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Find The Sentence For The Blank) That Covers The Meaning


127-As anyone who follows rugby football knows, the game in South Africa is hard fought and tough. During the apartheid era, it was the whites-only Springboks, the national team, probably more than any other South African institution, which came to symbolise a divided society. ………. . After the Springboks defeated New Zealand in the World Cup final in 1995, South Africa's blacks cheered instead of jeered, and a jubilant Nelson Mandela even wore one of the green and gold Springbok jerseys, once so symbolic of white supremacy.

A)Now a game enjoyed equally by blacks and whites, rugby has helped with the country's reconciliation

B)For much of the apartheid era, South Africa was under an international sports boycott

C)Cricket is another sport that few blacks in South Africa have played at international level

D)Today some of the worst officials of the apartheid era are having to answer for their crimes

E)Considering the small population of the islands, Samoa produces a remarkable number of good rugby players


128-……………. . The pessimists complain that the computer revolution has gone about as far as it can go. They argue that the size of the atom - and the electrons that surround it - puts a limit on how many transistors can be squeezed onto the surface of a silicone chip. The optimists believe that chips will keep getting smaller and faster at a predictable rate, traditionally a doubling of capacity every 18 months. Because the optimists have been right, the computer industry has been extremely successful.

A)There are optimists and pessimists in all walks of life

B)Computer engineers speak a language that no one else can understand

C)Originally there were many different kinds of computer operating systems, but now two types dominate the industry

D)Computer scientists tend to fall into two camps: the optimists and the pessimists

E)No one, not even the optimists, predicted the computer revolution of the late 20th century


129-Speaking in public may be more than just terrifying. The stress may be deadly. A new US study has found that people whose hearts show ominous signs of poor circulation during such mental challenges face triple the usual risk of death in the years to come. Often people with bad hearts suffer chest pain during physical exertion. The reason for this is obvious. …………….. . Over the past decade, however, it has become clear that mental exertion can also overwork the heart, although often without pain.

A)People with high risk factors should have regular checkups

B)Smoking is another risk factor for heart (bilgi yelpazesi.net) patients

C)This creates a problem since it is important that heart patients get an appropriate amount of exercise

D)Their clogged arteries cannot supply enough blood to their heart muscle

E)Everyone who has ever had to give a speech has probably suffered from a certain amount of nervousness


130-Globally, tuberculosis is among the biggest killers of young people and adults. In India, half a million people die from the disease each year. ………….. , when India adopted a strategy known as DOTS, or "directly observed treatment strategy" to combat the disease. DOTS involves an intensive system of monitoring and supervision which tracks the diagnosis, progress and outcome of every patient treated.

A)One reason is that homes often have no chimneys as a way to conserve heat

B)However, the death rate has come down dramatically since the 1 980s

C)In Japan, tuberculosis has always been considered an extremely romantic way to die

D)A chest X-ray can reveal spots, or dots on the lungs, which are an early symptom of tuberculosis

E)A new strategy can bring down the death rate quite dramatically


131-In Britain, about two million people, most of whom are drivers, are so seriously illiterate that they cannot read a road sign. Twenty percent of all Britons are unable to read something so basic as the Yellow pages. …………… . Yet the problem is significant among young people too. One in five 19-year-olds have such difficulty in reading and writing that all but unskilled work is closed to them. In all of Europe, only Poland and Ireland have lower literacy rates.

A)People over 55 are the most seriously affected with illiteracy

B)This is a problem among young people as well as older people

C)In some schools, metal detectors are used to make sure students do not have guns

D)In spite of the difficulty of its language, Japan has one of the highest literacy rates in the world

E)This means they will have trouble phoning the places they need to phone


132-Thailand is an immensely fertile land and the society has traditionally drawn strength from agriculture. For the visitor, the fascination with this agricultural society lies in the enormous variety of fruits, vegetables, spices and flowers that are cultivated. …………. . Indeed, it has been recognised in the last few years that Thai food ranks as one of the world's great culinary arts.

A)Orchids are particularly beautiful in Thailand

B)Excellent fruit is cheap and abundant at all times of the year

C)Historically, the north-eastern part of Thailand has been known for livestock production

D)It is the availability of such a variety of fresh produce that makes Thai cuisine so rich and varied

E)For more than a century, rice has been the leading export, followed at a distance by rubber


133-…………. . Wet, well-washed hands can transmit as many as 60,000 bacteria, while dry, well-washed hands transmit just 200. Moisture is a perfect vehicle for microorganisms, and as it's impossible to get hands perfectly clean by washing anyway, it's better to prevent the spread of germs by drying hands properly.

