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Find The Sentence For The Blank) That Covers The Meaning


29-If we think of the Neanderthal man at all, we tend to think of an ape-like creature, ugly and low in intelligence. In fact this distant ancestor of ours was more intelligent and accomplished than is generally acknowledged. He made tools such as stone knives, flint balls and scrapers that were not only useful, but also beautiful. It was also the Neanderthal man who first developed the use of mineral colours, the first sign of mankind's inherent artistic sense. …………This suggests that there were the beginnings of a complex religious system.

A)Some of their paintings were scenes of hunting and other aspects of daily life

B)Remains of these early humans were first found in 1856 in the Neander Valley in Germany

C)These factors point out Just how ski fled materially this underrated ancestor of ours actually was

D)Neanderthal settlements continued to exist side by side with later groups such as the Cro-magnon man

E)Perhaps most surprising Is the ceremonial way In which the dead were buried


30-…….. because, after centuries of scientific stagnation, there were suddenly a number of new inventions and discoveries. It was early in the century, for example, that Galileo perfected the telescope and reported on his observations of the heavenly bodies. Still early in the century, William Harvey discovered the way in which blood circulates in humans and other animals. But possibly the greatest scientist of the century was Isaac Newton, who discovered the laws of gravity and those governing physics and light.

A) It is impossible to imagine astronomy without the telescope

B) The individual inventive effort of past years is now largely replaced by organised research

C) It was not until the invention of the steam engine that Industrial Revolution became a real possibility

D) For the scientist, seventeenth century Europe must have been an exciting time and place

E) Many of the "discoveries" that the West took credit for had long been known to the Arabs


31-In most traditional societies, nothing goes to waste. For example, some nomadic societies live almost entirely on the products of their animals. They burn the dried dung for fuel, drink the milk, clothe themselves in the hides and furs, and eat the meat. …………… . One of the more shocking statistics is that every five years, the average westerner throws away an amount of waste equal to the weight of the Statue of Liberty.

A)Some extreme environmentalists feel that we should all go back to living in that way

B)By contrast, in western consumer-oriented societies, sometimes more is thrown away than is used

C)Furthermore, since they are always on the move, they are careful not to over-use the land

D)In spite of this way of life that is in harmony with nature, nomads are being forced to settle down in many countries

E)On the other hand, most of today's societies manufacture almost everything they use


32-…………..for his father spoke only English, Gaelic was James's mother tongue. English always felt flat and harsh, like daylight after night-fishing, but his mother made sure he was as proficient as a little prince, for they were part of the British Empire and he had his way to make.

A)Like his father, James spoke a number (bilgi yelpazesi.net) of languages, including Gaelic and French

B)It used to make his father angry when James and his mother spoke Gaelic together

C)When it came to the ability for speaking languages, James took after his father

D)In colonial Nova Scotia, which was settled by Scots, Gaelic was the local language

E)When James was angry at his mother, he used to speak in Gaelic to his father


33-The social scientist Talcott Parsons developed the "Role-Model Theory", which meant a boy would follow his father for his role model, while a girl would follow her mother. It soon became apparent, however, that this theory was inadequate. In the 1970s, for example, when young girls whose mothers were doctors were surveyed, they would often declare that doctors were boys and nurses were girls. ………… .These examples showed that most children looked outside the home for their role models.

A)On the other hand, most radical feminists seemed to have mothers who were housewives

B)Often such outrageous figures as Madonna become role models

C)Socially most people are members of a group they perceive as "family"

D)Children inherit two separate bloodlines at birth- the mother's and the father's

E)In contrast, all boys wanted to be just like their fathers


34-As far as mankind is concerned, the zebra is one of the most useless animals in existence. ………. .    Though they run wild and have much the same diet as edible animals like the eland and gazelle, their meat tastes too awful to be eaten. Though their stripped hide is beautiful to look at, it is not strong or durable enough to be put to any use.

A) While the zebra lives in Africa, there is a similar animal, in the Tibetan Plateau

B) Horses, on the other hand, have been domesticated since before recorded history

C) They are shaped like donkeys, but refuse to be trained, and simply will not work

D) Since all zoos have zebras, everyone knows what they look like

E) Even so, they are a big tourist attraction in the game parks of Africa


35-Cocoa is a product of Theobroma cacao, a small tree originally found in tropical America. It flowers directly from the trunk and branches, and has fruits containing 40-60 seeds. …………. . At the end of all these processes, raw or bitter chocolate is produced.

