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Find what can be said in the given situation.


75-While on holiday in New York, you get lost driving and find yourself in a particularly bad neighbourhood. You just want to get back to your hotel, but have no idea how to get there. You see a policeman walking on the pavement, so you drive up next to him and ask:

A) Is this really Harlem? I've heard so much about it and seen it in films.

B) Exactly where am I? I don't like the look of this neighbourhood.

C) Could you recommend a good hotel around here? I'm tired of driving.

D) Could you help me? I’m trying to find my way back to my hotel.

E) What are you stopping me for? I haven't done anything wrong, have I?


76-While waiting in a long queue at the supermarket, you realise that you have forgotten to get something you need to make dinner. It will only take you a minute to pick it up and you don't fancy the idea of returning to the end of the queue, so you turn to the person behind you and politely request:

A)Could you hold my place, please? I've forgotten to get something.

B)This queue is horrible! Why is everybody shopping at this time?

C)Could you possibly let me go in front of you? I'm late for dinner.

D)Do you need anything else? I'm going to get some more biscuits.

E) Would you mind getting me some cheese from the dairy section?


77-You borrow your friend's bicycle to go to the shop and neglect to lock it up when you go inside. When you come out of the shop, you discover that it's been stolen. You feel horrible about it as you know it's entirely your fault. When you see your friend, you apologise and offer:

A)I'm sorry, but you should have told me there were vandals around here who damage bicycles.

B)You should never have lent me your bike. You know how irresponsible I am.

C)That bike of yours wasn't really worth stealing. The thieves should have noticed this.

D)I feel very bad about your bike. I really don't understand how it got broken.

E)I'm terribly sorry. Your bike got stolen, but I'll get you a new one.


78-You are on holiday, trying to find a hotel room when you come upon one that looks quite nice. One of your main concerns is the shower. You like having a shower at night, but hate a cold shower. To determine whether this is the room for you, you inquire of the receptionist:

A)Do you mind if I have a shower at night?

B)What time does the hotel close?

C)Is the tap water safe enough for a shower?

D)Can I have a shower before I pay?

E)Is the hot water on twenty-four hours a day?


79-You've ordered some essential materials for your business and the order is now over a week late. It's not the first time it’s happened with (bilgi yelpazesi.net) this supplier, so you decide you've had enough and will take your business elsewhere. To end your business relationship with your current supplier, you telephone them and briefly, but sharply, say:

A)Could you recommend another supplier? I really need this stuff.

B)Would it be possible to rush my order? It's somewhat important.

C)Don't bother sending that order, just double the next one.

D)You're too unreliable. Please cancel my order and my account.

E)Stop sending me things that I haven't ordered. or I won't pay for them.


80-You're trying to find a birthday present for one of your colleagues and aren't having any luck. Finally, you come across a clothes shop that is full of things you're sure she would like, but you aren't sure of her size or exactly what to get her. You decide it would be better if you could pay now, but she could come in by herself to choose, so you ask the shop assistant:

A)What do you think would be suitable for a woman of 40?

B)Do you happen to sell gift certificates?

C)Can I send my friend here to have an interview for the vacancy?

D)Can I borrow this skirt to see if she likes it?

E)What is the most popular gift for females?


81-While walking to work one day, you see an old man slip and on the pavement. You decide to do what you

can to assist him, so you go up to him and say:

A)Are you okay, Sir? Do you need any help?

B)Aren't you a bit old to be out on your own?

C)You must feel awkward. What happened to you?

D)You really must be more careful. It's slippery.

E)Come on I'll take you to the hospital by taxi.


Find the closest in meaning


82-The summers in Siberia are as hot as the winters are cold.

A)Though Siberia is known for its cold winters, at least the summer is nice.

B)In Siberia, the winters are very cold, and the summers are, too.

C)Siberia not only has very cold winters, but very hot summers as well.

D)Since this summer was very hot, Siberia is due for a bit cold winter.

E)While the summers are quite cool there, Siberian winters aren't bad.


