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Find the English equivalent


61-Teknoloji yaşam standardını, en azından gelmiş ülkelerde, daha bir asir önce hayal bile edilemeyen bir düzeye yükseltilmiştir.

A)Nobody can imagine how technology has raised the standard of living in developed countries in the last

hundred years.

B)Technology, now at an unimaginable level, has raised the standard of living, at least in developed countries, during the last century.

C)At least technology has been raised to an unimaginable level in developed countries in the last century, raising the standard of living as well.

D)Technology has raised the standard of living, at least in developed countries, to a level not even imaginable only a century ago.

E)A hundred years ago, nobody could have imagined the level to which technology would have raised the standard of living in the least developed countries.


62-Köpek yarışı ABD'de, özellikle Florida, Massachusetts ve bazı batı eyaletlerinde sevilen bir spordur.

A)Though very popular throughout the USA, dog racing is especially popular in the western states of Florida and Massachusetts.

B)Dog racing in Massachusetts, Florida and some western states of the USA is especially beloved among sports.

C)In Massachusetts. Florida and some western states, fans of racing in the USA are extremely fond of dogs.

D)In the USA, the love of dog racing is confined to Florida, Massachusetts and some western states.

E)Dog racing is a popular sport in the USA, primarily in Florida, Massachusetts and some western states.


63-Evin tek çekici yanı, hem bizim iş yerimize hem de çocukların okuluna çok yakın olmasıydı.


A)Apart from its being very close to both our job and the children's school, we found the house to be very attractive.

B)If It weren't so close to our workplace and the children's school, we wouldn't have been attracted to that house.

C)The only attraction of the house was that it was very close both to our workplace and to the children's school.

D)Because the house was very close to both our work and the children's school, we found it very attractive.

E)What made the house attractive for us was that it was very close to our job and to the children's school.


64-Her bilim alanınm kendi özel hedefleri ve bunlara ulaşmak için kendi yöntemleri vardır.

A)The methods used in each area of study determine one's own specific goals.

B)Every area of study has its own specific goals and Its own methods for reaching them.

C)One’s own goals in a specific area of study are based on the methods of achieving them.

D)The exact methods for reaching one's goals vary among areas of study.

E)Different areas of study require different methods in order for the goals to be achieved.


65-Videonun avantajlarından biri, evde rahat bir ortamda izlenebilmesidir.

A)It can be very relaxing and advantageous staying at home and watching an entertaining video.

B)The video showed the advantages of having a comfortable home with a good atmosphere.

C)It is an advantage to have a comfortable room at home to watch videos in.

D)One of the advantages of video is that it can be watched at home in a comfortable atmosphere.

E)It is better to watch videos in your own home, where you can relax and be comfortable.


66-Bence bir filmin gişe rekorları kırması onun büyük sanatsal değere sahip olduğu anlamına gelmez.

A)In my opinion, the fact that a film breaks box-office records does not necessarily mean that it has great artistic value (bilgi yelpazesi.net).

B)I think that records that are released following the box-office success of a film do not actually reflect anything about Its artistic value.

C)I don't think it can mean that a film lacks artistic value if it doesn't break box-office records.

D)I don't believe that artistic films ever do very well at the box-office, compared to the record-breaking films that get a lot of publicity.

E)I believe that not all the films that set box-office records have great artistic merit.


67-Araştırmalar, başarılı insanların sahip olduğu ortak bir özelliğin azim olduğunu göstermektedir.

A)If people want to be successful in their research, they must persevere and not give up.

B)Research indicates that one quality successful people have in common is perseverance.

C)According to the results of the research, perseverance is one common point between successful people.

D)Whether or not perseverance is common to all successful people is still being researched

E)Researchers state that those who want to be successful have to be persistent.


68-Beni engelleyebileceği olasılığınıdüşünerek, kız kardeşimin yardım önerisini reddettim.

A)I didn’t want to stop to help my sister, since I had other things in my mind.

