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Find The Sentence For The Blank) That Covers The Meaning


1- Though generally marked by brief attention periods, nearly all 5-8 year old boys love to fish. Considering the quiet patience successful fishing demands, this is a stunning phenomenon. ………… But, unfortunately, this restrained anticipation is not always rewarded with a catch.

A)Fishing is a popular sport because anyone can engage in it, regardless of age, sex or income

B)Not every boy, of course, will fit the pattern - some may quickly get bored with the activity

C)Perhaps it is the constant possibility of catching something which keeps them interested

D)The term still fishing refers to the technique of catching fish without moving from one spot

E)The fisherman must always be prepared to leap from his quiet waiting into action


2-……………. .  We know, for example, that at noon in New York, it will always be five in the afternoon in London. But this is actually a recent development, only 150 years ago, every town and hamlet set their own clocks: judging noon by the local apex of the sun's daily climb. It was the arrival of the railroad which made a coordinated system necessary, as a time difference of only a few minutes between cities might cause a collision.

A)It is not always easy to keep track of the time in this global economy

B)The world is divided into 24 time zones, and the width of each is about 15 degrees longitude

C)Without accurate time keeping, there could be no (bilgi yelpazesi.net) modern world

D)The railroad brought many more changes than just faster transportation

E)Today almost all of us are aware of the worldwide system of time zones


3-…………. . Because of this lack of foresight, there will be huge problems after the last day of the year 1999 if no solutions have been found by then. Many computers will be unable to interpret dates past that date. For example, the year 2000, shown as "00," will be read as 1900.

A)To save memory, computer programmers originally represented years by the last two digits

B)For all their apparent complexity, digital computers are basically simple machines

C)The cost of fixing the world’s computers in time for the millennium may approach $1 trillion

D)Programs, also called software, are detailed sequences of instructions directing the computer hardware to perform operations

E)Programmers are hard at work fixing the so-called "millennium bug" before it causes damage


4- ……… : "four bedrooms"; "lots of storage space"; "close to my work"; "low rent"; "a quiet neighbourhood"; "a big yard"; "a scenic view"; and so on. This is because to most people, housing quality obviously means more than simply shelter.

A)Many people prefer to have the front door open into an entrance hallway

B)Up to the 1930s, it was considered essential to have a separate dining room in a house

C)When people are asked what kind of housing they want, the question evokes a variety of answers

D)A vital feature of any house is its accessibility to the occupant's place of work, to stores and schools

E)The quality of housing available to an individual, a couple or a larger family ultimately depends on their Income


5- The first practical photographic process that produced lasting pictures was invented by Louis Jacques-Mande Daguerre, a French painter and physicist. For his invention, he was appointed an officer of the Legion of Honor, and the French government published his process and granted him 6.000 francs annually. …………., and were among the earliest photographic portraits.

A)George Eastman was another pioneer in the field of photography

B)He used this method to take many photographs of his wife

C)He took pictures of many of the most famous people in France

D)Prints made by this process were known as daguerreotypes

E)The process has not been used for well over one hundred years, however


6-Teaching children to swim at an early age is not only something the kids will enjoy, but vital to their general safety. With so many backyard swimming pools, rivers and reservoirs scattered about urban areas, the chances a child may accidentally fall into a body of water are high …….. .

A)Thus, it's best to prepare for such an event by making sure your child will have the skills to save himself

B)These are all good places to have a swim, so it is important that children learn how and enjoy the opportunities

C)Even people who know how to swim can be at risk of drowning

D)A good swimmer will be able to avoid such accidents

E)These situations, however, are usually not dangerous: In fact. They can be funny


7- While the invention of e-mail certainly has many advantages, the world surely miss the pleasure of old fashioned letters in the mail. A hand written letter has a personal touch an electronic message could never achieve. Each personal letter is unique: the paper, the handwriting, the stamps. And, when they arrive, it's as though they have a history. …….. . But e-mails lack this. They don't feel as though they have travelled anywhere. They just appear as if they've come out of thin air.

A)Computers are used daily by many individuals for the main purposes of sending and receiving e-mail

B)A posted letter feels like a real, physical connection between the sender and receiver

C)The older a posted letter is, the more precious it becomes

D)It takes posted letters longer to arrive, but it is most definitely worth the wait

E)You know a posted letter has made a long, and perhaps eventful, journey to your door


8- In human beings, instinct reveals itself in  such things as self-protection in the face of attack. ………. . They, for instance, build their nests entirely by instinct. More dramatic, perhaps, is the instinct that compels many species of bird to migrate. How this process works remains a mystery.

