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31-Because of the poor sanitation during the Middle Ages, ………… .

A)skin diseases have since become much less common

B)boiling all drinking water is one precaution against the disease

C)some people tried to be clean, but most were very dirty

D)typhoid epidemics are common in developing countries

E)many people died from infectious diseases, such as cholera


32-In view of the fact that he had just recovered from tuberculosis, ……… .

A)he had been left very weak by the disease

B)it hasn't been a very severe attack anyway

C)and also he was not naturally very strong

D)he performed surprisingly well in the race

B)he appears to be extremely cheerful


33-Whatever the final result, ......…… .

A)we can be proud that we have done our best

B)it is a shame that we lost after playing so well

C)there is a good chance that we might win

D)both sides play so well that it is difficult to predict

E)we'll either win the match or lose it by a small margin


34-…………, he had been unemployed for many months.

A)Before he found a job as an engineer

B)As he has finally managed to get a job interview

C)Although the company he worked for went bankrupt

D)As soon as he'd heard about the result of the interview

E)During the entire time he worked as an accountant


Read the following passages and mark the best


One of the smallest of all mammals is the shrew, a mouse like creature with a head and body length of only 3.8 centimetres. All shrews are small, with dense, velvety fur, long tails, and tiny eyes and ears. Shrews have been called bloodthirsty, though the label is not entirely accurate because they must eat almost constantly to stay alive. The animal is believed to have a very high metabolic rate and cannot live more than a few hours without food. In the absence of normal prey, it will (bilgi yelpazesi.net) turn to cannibalism to survive. The shrew, or some closely related animal, can be found on every continent except Australia. Since this tiny animal has a reputation for having a very bad temper, the adjective "shrewish" is sometimes used to describe a certain type of women.

35-The passage tells us that the shrew……… .

A)has a very short life span

B)is similar to a mouse in appearance

C)lives in dense forests

D)makes an exceptionally good pet

E)is in the habit of eating every two hours


36-The passage states that shrews……….. .

A)are found in huge numbers in Australia

B)are the smallest living mammals

C)eat each other when they can't find any food

D)feed on the blood of other mammals

E)eat rarely but in large amounts at a time


37-From what is stated in the passage, we can infer that a shrewish woman is someone who………… .

A)has tiny eyes and ears

B)is very fond of velvet and fur

C)keeps shrews as pets

D)easily gets annoyed

E)is noticeably smaller than the average


Over the past 30 years, children's consumption in Britain has increased dramatically. In the average family of two parents and two children, spending on toys and children's clothing has more than tripled, and spending on sweets, ice-cream and soft drinks has risen by one-third. Research has recently found that spending is around £3,000 per child per year. The growth in spending reflects higher living standards, but it has been boosted by the efforts of the advertising industry. Campaigns directed straight at children account for much advertising expenditure. Most children in Britain over eight now have a television in the bedroom; on average, they watch 900 hours of TV a year, which is more than the 750 hours the average child is actually being taught in school. Thus a child could see at least 10,000 commercials a year.

38-The average family 30 years ago………. .

A)bought more children's clothes and books and less ice-cream and candy

B)watched more TV commercials than today

C)had a higher living standard than today

D)didn't have a television set

E)spent far less on children's products


39-One reason that children's consumption in Britain has risen is that……….. .

A)parents tend to have fewer kids now

B)more kids are involved in advertising campaigns

C)researchers advise parents to spend £3000 per year

D)the living standard has risen in the country over the years

E)children have much more money themselves nowadays


40-The author concludes the fact that most children over 8 now have their own television set means…….. .

A)children prefer watching television to going to school

B)children are not as healthy as they were

C)more, children are missing school in order to watch television

D)an increasing amount of commercials are being watched by children

E)children spend a lot of time away from their parents


A movement called Jubilee 2000 is campaigning for Third World debt cancellation as a fitting way to mark the millennium. Launched two years ago, the group is now working in 42 countries, and is now supported by a large number of celebrities. Leaders of the group are harsh critics of the big creditors' role in the developing world. In Tanzania, for example, one child in six dies before the age of five due to the lack of proper health care, but the government spends four times more on paying the interest on its debts than on primary health care. Money needed for health and education programs goes instead to rich international creditors, whose billions have often supported corrupt elites.

41-According to the passage, the purpose of Jubilee 2000 is……… .

A)to hold a charity concert involving a lot of celebrities

B)to allow poor nations to escape paying back large loans

C)to criticise big creditors in the developing world

D)to have a big party on New Year's Eve at the millennium

E)to raise as much money as possible to help poor nations


42-The leaders of Jubilee 2000 argue that………… .