A)Many people have had flu this winter and doctors are advising us to take preventative measures

B)In most modern cultures, people prefer to bath or shower at least once a day to keep clean

C)Drying your hands thoroughly is more important for hygiene than careful washing

D)If you wash using a good soap, you should be able to get your hands completely clean

E)From a young age, children should be taught to wash their hands before they eat anything


134-…………… . Had it not been for the friendly Indians, the colonists would never have survived the terrible winters. From them, they learnt to build canoes for water transportation, and to make snowshoes and toboggans for winter travelling. It was also from the Native Americans that they learnt of the typical foods such as maize, squash, beans, and pumpkins.

A)The British first arrived in India in the late 16th century

B)The Spanish conquerors were interested in only one thing: gold

C)Though the winters in the northern parts of North America can be harsh, they are no worse than those in parts of northern Europe

D)When the Europeans in America began to move west, they drove the native Americans before them, taking their land as they went

E)When the English settlers first arrived in North America, the hardships they experienced were totally unexpected


135-The plant cyclamen is known as "shepherd's soap."………… . They would take the bulbs of the plant, cut them into pieces and rub their clothes with them. The stuff in the plants worked in the same way that today’s detergents do.

A)Despite the abundance of the flowers, it is worth taking a close look at one of the cyclamen

B)The cyclamen also contains a poisonous material which was known and used by the Romans

C)Cyclamen leaves were often used in the past, before the plant became a protected species

D)The cyclamen bulb contains a foaming material which villagers used to wash their clothes

E)The legend says after the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, the cyclamen bowed their heads in mourning


136-Alan still held the frying pan in his hand. The whites of his eyes glinted in the light of the oil lamp. ………., but at that moment his son, Peter, came into the room, and Alan lowered the pan and rearranged his face into a less manic pattern. His wife, Esther, took the frightened look off her face, straightened up, and smiled at her son maternally.

A)Peter was six foot two, some six inches taller than his father and had short blond hair

B)It seemed for a moment that he was going to throw the omelette full into his wife's face

C)The washing up seemed to continue without end, and the pan Just wouldn't come clean

D)He was trying to decide exactly what he should cook for dinner and how to prepare it

E)The school uniform he was obliged to wear did not succeed in making him look like a child


137-………. .The former, an instrumental style used for early forms of modern social dancing, flourished from the early 1890s to 1910. The blues was a vocal style of music developed in the late 1800s. This usually consisted of a sad song, sung by a single voice in slow time. In the early 19005 blues singers were accompanied by ragtime bands. This combination of styles became jazz.

A)America has produced many interesting types of music

B)The saxophone and the trumpet play an important role in music

C)New Orleans in the US was the birthplace of blues music

D)Folk music in America has had an interesting history

E)The immediate sources of Jazz are ragtime and blues


138-………….. . It costs nearly a million dollars, and is more expensive to run than Concorde. There are just 10 of them in Britain and fewer than a hundred in the world. It is the only car for use on public roads to be designed with a limitless budget. With its six-litre V-12 engine it reaches 96 kilometres per hour in just 3 seconds and has an astonishing speed of 384 kph.

A)The world's most (bilgi yelpazesi.net) expensive car is the McLaren Fl

B)A private helicopter, while more convenient, is more expensive than a private plane

C)Though it is expensive a private plane is a reasonable option for rich and busy businessmen

D)The hydrofoil is one of the latest Innovations in public transport

E)This is one of the few original works by Leonardo da Vinci still in existence


139-"The Lost World" Is the title of an adventure story written by the late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of

Sherlock Holmes. ……… . There they found and battled with the dinosaur- the Stegosaurus, the Brontosaurus and various other creatures that had mysteriously survived in this primitive land.

A)He wrote the book after he travelled to a number of Pacific Islands, including the Galapagos Islands

B)There is a part of Venezuela now known as The Lost World which is full of strange animals

C)It tells of a group of people who explored a wilderness in which man had never before set foot

D)'The Lost World," however, failed to sell well so Doyle returned to writing detective fiction

E)Sherlock Holmes is a marvellous amateur detective who always unravels the most baffling mysteries


140-When the pre-Raphaelites became part of the British art scene in the mid-19th century, they became the most talked-about movement in contemporary culture. The popularity of the style of such leading male artists as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edward Burne-Jones and others is greater now than ever . …………. . It is now time for a reassessment of these forgotten artists.

A)Christina Rossetti. a notable poet of the time was the model for many paintings by her brother Dante and his artist friends

B)Some of their images are truly unforgettable

C)Their works are reproduced on calendars posters and even on plates and saucers

D)But despite the crucial role that women artists played in the movement, their achievement has largely been ignored

E)After the Impressionists they are probably the best-remembered artists of the 19th century




127A              128D      129D      130B      131A      132D      133C      134E      135D      136B      137E      138A      139C      140D










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