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1-I wish someone would ………..me as to the causes of the latest crises.

A) erase                         B) irrigate

C) enlighten   D) extinguish       E) obtain


2-"National Geographic" is his favourite magazine, and he has been………..to it for years in order to ensure that he doesn't miss any issue.

A) subscribing              B) acquiring

C) processing               D) publishing       E) purchasing


3-"Jack the Ripper" was one of the most famous murderers of all time, and his………..were all young women in East London.

A) conquerors               B) survivors

C) remainders              D) residents         E) victims


4-Though many people had taken part in the planning, the responsibility…………..lay with the president.

A) ambitiously               B) ultimately

C) nearly         D) sufficiently       E) formerly


5-Birds have no reasoning powers, but they are able to find their way over long distances………. .

A) instinctively               B) resistibly

C) honourably               D) formally            E) doubtfully


6- She is such a/an…………person that she never bothers to phone to tell someone she is going to visit.

A) unconscious            B) valueless

C) disobedient              D) inconsiderate E) illiterate


7-Although everyone is happy that there will be an election, no one can tell………it will bring a better government.

A) for                               B) while

C) during        D) as      E) whether


8-Her father was furious at her performance at school, and didn't allow her to go out with her friends…….her schoolwork improved.

A) in case       B) provided

C) until                            D) because          E) since


9-Adventures are always fun to talk about afterwards, ……….unpleasant they may have been at the time.

A)in spite of    B) whereas

C) however    D) instead of        E) besides


10-Although we arrived……….the city at around 8 a.m., we didn't arrive……….the hotel until 10, because we got stuck in the rush hour traffic.

A) to/for                           B) in/at

C) over/to        D) by/on                E) from/in


11-Everyone on board the ship congratulated the captain…………his success………getting the ship out of the storm safe and sound.

A) for/with       B) to/from

C) over/on      D) on/in                 E) in/for


12- Not another rainy day! This weather is really………me……….. .

A) waking/up B) seeing/off

C) getting/down            D) setting/out       E) putting/on


13- The basic principle of weaving has not changed since the late Stone Age, ………..humans first wove rushes and grasses into baskets and mats.

A) whose                        B) when

C) how                            D) where                              E) which


14-I can't believe that you ate……….. chicken just on your own!

A)a whole       B) every

C) plenty                         D) most                 E) either


15-It is difficult to decide which language school to attend, because……..have a good reputation, and…….is cheaper than the other.

A) all/either     B) most/some

C) none/all     .D) both/neither   E) neither/one


16-When I gave…………the results of……….test, some students looked very disappointed.

A)they/theirs   B) myself/them

C) him/mine D) me/themselves             E) them/their


17-My parents were not very keen on going out for dinner after we had received some unpleasant news, ……. .

A) but I wasn't                               B) and I was too

C) and neither was I      D) but I had        E) and so had I


18-Of the many treasures excavated in Egypt, the limestone head of Queen Nofretete is one of ………. .

A) a finer         B) fine enough

C) too fine      D) the finest         E) as line as


19- British author Graham Greene wrote………..extensively……….once he forgot about a novel he wrote in 1944. Rediscovered in 1984, 'The Tenth Man' was published a year later.

A) so/that        B) as/as

C) more/than                 D) such/that         E) too/than


20-Luckily, the small yacht………..the harbour just as the storm………. .

A) was reaching/would hit

B) had reached/is hitting

C) reached/hit (bilgi yelpazesi.net)

D) has reached/was hitting h

E) would reach/had hit


21-Though they………..much of it yet, the roof…………by the end of next week.

A) don’t finish/will complete

B) haven't finished/should be completed

C) aren't finishing/will have completed

D) can't have finished/is completed

E) won't finish/is going to complete


22-It's too late now; if you………..to go, you…….last week.

A)will want/would be registering

B)wanted/should have registered

C)had wanted/will be registering

D)will have wanted/must have registered

E)have wanted/had registered


23-I wish l………..to the book fair which……….next week.

A)have gone/was being held

B)went/is holding

C)were going/is being held

D)am going/will be held

E)could go/had been held


24-George and his brother………very close, but they……….each other now for years.

A)must be/needn't see

B)have been/hadn't seen

C)might be/don't see

D)could have been/didn't see

E)used to be/haven't seen


25-The relations between the two countries……….even more since the latest economic crisis…….. .

A)are deteriorating/is beginning

B)will have deteriorated/has begun


D)were deteriorating/had begun

E)have deteriorated/began

Find the best completion


26-Carlos hadn't even heard of baseball until he moved to the States at 15, …….. .

A)as he lived only a few miles from a professional stadium

B)and there he finally got to see the players he'd read about

C)although he grew up playing the game with his friends

D)but within a year, he was among the best players of his school

E)yet he had seen hundreds of games on his uncle's television


27-Considering that you have never had any formal training as a computer programmer, ……….. .

A)you show a remarkable amount of ability

B)so that you can do the job as well as anyone else in the office

C)which is the way everyone always did it until recently

D)you will have finished the course by early next year

E)you can probably recommend a suitable software for my aim


28-If more people had bought his first novel, ………. .

A)it hadn't been properly publicised, according to some critics

B)he gave up writing as a career and found a steady job

C)the competition from more established novelists was too keen for him

D)he might have been encouraged to continue writing

E)he keeps trying anyway in spite of his economic hardship


29-Rotterdam has few old buildings, ………… .

A)including the brand new bridge over the new harbour

B)because the city was nearly destroyed in World War II

C)as the city will be rebuilt in the next couple of years

D)unlike Brasilia, which was almost totally rebuilt in the 1970s

E)since Amsterdam was established in the Middle Ages


30-………..since he died before he could write the final chapter.

A) He always preferred the quiet of the shed in his garden

B)It was the best thing he had ever written

C)We will never know how the story ends (bilgi yelpazesi.net)

D)The book could have sold out as soon as it was published

E)There was nothing particularly inspiring about the technique


Cevap Anahtarı:


1.C   2.A          3.E          4.B          5.A          6.D         7.E          8.C         9.C         10.B

11.D 12.C       13.B       14.A        15.D

16.E 17.C       18.D       19.A        20.C

21.B 22.B       23.C       24.E       25.E       26.D       27.A        28.D       29.B       30.C










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