A)42 countries need to have their debts cancelled

B)creditors should lend poor nations more money for primary health care

C)celebrities of the developing countries are not responsible enough

D)celebrities are important in making the world a better place to live

E)paying interest on huge debts is one reason many children die in developing countries


43-The passage implies that ordinary people in the developing world……… .

A)cannot afford to celebrate the millennium

B)should be helped by the big creditors in their countries

C)would benefit from large debts being cancelled

D)are often the ones who haven't received any education

E)are ignorant of basic principles of health care


Palmistry is the practice of 'reading hands', of gaining knowledge about personality, past individual history, and likely future events by examining the shape and size of the fingers and, most important, the lines and bumps on the palms themselves. There is some evidence that palmistry may have begun in the Stone Age. Hand outlines can be seen in black and red pigments on the walls of the ancient caves of Almira in Spain and in other European caves. Palmistry as it exists today probably had its origins in ancient India long before recorded history and found its way into western Europe through nomadic bands of Gypsies, who made contact with Europe in the 15th century.

44-Of the following, the one not mentioned in the passage as part of palmistry is………. .

A)foretelling the future

B)changing the events of the future

C) exploring people's pasts

D)learning about things that may happen

E)learning about character


45-It is stated in the passage that the most essential thing for a palm reader to do is……….. .

A)to examine people's past histories

B)to inspect the fingers carefully

C)to practise by 'reading' many palms

D) to look closely at the surface of the palm

E)to learn about different personality types


46-The passage explains that it is most likely that palmistry as we know it began……….. .

A)in various parts of Europe

B)in India in ancient times

C)in caves in Spain

D)in the 15th century

E)in the Stone Age


Aphids are tiny green insects that are a chronic pest for farmers. Spiders and ground beetles living along field margins can keep their numbers under control. But as fields have become larger, the spiders and beetles take longer to get to the middle of them, so farmers began using pesticides for a problem that was once controlled naturally. An insect ecologist came up with a new solution called "beetle banks". These are one metre-wide strips of grass planted at 100-metre intervals across the fields. After two years, there will be enough beetles and spiders in one beetle bank to eat 52 million aphids a week, and the farmer will get rid of aphids without using a single drop of pesticide.

47-We can infer from the passage that………. .

A)all insects are pests for farmers

B)spiders and beetles are beneficial for farmers

C)farmers want to keep the number of spiders and beetles under control

D)farmers are legally not allowed to use pesticide'

E)aphids are only dangerous if they amount to large numbers


48-The passage states that……….. .

A)beetle banks are a natural method of pest control

B)beetles can eat 52 million aphids every two years

C)farmers have to keep checking the numbers of aphids in their fields

D)one of the jobs of insect ecologists is to develop pesticides

E)the main purpose of pesticides is to kill beetles and spiders


49-Though he does not state it directly, the author seems to believe that....……… .

A)natural methods are inadequate to control aphids

B)pesticides are usually the best way of controlling pests

C)beetle banks are one-metre wide strips of grass

D)spiders and beetles should stay in field margins so they won't bother the farmers

E)'natural methods are better than pesticides for controlling pests


The ancient Greeks built open-air theatres, usually on a hillside, with semi-circular rows of seats overlooking a circular space called the orchestra. The restored theatre at Epidaurus, dating from about 350 B.C., is a good example of a Classical Greek theatre. The Romans altered this plan by introducing a raised platform for the performers. The first theatre in London was (bilgi yelpazesi.net) erected in Shoreditch by Richard Burbage, a colleague of Shakespeare; a little later, in about 1590, he built the more famous Globe theatre across the River Thames at Southwark. However, the first theatre in the modern sense was built at Parma, Italy in 1618, with the familiar plan of an auditorium with a raised stage and a curtain.


50-It is clear from the passage that ancient Greek theatres………. .

A)had no ceilings at all

B)were restored in 350 B.C.

C)had elevated stages

D)were built in valleys

E)had circular seating


51-We learn from the passage that the Globe theatre was……….. .

A)built by Shakespeare himself with the help of Richard Burbage

B)built in Shoreditch, a London district on the River Thames

C)on the other side of the Thames from London's first theatre

D)the first theatre ever built in London

E) next to London's first ever theatre


52-It is implied in the passage that all modern theatres ……… .

A)have semi-circular rows of seats

B)have a familiar plan

C)closely resemble the Classical Greek theatre

D)are built on flat ground

E)employ a large orchestra

Find the statement for the blank


53-Once upon a time in Britain, food was something you simply ate. Industrialised early, Britain became a country of cities and factories well before the continent, and Britons got used to eating from tins. In the 40s and 50s, 15 years of war rations solidified the tradition. Food was eaten, but it was not talked about. ……….. . Food has become a national obsession.