A)The eagle is known to have a sharp sense of instinct

B)In other animals, however, instinct plays a much larger role, as in the case of birds

C)Instinct requires no instruction, and even the smallest animal is instinctive

D)Birds, insects, mammals - all animal life forms rely on their instinct.

E)This is an inherited form of behaviour, common to all forms of animal


9- The mosquito is an insect belonging to the fly family and found in most parts of the world. Its eggs are laid and hatched in stagnant water. ………  . Likewise, another type is responsible for yellow fever.

A)The eggs are often laid in swamps or marshes

B)Like many insects, they can transmit diseases

C)One species of tropical mosquito transmits malaria

D)Mosquitoes should be controlled to prevent disease

E)Mosquito-transmitted diseases differ in their geographic distribution, specific causes and effects


10- ………. .Figure skating includes jumps and spins performed to music and the free skating event allows freedom of expression and interpretation. Speed skating involves races of various distances from 500 m to 10.000 m. Ice skating is also included in the Winter Olympics.

A)The Winter Olympics are held every four years and include a variety of events

B)People can enjoy many different types of winter sports, from skiing to skating

C)Ordinary people may think it extremely difficult to perform all those figures on ice

D)There are two kinds of competitive ice-skating: figure skating and speed skating

E)Skaters who have previously studied dance find that it helps them enormously


11-Fear of the number 13 has long been a superstition. Its roots are religious. At the Last Supper of Jesus and his disciples, there were 13 persons, one of whom was Judas, the traitor. Today many tall buildings omit a numbered 13th floor, skipping instead from 12 to 14, …………Nevertheless, the trick seems to be enough to reassure people that they are safe from bad luck.

A) Avoidance of black cats has religious origins as well

B)This does not make any difference for the blind, though

C) Seeing a black cat is also believed to bring bad luck

D) In such buildings, accidents and have been shown to be less frequent

E) This practice obviously can't really eliminate the thirteenth floor


12- Lightships are aids to navigation, similar in function to lighthouses. They came into use in the 17th century in places where it was not practical to build a lighthouse. Modern lightships are steel vessels about 35 metres long ………… . Some lightships, however, those equipped with automatic devices, require no full time crew on board.

A)They are most suitable for sheltered waters where high-powered illumination is not necessary

B)Usually they are manned by a crew of about seven, and carry all the equipment standard to a lighthouse

C)Because lightships are often located in remote places, the power used to operate them is usually derived from diesel generators

D)To increase light intensity and focus it into a beam, mirrors and other reflectors came into use in the 18th century

E)Modern lighthouses have reflectors, as well as lenses and prisms, to carry the light farther


13-People of all ages in nearly every country where there is mountainous terrain enjoy the unique appeal of skiing. It is one of the few sports that enable people to move at high rates of speed without any power-producing device. ………………With the world's top athletes reaching speeds over 80 mph in the downhill, it is no wonder serious injuries are common.

A)Yet female skiers are actually less liable to injury than males, although they get hurt occasionally

B)Actually, it is rather miraculous that fatal injuries are extremely rare (bilgi yelpazesi.net)

C)In its simplest form, skiing is sliding down a snow-covered slope on a Pair of long, slim runners called skis

D)However, it can be a very dangerous sport, particularly at the professional level

E)Just recently American skier Peekabo Street suffered a broken leg during a competition


14-In recent years, "supermarkets" and the even larger "hypermarkets" have spread across the landscape……….. . Not everyone agrees, though, that they are a good thing. Those who object to these vast stores point to increased traffic caused not only by delivery trucks but also by cars travelling to them. They are also blamed for the destruction of local business and the resulting decline in town centres.

A)They are extremely inconvenient for people who do not have cars

B)As competition has become keener, supermarkets have added specialty shops, like small bakeries into their stores

C)Everything today seems to be called "super-", so the word is losing any real meaning

D)A variation on the supermarket is the box store, which sells products directly out of cartons

E)They are popular because they provide a great variety of products, and are generally cheaper than traditional shops




1C  2E           3A           4C          5D          6A           7E           8B           9C          10D        11E        12B        13D        14E










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