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Find The Sentence For The Blank) That Covers The Meaning


15- In the bronze age, the time of the Trojan Wars, ships seldom ventured out of sight of land because they had large crews to man the oars, and little space for provisions or sleeping. Nor were they able to withstand heavy weather, and their captains did not know how to find their way without landmarks to guide them. ………….. . Thus, the crew would cook, eat and sleep ashore.

A) The Polynesians were far ahead of the Europeans, being able to find their way guided by the stars

B) Occasionally a storm would take them far from land, and then, it was regarded as a disaster

C) For these reasons, they had to stop in a harbour very frequently

D) This means that they were often able to cover huge distances in a short time

E) However, because they had oars, they could still progress in light or strong winds


16-Typing is the most basic skill of the information-based economy. Those with typing skills, which can be acquired through a relatively basic course, are virtually assured of employment, though the pay may be low. ……….. . This, obviously, requires more extensive (bilgi yelpazesi.net) education.

A) The newest printing method in the industry is computerised, or electronic, printing

B) Combined with knowledge of computer programs, good typing skills can get one a high paying job

C) The electronic typewriter is similar in appearance to the manual machines

D) Typing can also be very useful in your personal life, helping with letters and reports

E) Yet many people may think that a low paying job is better than being unemployed


17-In recent years there has been a lot of discussion about how to improve the American educational system, because the shocking fact is that many young Americans leave schools even without the ability to read or write. One idea has been to try to copy from Japan, where students always score highly on international tests. ……… . Traditionally, for example, Japanese respect their teachers greatly, whereas in the United States, teachers are not highly regarded.

A) If this works, it could save money as well, since class sizes are much larger in Japan

B) Yet, this idea ignores the simple fact that the Japanese educational success is largely based on cultural standards

C) Parts of Britain, especially the inner city areas, have also experienced a decline in educational standards

D) One flaw in this argument is that Japan is a largely homogeneous society, while the United States is increasingly multi-cultural

E) Perhaps it is simply because the Japanese language is so difficult to read that the students need more self-discipline


18-…………You may feel perfectly fine until it rises to a certain extent. But when your cholesterol sneaks up above a desirable level, you are at risk of having a heart attack, heart disease, or a stroke. what can you do? In fact, once you are aware of the problem, it is quite easy to keep your cholesterol level under control through a carefully followed diet plan.

A)If you eat a lot of fast foods, you can't say that you are eating healthily

B)Most people choose to eat food for taste rather than for their health

C)Cholesterol testing usually requires no preparation, but sometimes you may have to go hungry beforehand

D)It is not difficult to lose weight provided you apply a little self-discipline

E)A high cholesterol level is something you cannot see or hear


19-Most babies begin to use a few sounds that mean something when they are about a year old. However, there are perfectly normal children who wait months longer. .......... . A friendly, outgoing baby just naturally wants to talk young. The quiet, observer type seems to want to spend a long time just watching the world go by before he or she wants to say anything about it.

A)If a baby doesn't start talking at about one year old, it is probably not very bright

B)It's now accepted that foreign languages should be taught to children from the age of five

C)It seems to be largely a matter of character and personality

D)Some children start walking without ever learning to crawl

E)It does not matter because soon they will be talking so much that parents will wish they would be quiet


20-.......... The fall of snow in Tokyo provides a good example for this. There, one or two centimetres of snow is enough to shut down the entire city. Yet just a couple of hours away on the other side of the mountains, everyone lives with two or three metres of snow for most of the winter, and life goes on as usual.

A)Many Japanese think theirs is the only country in the world to have four seasons

B)Though most people take their holidays in the summer a lot of people prefer a winter holiday

C)Skiing is now one of the world's fastest growing sports

D)It is strange the way people have difficulty in coping with what they are not used to

E)Though Tokyo winters are cold, the weather is normally clear and dry


21-Mobile phones are used by one in five people in Britain. They are an accepted part of life in the 1990s. However, mobile phones are now beginning to suffer from an image problem after a series of scare stories linking them with cancer and short-term memory loss. Researchers are rushing to complete studies of the effects of mobiles on human brain tissue . ………… . The truth is that nobody really knows as yet because research has not been completed.

A)They are probably even more popular in the Far East than in Britain and the US.

B)Manufacturers are trying to give their product a more stylish image to detract from the scare stories

C)One wonders how people communicated in the days before the invention of the mobile phone

D)But once' people have got used to their comfort, it is so difficult to do without them

E)There is now the question of how safe mobile phones are


22-When we look at the night sky. It seems that the planets are always changing their positions while the stars appear to be fixed. ………… . One star, for example, though it actually moves quite fast, would take over two hundred years to move a distance equal to the diameter of the Earth's moon. It is only when we compare the records ancient peoples kept of the skies with the present day that we can see the stars really do move.