83-While the bus is cheaper and faster, he decided to go by train.

A)Because the bus is so speedy and inexpensive, he thought he should go there on the train.

B)Since he knows that buses are not as fast and are rather pricey, he always travels by train.

C)Though the bus is less expensive, the train would have taken much less time to arrive at his destination.

D)Although he wanted to travel by tram, which is faster, the lower price of the bus made him change his mind.

E)He made up his mind to travel by train, though it is slower and more expensive than the bus.


84-There's no way l can finish this job in time.

A)I doubt that I will be able to finish this job according to schedule.

B)I'm hot sure what time I'll have finished this project.

C)I’ll definitely finish this job in time unless you get in my way.

D)It's not possible for me to complete this task by the deadline.

E)While it may be a bit late, I'm determined to get the job done.


85-Had you told us you were a vegetarian, we would have made you something else.

A)I'm glad you said you don't eat meat, or we wouldn't have prepared you a special dinner.

B)Although we weren't sure that you didn't eat meat, we prepared some vegetarian food anyway.

C)We had no idea you were a vegetarian, so we didn't make anything you could eat.

D)I wish you'd told us that you don't eat meat, then we wouldn’t have bothered to prepare all these dishes.

E)As we're all vegetarians here, we didn't have to make anything special for you.


86-He can't have really meant what he said.

A)It's not possible that his words truly reflected his feelings.

B)He should have judged the impact of what he was saying.

C)He told us that he didn't actually intend to say what he did.

D)There's no excuse for him saying he didn't mean that.

E)He ought to have lied and said something less offensive.


87-Nobody I know makes better pasta than Tony's mother.

A)I believe that the best pasta in the world is made by Tony's mum.

B)Of all the people I know, Tony's mother cooks the best pasta.

C)None of the people I know can fail to appreciate the pasta cooked by Tony's mother.

D)I know that Tony's mother can cook really delicious pasta.

E)I don't think there can be anyone who makes pasta better than Tony's mother.


Find the one that best completes


88- Terry:………….. .

Walter:           Oh, he's in trouble with the boss.

Terry:              Really? What for?

Walter:           It seems he was late again and has been given ~ written warning.

A)When did Larry get in today?

B)What's the matter with Larry?

C)Have, you seen the boss yet?

D)Was Larry late again today?

E)Why is the boss so angry?


89- Kim: Who's that package from?

Nancy: ……………………….

'Kim: Well then, let me have it so I can find out.

A)It's from your brother in France.

B)It's the stuff you ordered last week.

C)I'm sending my dad a present

D)I don't know. It's addressed to you.

E)I bought it at Migros. It was on sale.


90- Grandpa: Have' I ever told you about the first time I visited Newcastle?

Grandson : I guess you have. ……………………..

Grandpa: No, it was long alter that. I was a married man then.

Grandson: Oh, I’d like to hear that story then!

A)Did you go there before or after you got married?.

B)How could you have forgotten that you were telling me about it just yesterday?

C)And, I must admit that I couldn't have endured so many problems' at such a young age.

D)But Johnny may not have heard that story, and I'm sure he'll be glad to listen to it.

E)Was it just after you left home at the age of twenty?


91- Patient: I just don't seem to be able to sleep at night.

Doctor: ……………………………………

Patient:           No more than five or six.

Doctor:           You must cut down, especially in the evening.

A)How often do you take naps in the afternoon?

B)What time do you 'usually go to bed at night?

C)How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

D),Have you had any extra stress at work lately?

E)What time do you generally wake up in the morning?


92-lan:  ………………

Mary:               Ugh! What is it?

Ian:   Some kind of spider, I think.

Mary:               Please, get it off me now!

A)Don't walk barefoot around here because there may be dangerous insects.

B)You've got something crawling up your back.

C)I hope you don't have a phobia about insects!

D)I think something has just bitten me on the neck.

E)Oh, what a lovely creature! Can I keep it for my insect collection?


93- Leonard:………………..

Walter:           Yes, I phoned him from work last week.

