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Find the closest in meaning


82-You don't happen to know Charles Simons, do you?

A)Do you know what happened to Charles Simons?

B)You haven't done anything to Charles Simons, have you?

C)Have you heard what Charles Simons did last?

D)Are you acquainted with Charles Simons by any chance?

E)Nothing bad ever happens to Charles Simons, does it?


83-Only those who arrive on time will be allowed to enter the conference hall.

A)It's imperative to be punctual, or we won't be able to attend the conference.

B)People who turn up late for the conference won't be let in.

C)Those who want to attend the conference should be ready in front of the hall to be let in punctually.

D)It's a good thing that they won't let the late-comers into the conference hall, or it would be distracting.

E)If those interested in the conference are punctual, the program will start on time.


84-Few people ever reach their full potential in the world of business.

A)In the business environment, most people are never able to display all of their capabilities.

B)Most businessmen never achieve worldwide fame, although they are very able persons.

C)Not many people in the business circles know exactly what they can do.

D)In the world of business, not many people actually do what they would like to.

E)There aren't many businessmen the world over who are really capable.


85-It is safe to say that there was no one who was not moved by the film's emotional ending.

A)I can definitely say that everyone moved out of the cinema as soon as the film was over.

B)Because of poor safety conditions at the cinema, everyone had to move before the film ended

C)There is no doubt that everyone was emotionally touched by the film’s ending.

D)No one in the audience had ever seen a better film, and they particularly liked its ending.

E)There was probably not a single person who found the film moving.


86-Ian couldn't ignore the pile of correspondence sitting on his desk any longer.

A)Ian wasn't able to answer all the long letter8 which he'd received.

B)It was not possible for Ian to write a lot of long letters at work.

C)In the end, Ian decided that it was impossible to reply to all the letters on his desk

D)Finally lan had to deal with the large amount of mail waiting on his desk.

E)Ian delayed writing a reply to the letter on his desk until the last possible moment.


87-I must admit this is the most spectacular view I've ever seen during my extensive travels.

A)So far on this Journey, we’ve seen a lot of beautiful places, but this one is by far the most attractive.

B)I can't help but remark that the reason why I travel so extensively is not to miss, such marvellous places as this one.

C)I don't think we'll ever encounter a more beautiful view in our lives than this, since it is so breath-taking.

D)I'm really excited about the prospect that we may encounter many more such spectacular view's on our travels.

E)I've travelled quite a lot in my life, and admittedly, have never seen such a breath-taking view as this.


Find the sentence that does not suit



(I) Currently the world produces sufficient food to feed itself surprisingly well. (II) In the 19605, the worst of the food crisis was in India and Pakistan. (III) The problem is in getting it distributed fairly. (IV) Developing nations are poor and lack purchasing power. (V) Furthermore (bilgi yelpazesi.net), even if they were able to import the food they need, because of the huge gaps between people's incomes, they wouldn't be able to distribute it fairly.

A)I     B)II          C)III        D)IV  E)V


89-(I) The Crimean war was fought between France and Britain on the one side, and Imperial Russia on the other. (II) The former two nations were opposed to Russian expansion towards the Mediterranean Sea. (III) The war was fought on the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea. (IV) Apart from Russia, many other countries, including Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and the Ukraine bordered the Black Sea. (V) Hostilities started in 1854 and ended in 1856 with a victory for France and England.




(I)Many improvements in mapping coverage during the20th century have been made through international cooperation. (II) Mapmakers of long ago drew pictures on maps to show where things were located. (III) For example, to show a village they might have drawn houses, a castle, a church and other buildings on the map. (IV) Their maps were beautiful and easy to understand, but the drawings were often so large that the map became cluttered and inaccurate. (V) Today, symbols are used instead of drawings. A town is marked by a dot or circle rather than by pictures of buildings.




(I)As a writer. Emile Zola waged two great battles. (II) One was the long struggle for the acceptance of his powerful novels, and the other the courageous, defence of Captain Alfred Dreyfus in the political-military scandal that divided France. (III) Slowly the truth of these began to emerge, and it met the furious opposition of those who wanted the case kept closed. (IV) Zola won both fights. (V) The critics and the public both realised that his novels were serious studies of mankind, and Dreyfus was eventually exonerated.