A)It will probably always be that way

B)We know from novels that the British ate more interesting things before the industrial age

C)Nevertheless, English cheeses are not as bad

D)Most people feel that the less said about English food, the better

E)However, now the British seem to talk about nothing else.


54-Niagara Falls, on the Canada-USA border, must be one of the most photographed spots in the world. ……… .      The Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of the border is much the larger of the two. As the name indicates, it is a large semicircle. The American Falls, slightly higher than the Horseshoe Falls, is almost in a straight line. Nineteen times as much water flows over the Canadian falls as over the American ones.

A)People have gone over Niagara Falls in a barrel as a stunt

B)One reason is that it is a favourite honeymoon spot

C)It is actually two separate waterfalls

D)The border between the US and Canada is said to be the longest unguarded border in the world

E)Some scientists are worried about the effects of erosion on the falls


55-A mineral can be regarded as a solid material with a fixed chemical composition and having elements that are similar throughout. This is how minerals differ from rocks. ……….. . Granite, for example, is made up mostly of three minerals - quartz, feldspar and mica. These three minerals, however, are not always present in the same quantities.

A)Minerals always have the same composition and structure, while rocks are usually made up of a mixture of minerals

B)It is particularly interesting to note that about half the Earth's crust is made up of oxygen

C)Except for agricultural products, most of our raw materials come from minerals found in rocks

D)One of the first things you might notice about a mineral is its colour, though this can be misleading

E)Analysing such bodies as meteorites, we find that the Earth is probably largely made up of iron, oxygen, silicon and magnesium in that order


56-Branches of the same family, the Czechs and the Slovaks speak similar tongues. Slovaks endured Hungarian rule for most of their history; Czechs enjoyed power and influence before bending to Habsburg control. …….. .     In the "velvet Revolution" of 1989, they rejoiced in the same victory over 41 years of Communist rule. Yet barely two years later, they had sued for a "velvet divorce", splitting the country into the Czech and Slovak Republics.

A)Hitler invaded part of Czechoslovakia in World War II

B)At one time, a part of the present-day Ukraine was included in Czechoslovakia

C)The most famous Czech literary figure is 'The Good Soldier Schveik"

D)After World War I, a free nation composed of the two of them, Czechoslovakia, was created

E)Religion is said to be more important for the Slovaks than for the Czechs


57-ln the year 1906,  San Francisco was wrecked by an earthquake. The earthquake was the result of movement along the San Andreas Fault, which runs for almost 1300 kilometres along the west coast of America. It seems as if the whole floor of the Pacific Ocean was shifted northwards by a distance of about 6 metres. ………. . A great deal of the damage was, however, not caused directly by the earthquake itself, but by the flees that raged as gas mains were severed.

A)Tokyo is another city which often suffers from earthquakes

B)It is very likely that the San Andreas Fault may move again

C)Architectural advances have meant that there are more and more earthquake-proof buildings

D)This apparently small lateral movement of rock was enough to kill 700 people and to cause a huge amount of damage

E)Earthquakes are shockwaves that spread out in all directions from the source when rocks are suddenly  and violently disturbed


58-Pyramids have been built in many parts of the world, but the most famous are in Egypt. …….. . Known as the Step Pyramid because of its unusual stepped shape, it was the world's first large all-stone structure. The largest of the Egyptian (bilgi yelpazesi.net) pyramids is the Great Pyramid of the pharaoh Cheops at Gisa, which is made of over 2 million stone blocks, each weighing from two to fifteen tons. It took approximately 23 years to build this massive structure.

A)Before this, the dead were buried in smaller stone structures called mastabas

B)The first was built more than four thousand years ago as his tomb by a pharaoh named Zoser

C)Every year thousands of tourists visit the pyramids of Giza

D)Some people believe that pyramids have magical properties

E)The civilisation of ancient Egypt was one of the most stable in world history

Find the English Translation


59-Mahkum, yasa dışı  yollarla yurt dışına antika parçalar çıkardığını şiddetle inkar etti ama bütün deliller onun aleyhineydi .

A)In spite of strong denials from the convict, the evidence proved that the antiquities had been taken abroad illegally by him.

B)Despite the overwhelming evidence, the criminal still firmly denied that he had taken the stolen antiquities abroad illegally.

C)The convict strongly denied that he'd taken antiquities abroad illegally, but all the evidence was against him.

D)Although it was clear from the evidence that he had taken the stolen antiquities abroad illegally the convict refused to admit this.

E)There was strong evidence that he had exported the antiquities illegally, which the convict firmly denied.


Cevap Anahtarı:


31.E 32.D       33.B       34.A        35.B       38.C       37.D       38.E       39.D       40.D

41.B 42.E       43.C       44.B       45.D

46.B 47.B       48.A        49.E       50A

51.C 52.B       53.E       54.C       55.A        56.D       57.D       58.B       59.C










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