Leonard: Really? I didn't know that he'd had a telephone installed. Can I have his number?

Walter:           Sure. It's 867-5309.

A)Have you spoken to Arthur recently?

B)Did anyone call while I was out?

C)I heard Tony's nephew died in a car accident.

D)Are you still not talking to Albert?

E)I called Bob at home yesterday evening.


94- Olivia : Could you give me a lift to the station?

Sam : ……………………..

Olivia:              0h,  no problem then. Thanks a lot, anyway.

A)When do you have to be there?

B)Why don't you take the train?

C)Sorry. but my wife's got the car.

D)Where are you going? On holiday?

E)Sure, but can you wait a few minutes?


Find the odd sentence



(I)The usual way to have your distant vision tested is to stand twenty feet from a chart of different-sized letters. (II) For children or people who cannot read, charts with pictures are usually available. (III) A visual test can also be done with an instrument set up to simulate the same distance. (IV) Similarly, there are ways to test hearing over a distance. (V) Near vision is tested by having people read standard-sized type at a closer distance.

A)I     B)II          C)III        D)IV        E)V



(I)The Ryder Cup is the trophy awarded in biennial matches between men's professional golf teams of the United States and Europe. (II) The governing body of golf in the United States is the United States Professional Golfers' Association, which was founded in 1894. (III) The cup was donated in 1927 by British seed merchant Samuel Ryder, who had started playing golf at the age of 50. (IV) Made of 14-carat gold on a wooden base, the cup stands 16 inches high and weighs 4 pounds. (V) The figure at the top of the trophy is modelled on Ryder's coach, British professional golfer, Abe Mitchell.

A)I     B)II          C)III        D)III        E)V



(I)The urge to travel is as old as civilisation. (II) However, due to the huge amounts of money required, worldwide travel is mostly enjoyed by the citizens of developed countries. (III) The great historian Herodotus roamed the ancient world, examining the customs of many lands before writing his famous 'History'. (IV) Hundreds of years later, a young man from Venice named Marco (bilgi yelpazesi.net) Polo set out with his father for China, and his writings opened the Far East to Europeans of his time. (IV) About the same time Ibn Battutah, an Islamic scholar, travelled about 75,000 miles and recorded his wanderings in the widely-read 'Rihlah', meaning ‘Travels'.

A)I     B)II          C)III        D)IV         E)V



(I)Tennis elbow is an inflammation of the outside of the elbow caused by overstressing the joint, as in playing tennis. (II) This can also be caused by using the arm for unaccustomed activities, such as sawing, chopping or hammering. (III) When a ball strikes a fingertip, severe pain occurs immediately. (IV) The basic problem is that the forearm cannot stand the abnormal strain. (V) Each impact is absorbed by the elbow and may create inflammation.

A)I     B)II          C)III        D)IV        E)V



(I)I had seen a battle on the television that was being fought in a tropical rainforest. (II) I had never believed that the quiet streets I knew so well could change into a battlefield. (III} But now those formerly neutral streets were suddenly filled with a spirit of revenge and tension. (IV) I could never understand how the fighters themselves, whatever side they were on, could take aim and fire in these streets. (V) Were they all drugged like the leader of the gang, Ahmed?

A)I     B)II          c)III         D)IV        E)V



(I) Queen Christina brought foreign scholars to the palace, among who was the philosopher Rene Descartes. (II) She demanded that Descartes came to instruct her at 5.00 a.m. three days a week, which he did, even though he was a late-riser. (III) Christina, on the other hand, rarely got out of bed before noon, and often slept through lunch. (IV) She questioned him about the interplay between science and religion. (V) He tried to persuade her that all animals were mechanisms and she responded that she had never seen a watch give birth.

A)I     B)II          C)III        D)IV        E)V


Cevap Anahtarı:


75.D 76.A        77.E       78.E       79.D       80.B

81.A 82.C       83.E       84.D       85.C       86.A        87.B

88.B 89.D       90.E

91.C 92.B       93.A        94.C       95.D       96.B       97.B       98.C       99.A        100.C








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