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Find The Sentence For The Blank) That Covers The Meaning


141-In many parts of Asia folk jewellery the most dazzling expression of material culture, has disappeared in the wake of modernisation. In Nepal, however, where the Himalayas have formed a barrier to outsiders for centuries, native jewellery traditions remain strong. ……….. . Lavish pieces, are worn to celebrate marriage or promote fertility, while amulets are worn to fight off negative influences.

A)A rich artistic and cultural tradition has developed that often includes both Hindu and Buddhist themes

B)There, Jewellery is usually worn for decoration. or as a religious expression

C)This is an important attraction for tourists

D)In Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Hindus and Buddhists often worship at the same temples

E)In neighbouring Tibet, Jewellery is often made of coral, since centuries ago Tibet was actually at the bottom of the sea


142-……….. . At first, actors had to manage with crude, makeshift stages in ruins or barns, but it soon turned out that their efforts were well worth the hardships. It seemed as if the whole nation was turning to the theatre for advice and comfort in the midst of the catastrophe that had come down on them.

A)The Allied conquest of Germany resulted in the destruction of most public buildings

B)German authors returned from exile with poems and novels ready in their bags

C)By 1953 no fewer than 168 new theatres had been opened in western Germany

D)The public had developed a strong craving for whatever the outside world could offer

E)Almost immediately after the defeat in 1945 a rebirth of German theatre began


143-One of the dominating astronomical discoveries of the 20th century was the realisation that the galaxies of the universe all seem to be moving away from us. ……….. . In other words, the universe seems to be expanding. Hence, scientists conclude that the universe must once, very long ago, have been extremely compact and dense.

A)The explosion of matter giving birth to the universe is called the Big Bang

B)As a result of all this movement, the universe seems to be getting smaller

C)Scientists do not know if there is a limit to this pattern of movement

D)It turned out that they are not just moving away from us, but also from each other

E)As yet, scientists have not been able to understand what this motion means


144-King Arthur was the king of Britain in what is known as the Arthurian legend. ………….. . However, it is probable that, of the many persons who figure in the Arthurian legend, he is the only one who actually may have done so. If so, he was born in the late 400s, was king and led the Britons in war against the invading Anglo-Saxons

A)These are the stories of the knights of the Round Table

B)There is little evidence to say that (bilgi yelpazesi.net) he existed

C)Storytellers have been telling these stories for hundreds of years

D)This cycle of stories comes from Celtic mythology

E)He was married to Queen Guinevere and had a magic sword


145-At the top of the world lie not one pole, but two. ……….. . This pole is not fixed, but slowly wanders. Today it is on Prince William Island, an area rich in minerals, forests and animal life. The other, the geographic North Pole, on end of the axis on which the Earth spins , is in a wilderness of ice and snow, a dead region  which can barely support life.

A)One is the Magnetic North Pole, to which all compass needles point

B)Finally, in 1909, an American, Robert Peary, readied the Pole

C)The same is true of the Antarctic regions, where there are two south poles

D)The centre of this vast ice-covered Arctic Ocean is known as the Pole of inaccessibility

E)It is not land at all, but a thin crust of ice over the Arctic Ocean


146-In the past, among the English aristocracy, it was the custom to present boys with a sword and a set of pipes when they came of age. But the pipes were not new when the boy received them. ………… . Over the years they matured, losing the bitter taste of the wood and improving their ability to absorb the nicotine. So by the time the boy was old enough to smoke, he was the proud possessor of a set of fine mature pipes.

A)On the other hand, the sword was always brand new and specially designed

B)The boys were not regarded as mature enough to deserve a new set of pipes

C)Boys who chose to smoke before coming of age had to smoke cigarettes

D)They were bought when the child was born and handed to a servant to smoke

E)This was in case the young man decided he didn't want to be a pipe smoker


147-Palmistry experts claim the hand is a 'road map' for life events. ………….. . If it goes straight up to the middle finger, success will be slow but sure. If it curves to run parallel with another line, expect a major change by your 30s. If it curves towards your index finger you are career-driven and if it curves towards your ring finger, you are extrovert

A)This is similar to other methods of telling the future, such as the reading of coffee grounds

B)Your life line, your head line and your heart line are some of the important lines in palmistry

C)To find your fate line, study your writing hand and find the line running from the base up

D)The length, depth and direction of the lines on your hand all provide information about you

E)Whether this is true or not is arguable, but studying the lines on your hand can be enjoyable


148-…………. . This instrument breaks down the light in a star into its component colours. Each colour represents one element that has become incandescent; that is, it has become so hot that it gives off light. Through the use of the spectroscope, it has been found that stars, including the Sun, have 66 of the 92 elements found on the Earth.