B)I refused to offer my sister assistance because it would delay my own schedule.

C)I turned down my sister’s offer of help, thinking of the possibility that she might hinder me.

D)My sister said she wanted to help me, but I thought she would just hinder me.

E)It was possible that my sister would delay me; so I rejected her offer of help.


What can be said in the given situation


75-You feel that the time in your life has come to buy a flat or a house. Not really knowing how to go about it, you go to an estate agent. He takes you to see several places. At each one he talks a lot, and very fast, but you think they are all over-priced. While you do not wish to accuse him of dishonesty, and you do not wish to appear poor, you do want him to know that you have a price limit and you also want value for money. With this in mind you say to him:

A)I think it'd be best if I told you my upper limit and you showed me the best you have in that price range.

B)Please, save your sales talk for people with more money than good sense.

C)I wouldn't give you half what you're asking for any of these places.

D)I didn't know that prices had gone up so much in recent years. I think I have to save up some more.

E)You don't really sell anything at these prices, do you? They are so high!


76-You’ve planned a picnic for tomorrow, and so you're rather concerned about the weather. The radio is on and you're chatting to a friend when suddenly you hear the start of the weather forecast. Anxious not to miss it, you say to your friend:

A)Hang on a moment. I want to hear this.

B)Are you coming on the picnic tomorrow?

C)We must leave early tomorrow morning

D)Have you heard the weather forecast yet?

E)Do you think it's likely to rain tomorrow?


77-You're at a party, talking to a couple you've just met. The man is one of those people who thinks he knows everything. His wife seems quite shy, and when she finally speaks, her husband instantly interrupts her. He's irritating you, and while you don't want to be rude, you'd much rather talk to her, so you turn to her and say encouragingly:

A)Let's go away and talk somewhere else in private.

B)Is your husband always like this or is he drunk?

C)Sorry, what were you saying? That was interesting.

D)You're much more interesting than your husband.

E)How did you two end up getting married to each other?


78-You have a summer job working in a dress shop. A rather plump woman comes into the shop trying to find a dress for a special evening. The dress she tries on makes her look really fat. You want to make a sale, but you're honest, so you say tactfully:

A)I'm sorry to be frank, but that makes you look like a whale.

B)Well, if you lost a few pounds it wouldn't look too bad.

C)That colour's good on you. but let me find you a different style.

D)Don't you look wonderful! All the other women will be jealous.

E)Perhaps if you wore a jacket, your hips wouldn't look so big.


79-Your elderly neighbour has to go into hospital for a minor operation. She's worrying about it, and feeling afraid. You try to comfort her by emphasising how simple this operation is, so you say:

A)You should be grateful - some people wait years for this treatment.

B)The doctors do this operation every day - you'll be just fine.

C)Don't worry. That hospital is noted for its efficient doctors in such major operations.

D)Don't make such a fuss about it. Many people are worse off.

E)Look at it this way - you're 77 and you've had a good life already.


80-One of your friends hasn't got much money. For your birthday, she makes you a bag herself. You're really thrilled that she's gone to so much trouble for you. You appreciate this, saying:

A)It's fabulous and so unusual. Where did you find it (bilgi yelpazesi.net)?

B)It's clever of you to save money by mailing things yourself.

C)Thanks a lot. It looks really home-made, doesn't it?

D)I love it, and it means a Jot to me because you made it.               .

E)I don't need a present. You shouldn't have wasted your time.


81-You're at work and you're absolutely starving. One of your colleagues starts to unpack her lunch. You'd love something to eat, but you don't want to ask her directly, so you hint, saying:

A)You shouldn't eat in the office, you know.

B)Are those sandwiches home-made or shop-bought?

C)Could I have one of your sandwiches, please?

D)That's not a terribly healthy-looking lunch.

E)Oh dear, those sandwiches smell delicious.


Cevap Anahtarı:


61.D 62.E       63.C       64.B       65.D       66.A        67.B       68.C

75.A 76.A        77.C       78.C       79.B       80.D











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