(I) Wood has been the most commonly used material for furniture since antiquity. (II) There are ample reasons for this. (III) Perhaps most important is that wood can be easily shaped both by hand and by power tools. (IV) It is relatively light and durable, and many types are handsomely figured and grained. (V) Yet, steel and concrete are the predominant materials used to construct high buildings and long-span bridges.

A)l  B)II  C)III  D)IV  E)V



(I) Pain, stiffness and swelling in the joints are the main symptoms of arthritis. (II) The onset is usually gradual, and the symptoms are worse first thing in the morning. (III) These improve with exercise of the joint. (IV) Two main functions of the joints are that they give support, and they allow movement where it is needed. (V) The symptoms are generally worse in the hands, knees, hips and spine.



Find the completion


94- Nancy:  I don't understand what this painting is supposed to represent.

Thomas : ……………………….

Nancy : What? I can't see that at all.

Thomas : Well, that's what it says in the catalogue.

A)I also think It's an awful painting. The colours are too bright.

B)Well, apparently, it's a painting of a mother and her child,

C)Can you imagine it in our living room hanging over the fireplace?

D)Well, it is one of those modern paintings without a specific figure.

E)I painted it myself in my free time, and didn't actually intend to make it look like something.


95- Sam: …………………………..

Jim:, I'd rather you didn't. It was very expensive.

Sam: I promise I'll take good care of it.

A)I have to attend a very elegant business meal tonight.

B)Would you mind If I borrowed your Armani suit?

C)I'd like to buy a new sports car just like yours. Do you recommend it?

D)Can you lend me your camera this weekend?

E)Can I use your sunglasses when I go to the beach?


96- Henry: Goodnight, Mum and Dad. I'm off to bed.

Father:  ………………

Henry:             But Dad, I did it last night.

Father:            Maybe so, but they're full again tonight.

A)Don't forget to brush your teeth and wash your face.

B)What time do you want me to wake you up tomorrow?

C)Not until you've taken the rubbish bins outside.

D)Remember, we're having dinner with Granny tomorrow. Do your homework in the afternoon.

E)Good luck In your exams tomorrow morning at school.


97- Bruce: Can you tell me how much these watches cost?

Salesman: That one's £50 and the other Is. £125.

Bruce: ………………………..

Salesman: Well, it's a designer watch and has a lifetime guarantee.

A)Why is this one so much more expensive?

B)Can you tell me why they are so costly?

C)Why is there such a big difference in price?

D)Oh! Thanks, goodbye. I'll think about it (bilgi yelpazesi.net).

E)I see. So that would be a total of £175.


98- Sophie: Can I have a look at the book you're reading?

Tessa:        ………………..

Sophie:           Don't worry, I’ll keep my finger in it.

A)It's in German. Can you read that?

B)No, I'm reading it at the moment.

C)I'll give It to you when I've finished.

D)Okay. but please don't damage It.

E)Sure, but please don't lose my place:


99~Wayne: …………………..

Julia:               Well. what's your opinion? Wayne: I don't know. I don't understand international finance.

A)People are saying the dollar Is going to fall next week.

B)We want to send our son to the USA for his university education.

C)Both Turkey's and Italy's currencies are called the lira.

D)I doubt that many people can afford these new cars.

E)Switzerland's always been politically and economically stable.


100-5hiriey: So what was the outcome of the meeting?

Julian:             …………………..

Shirley:           Oh, what a pity, but you'll just have to wait a little longer to hear the assessment of your project, I suppose.

A)It was a complete disaster. We lost the contract.

B)It was postponed. The chairman couldn't attend it.

C)The board voted to cancel our project, I'm afraid.

D)Shirley, my dear. I think we're going to be rich.

E)Oh, it was boring and I couldn't wait to get home.



Cevap Anahtarı:


82.D 83.B       84.A        85.C       86.D       87.E       88.B       89.D       90.A

91.C 92.E       93.D

94.B   95.B     96.C       97.A        98.E       99.A        100.B










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