A)Planets also seem to have a steady light, while stars twinkle

B)In fact, stars are always moving, but they are so far away that we cannot see any change in their position

C)Astronomers can only estimate the total number of stars in the universe

D)Distance cannot be learned from a star's magnitude alone, because its magnitude depends upon its size and brightness as well

E)Talking about star signs is often a good way to begin a conversation with a stranger


23- Several years ago, two British backpackers were among the forty-seven passengers who survived the hijack and crash of a flight from Addis Ababa to Nairobi. They never saw their hijackers, and did not know if they were killed in the crash or were among the survivors. The travellers were both severely injured…………, so they went on from India to Australia, then to South America, as they had initially planned.

A)It would be ironic, of course, if the hijackers turned out to have survived after all

B)They were a little discouraged as they knew that hijacking like this were quite common in the region

C)But the two young women decided to complete their travels once their wounds had healed

D)It was quite a big disaster, though, because there were 127 people on board, of whom only 47 survived

E)This experience alone would have been enough to stop them from travelling further


24-In today’s society, where many occupations do not involve physical activity, staying healthy is often difficult,……. .However, maintaining one's health is not all that easy. Although health- conscious people may exercise or diet seriously for a certain length of time, many of them lose motivation and stop.

A)Many people suffer from ailments that would have been unknown to our ancestors

B)People who are healthy achieve this in a number of different ways

C)A little common sense seems to be all that is needed in order to remain healthy

D)Doctors are overwhelmed with people whose complaints they sometimes have trouble taking seriously

E)The effects of stress on the body were hardly acknowledged until quite recently


25-We live in an era when television has become the national pastime. Since the invention of the TV, people have been spending more free time watching it than doing anything else. Some TV addicts defend this by claiming that people can learn a great deal from watching TV…….. .They also contend that, with cable and satellite companies increasing their share of the market, it is now a waste of money as well.

A)Until recently we could watch major sporting events free of charge and without the need for special equipment

B)The heavyweight boxing championship is an event that is no longer on live television

C)In fact some of the d6cumentaries and nature programs are very educational

D)Others argue that watching television simply robs people of their valuable time

E)Educational programs are often on at odd hours, so you need a video to record them


26-…… . Of them, a well-trained doctor will select the best that will cure a particular illness of a patient. Sometimes there are some points to consider even within the same method. The use of an antibiotic such as penicillin may be the best treatment for a particular infectious disease, for example, but it would not be the ideal therapy for someone allergic to penicillin. Then he would have to choose another antibiotic to treat the disease.

A) Medicine has changed greatly (bilgi yelpazesi.net) in the last 100 years

B) Doctors are not equally distributed throughout a country

C) Early medicine did not have the professional status it now does

D) Certain types of laboratory work can be done by medical technicians

E) There are many methods of treating disease


27-A number of farmers and gardeners today have taken up what is called “organic” farming and gardening, which means growing plants and vegetables without using man-made chemicals. A good example of how this works is the use of ladybugs to control aphids,………..By introducing ladybugs into their gardens, however, which love to eat aphids, farmers can get rid of these harmful bugs without causing any harm to the good ones.

A) Another friendly insect, the honeybee, is the most efficient way of spreading pollen

B) Children love to play with ladybugs, and never hurt them

C) People also say that fruit and vegetables grown organically taste better

D) There are many kinds of aphids, but most feed exclusively on a particular crop, weed or tree

E) Using an insecticide would also kill harmless insects alongside them


28-In 1846, an Italian chemist named Asciano Sobrero produced the first nitro-glycerine. When he heated a drop of it, it produced a large explosion. ……. .Of course his noble gesture did no good at all. Other scientists followed up his research, and high explosives were being used in warfare by the end of the 19th century.

A)He immediately realised that this chemical could be used to produce weapons of mass destruction and stopped his research

B)Realising its potential for warfare, he was intelligent enough to make a fortune from it

C)His research into how to produce this chemical in large quantities makes him one of history's most evil scientists

D)It is dreadful to think that about 100 gallons of gas are produced by only one ounce of nitro-glycerine

E)This, of course, was nothing compared to the explosives that would be developed in the 20th century




15C                16B        17B        18E        19C        20D        21E        22B        23C        24C        25D        26E        27E        28A










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