and were founded in the 14th century. ………. . From the 17th century onward, however, Muslims were recruited as well, and they became a powerful and influential force in the empire until they were massacred by Sultan Mahmud II in 1826.

A)The strong Islamic beliefs of the troops made them a powerful army

B)In the early 19th century, they tried to overthrow the reigning Sultan

C)The boys were chosen at a young age and taken away from their families

D)They lived in a special barracks inside' the walls of Topkapi Palace

E)Originally, they were recruited from Christian boys and captives of war


57-The Kani people belong to one of the poorest tribes in the southern Indian state of Kerala. These rain-forest dwellers live in fragile shacks. Each night they sleep with the fear that a passing herd of wild elephants could trample them to death. …………. . They believe that they are the descendants of the chief physician of the gods, and that his wisdom of healing has been passed down to them through the ages.

A)Elephants are not normally dangerous animals unless provoked

B)But even in poverty, the Kanis have not forgotten their mythical past

C)India has many such tribes with no traditions or even oral history

D)As you can imagine, this makes it hard to get a good night's sleep

E)It is interesting that, though largely Christian, Kerala had the world's first elected Communist government


58-…………. . By translating the results of scientific, experiments into mathematical terms, it is possible to develop assumptions and formulae for general application. Further experimentation is often suggested in this process. In this way, mathematics clarifies and furthers knowledge of the physical world.

A)The introduction of the decimal system into Europe greatly advanced the field of mathematics

B)Mathematics has become an essential tool in all sciences for the development of theory

C)Mathematics is the study of numbers and their logical relationships with each other

D)Though interesting in its own right, mathematics has few uses outside the realm of accounting

E)Arithmetic is the most ancient form of mathematics, and was known to the Egyptians


Cevap Anahtarı:


46.C 47.C       48.A        49.E       50.D

51.D 52.C       53.B       54.D       55.A        56.E       57.B       58.B       59.A










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