A)in this respect, stars differ from the moon and planets, which shine only by reflecting the Sun's light

B)Telescopes and sensitive photographic plates show that there are many millions of stars

C)The composition of the Sun, as well as that of other stars, is determined by means of a spectroscope

D)Because these elements have been heated to incandescence, stars are said to be self-luminous

E)In addition to the 92 naturally-occurring elements, twenty others have been produced in laboratories


149-………… . Instead, it ended in tragedy just 27 minutes after the chartered commuter plane took off from Montreal's Dorval Airport on June 18. By the time the plane came to a fiery halt after an emergency landing at Mirabel Airport, there appeared little the rescue workers could do. Although fire-fighters managed to put out the flames, all 11 people on board died.

A)It was to have been a routine flight from Montreal to Peterborough for a group of engineers

B)Nine minutes alter take-off, the pilot Jean Provencher, radioed air traffic with engine trouble

C)What is now clear is that the passengers and crew of Flight 420 faced a truly horrible ordeal

D)It was the worst aeroplane crash in Canada since 1989, when 24 people died in Dryden, Ontario

E)The pilot reported ten minutes later that the plane's left engine had suddenly burst into flame


150-Last year, when be was passing through a crisis, my Uncle Ben showed me a cartoon by Charles Addams. ……….. . I didn't feel like analysing the carton. He insisted. He talked about it with such enthusiastic interest that I felt like having the thing framed for his birthday. Hang it on the wall and be done with it. I thought.

A)I was looking forward to visiting him again sometime

B)Uncle had been having a lot of problems since his wife had died in an accident at work

C)My uncle was none other than Benjamin Crader, the world famous botanist

D)What he meant was that I had been born and had grown up in France, outside Paris

E)It was an ordinary cartoon, good for a smile, but Uncle wanted to discuss it in depth


151-Six times as many young people kill themselves in Canada's North-western territories than in the rest of the country. However, youth suicide was almost unknown until the 197Os. There is a reasonable explanation as to the causes of this increase. The majority of people who live in this sparsely populated province are of either Inuit Eskimo or Dene Indian descent.  ................... .  They are now living in permanent settlements, jobs are scarce and the sense of worthlessness which youngsters feel all too often leads to depression.

A)In Inuit society, the elderly might wander off to save their families from the burden of caring for them

B)Although this people of the north are widely called Eskimos, the name they use for themselves is Inuit

C)The premier's brother committed suicide in October 1979, after being sent to prison for theft

D)After four Inuit boys killed themselves within 3 months in 1988, volunteers set up a crisis line

E)The changes these traditionally nomadic people have had to face has caused huge social disruption


152-……….. . Indeed, in 1783, volcanic eruptions destroyed nearly 9000 lives - an overwhelming disaster. The largest volcano in the country, Hekla, in the south, has made the nearby countryside a desert, owing to the dust and boiling lava that it hurls out from time to time. Its last great eruption occurred in 1845.

A)Iceland's active volcanoes have always been a threat

B)Iceland's natural wonders include geysers and hot springs

C)Around the coast of Iceland, there are many islands

D)Most volcanoes have a conical shape and some form islands

E)A volcano is a mountain formed by the eruption of lava


153-The map of the London Underground, which can be seen on every train, on all stations, on the back of the London A-Z guide, on tea cloths on sale at the London Transport Museum, on posters, in diaries and in various other places, has been called a model of its kind, a work of art. ………… . They paid him £5.25 for it.

A)It represents the Underground as a geometric grid, and is not done accurately to scale

B)The tube lines do not, of course, lie at right angles to each other like Manhattan's streets

C)It was designed by Henry Beck and first used by London Transport on posters in 1933

D)It has been reproduced in millions and served as a model for metro maps all over the world

E)London's famous Victoria Station is named after Queen Victoria


154-……. . From there, waves of these Indo-European tribes began to wander southeast into Iran and India, southwest to the Balkans and western Europe and northwards to Scandinavia. Wherever they went, the Indo-Europeans assimilated with the local culture, although their language came to play an important role.

A)The ancient Indian Veda scriptures and Greek philosophy are written in related languages

B)By Indo-Europeans, we mean (bilgi yelpazesi.net) all the nations and cultures that use Indo-European languages

C)English and Hindi are both Indo-European languages, while neither Turkish nor Finnish are

D)About 49000 years ago, the Indo-Europeans lived in areas bordering the Black and Caspian Seas

E)The culture of the Indo-Europeans was influenced most of all by their belief in many gods




141B              142E      143D      144B      145A      146D      147C      148C      149A      150E      151E      152A      153C      154D










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