A)These seeds are the raw material from which chocolate is made

B)The ripe seeds are fermented, dried, roasted and ground to a paste

C)About 1 million tons of cocoa a year is produced in Africa and Brazil

D)In the 1800s, eating chocolate and powdered cocoa were developed

E)To make chocolate, cocoa butter has to be added to balance the sugar


36-…………. . It affects eight percent of men and one in two hundred and fifty women. It is particularly troublesome when individuals cannot distinguish between red and green - the colours of traffic lights.

A)Acute alcoholism is a serious problem in the northern part of Australia

B)The origins of the colours used in traffic signals is difficult to trace

C)While some people think green is a beautiful colour, others prefer red

D)Colour blindness is an inherited condition affecting the ability to see colours

E)Persistent headaches and blurred vision are symptoms that may indicate serious eye disorders


37- ……… . Both are derived from the Greek term for city-state and have to do with the administration and oversight of communities of people. Police operations vary from nation to nation. In some states, police forces arc highly militarised and nearly indistinguishable from the armed forces.

A)The words 'police' and 'politics' are related

B)Police forces are part of the criminal justice system

C)Interpol has caught thousands of international criminals

D)Many of the regulatory powers of government involve some kind of policing activity

E)Many countries have centralised, or national, police organisations


38-Janissaries were the elite troops of the Ottoman Army and were founded in the 14th century. ………. . From the 17th century onward, however, Muslims were recruited as well, and they became a powerful and influential force in the empire until they were massacred by Sultan Mahmud II in 1826.

A)The strong Islamic beliefs of the troops made them a powerful army

B)In the early 19th century, they tried to overthrow the reigning Sultan

C)The boys were chosen at a young age and taken away from their families

D)They lived in a special barracks inside' the walls of Topkapi Palace

E)Originally, they were recruited from Christian boys and captives of war


39-The Kani people belong to one of the poorest tribes in the southern Indian state of Kerala. These rain-forest dwellers live in fragile shacks. Each night they sleep with the fear that a passing herd of wild elephants could trample them to death. …………. . They believe that they are the descendants of the chief physician of the gods, and that his wisdom of healing has been passed down to them through the ages.

A)Elephants are not normally dangerous animals unless provoked

B)But even in poverty, the Kanis have not forgotten their mythical past

C)India has many such tribes with no traditions or even oral history

D)As you can imagine, this makes it hard to get a good night's sleep

E)It is interesting that, though largely Christian, Kerala had the world's first elected Communist government


40-…………. . By translating the results of scientific, experiments into mathematical terms, it is possible to develop assumptions and formulae for general application. Further experimentation is often suggested in this process. In this way, mathematics clarifies and furthers knowledge of the physical world.

A)The introduction of the decimal system into Europe greatly advanced the field of mathematics

B)Mathematics has become an essential tool in all sciences for the development of theory

C)Mathematics is the study of numbers and their logical relationships with each other

D)Though interesting in its own right, mathematics has few uses outside the realm of accounting

E)Arithmetic is the most ancient form of mathematics, and was known to the Egyptians


41-An overweight person beyond the age of forty, who has a family history of diabetes, fails in the high-risk category for contracting this disease. ………. . When both parents are diabetic, however, the risk is even higher, and some authorities believe all such children will be diabetic.

A)Diabetes may occur in a child under the age of ten, but most develop it at a later age

B)Diabetes occurs during the lifetime of 4 percent of women and 2 percent of men

C)Diabetes is diagnosed with a glucose (bilgi yelpazesi.net)-tolerance test

D)The correct diet is essential for all people with diabetes

E)A child born to one diabetic parent has a one-in-four chance of becoming diabetic


42-There is no trace of the violent event that happened on that cold winter's night over six months ago, as the meteorite came thundering down through the heavens. But then again, this place seems to be able to withstand a nuclear blast without any damage. …………, but we are determined to find it because we know it lies somewhere upon this great glacier of central Greenland..

A)The large, dense objects that survive the fall to the Earth are called meteorites

B)Greenland is subject to intense cold and terrible blizzards

C)A meteorite fr6m Mars that fell to the Earth 13,000 years ago was found in Antarctica

D)Glaciers flow from Greenland's icy mountains and discharge a billion tons of ice into the sea every year

E)The remnants of the meteorite could be hiding anywhere in this endless sea of ice and snow




29E                30D       31B        32B        33A         34C        35B        36D        37A         38E        39B        40B        41E        42E










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