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Find The Sentence For The Blank) That Covers The Meaning


43-…………… . The letters have no meaning, but in Morse code the combination has a pronounced rhythm which attracts immediate attention. All ships observe two silence periods every hour, listening on certain frequencies to ensure that any distress signal, however weak, will be picked up.

A)Letters were sent between various naval bodies on the subject of safety

B) S.O.S. is the international distress call for use in wireless telegraphy

C)The word 'Mayday,' is derived from the French and means 'Help me'

D)Distress signals are sent on 500-metre or 2000-metre wavelength

E)Sailors of all nationalities agree they will help anyone in trouble at sea


44-It is ironic that the great nuclear powers of the world, the United States and Russia, have made themselves crusaders against the further expansion of nuclear weaponry. They've already got the power, so naturally they have no interest in sharing their nuclear technology with other nations. ………. . Therefore, though their efforts are self-serving and thus do not deserve praise, in practice they must be supported.

A)However, the great powers themselves have taken significant steps towards reducing the nuclear threat

B)The real nuclear threat comes not from poor nations, but from the Russian and American stockpiles of nuclear missiles

C)Thus, the great powers should abandon their hypocrisy and stop interfering in the affairs of other nations

D)It is thus  no ordinary person's best interest that the world see any decrease in the nuclear threat

E)Besides, nuclear bombs are good for no one. and they should all be dismantled straight-away


45-……………. . Cave paintings dating back 20,000 years depict forms of ritual dance. Every community has developed a style of tribal or folk dancing, closely related to music, usually of a magical or religious nature. The hypnotic power of certain types of dancing has been demonstrated, among others, by the Dervishes.

A)Cave paintings are one of our best sources of historical knowledge

B)Every religion expresses itself in a variety of different art forms

C)There is no doubt that dance involves a type of therapeutic power

D)Dancing is probably the oldest of all forms of human expressions

E)All cultures have managed to develop their own musical instruments


46-The Sues Canal represents the culmination of centuries of effort to enhance trade and expand the empires of Egypt by connecting the Red and Mediterranean Seas. …………,  but its significance came from the fact that it was the only one to bypass the Nile as a means of connecting the two seas and to excavate across the Isthmus of Suez to provide a major shipping route between Europe and Asia.

A)At one stage, (bilgi yelpazesi.net) following by an outbreak of cholera, all the workers ran away

B)The Israelis entrenched themselves along the eastern bank of the canal

C)By this time the canal was full of sunken ships and sea traffic was paralysed

D)Two small fleets, one originating in Port Said and the other in Suez, met in Ismailia

E)The modem canal was by no means the first project of its kind


47-Orantgutans are like babies: playful, wide-eyed, and trusting. Genetically, the "men of the forest" as their name means in Malay, resemble humans more than any other animal on the Earth. ………. . Yet a combination of natural disasters and merciless hunting by humans now threatens this inoffensive near relative of ours.

A)Even today. not everyone has accepted Darwin's theories on evolution

B)Most people have only seen them in zoos

C)Some people would say that the, chimpanzee is actually closer to human beings

D)They stand next to us on the tree of life

E)A gorilla named Koko is famous for having learnt to communicate with humans using sign-language


48-The enduring Roman influence is reflected in contemporary language, literature, legal codes, government, architecture, medicine, sports. etc. ………… . Consider language for example. Fewer and fewer people today claim to know much Latin. And yet, go back to the first sentence of this paragraph. If we removed all the words drawn directly from Latin, that sentence would read: “The".

A)Ancient Greeks also had an enduring influence on Western civilisation

B)The great civilisations of India and China are older, but the West came into contact with them later

C)In the 3rd century AD, the capital of the Roman Empire moved from Rome to Constantinople

D)'The” is the most commonly used word in the English language

E)Much of it is so deeply embedded that we scarcely notice our debt to ancient Rome


49-John Lennon was murdered just before 11p.m. on the 8th December, 1980; outside the apartment building where he lived in New York City. He had just got out of a car and was walking toward the entrance when a voice called to him. When he turned around, he was shot five times, The killer, was 2-year~d Mark Chapman from Hawaii. ……… . It is said that he even believed that he was John Lennon.

A)He was a fan of Lennon, and had tried to imitate him in many ways

B)Lennon's music, though less consistent than when he was with the Beatles, continued to be popular

C)New York is one of the most dangerous cities in the world

D)It is remarkable how many famous people have been murdered in the United States

E)The Beatles had split up more than ten years before


50-…………. .  Within a year, 100,000 people, only 8,000 of whom were women, had reached California. Homes, ~a and stores throughout the United States were abandoned as everyone rushed to California. By 1850, more than 50

ships were anchored in San Froncisco Bay, but many had been deserted by gold-hungry sailors. A few people became fabulously rich, but most left as poor as they came.

A)Gold is the most precious of metals, and throughout history people have longed for it

B)In 1848, gold was discovered in Sutter's Mill, near San Francisco, and the first great gold rush began

C)At the time of the California Gold Rush, the easiest way to reach San Francisco from the East Coast was by ship

D)San Francisco's football team is named after the people who came in 1849 hoping to find gold and strike it rich: 'The 49ers"

E)Every year thousands of Mexicans illegally cross the border from Mexico into southern California looking for work.


51-……………… . In addition to teaching the correct techniques, a qualified instructor will indoctrinate the beginner in the importance of skiing safely. If the skier is taught how to ski under control at all times and to follow the generally accepted rules of safety, the risk of causing injury to himself or to other skiers is greatly reduced.

A)Because short skis are easier to handle, they are often used, by beginners, while experienced skiers prefer longer ones

B)Chair lifts and other devices that transport skiers uphill have removed the need for tiring, time-consuming climbing

C)Each year thousands of beginners rush to hundreds of organised ski areas

D)In its simplest form, skiing is sliding down a snow-covered slope on a pair of long, slim runners called skis

E)The best way for a beginner to learn how to ski is to take lessons from a certified ski instructor


52-In strict terms, performing arts are those art forms, primarily theatre, dance and music, that result in a performance. ………, from classical opera and serious theatre to live variety entertainment, popular improvised theatre in the streets, and even rock concerts and professional wrestling.

A)Decorative arts, on the (bilgi yelpazesi.net) other hard, are art forms that have a primarily decorative rather than expressive or emotional purpose

B)The individual performing artist has always struggled to survive

C)Under their heading, however, can be placed an enormous number of forms and variations

D)Several playwrights of the late 19th and early 20th centuries prepared the way for modern realistic drama

E)Cabarets are small performance spaces in clubs and restaurants where solo artists perform


53-The olive is a small tree with narrow greyish –green leaves, cultivated from early times in the Mediterranean region. ………. , which is highly valued by many nutritionists today because of its benefits for health However, olives are also pickled for eating. Black olives are ripe, but green ones are pickled unripe, and treated in order to destroy their bitterness.

A)Olives do not taste at all nice when eaten fresh from the tree

B)These trees have been grown for their shade in many regions

C)The fruit of the olive tree is edible, once it has been pickled

D)These trees were cultivated originally for their lush crops

E)The most important product extracted from its fruit is the oil


54-……….. . The reason for this may be found in the large herds of reindeer that they breed, as the subsequent need for pasture In the Arctic area has necessitated constant movement. Even today, settlements are rarely permanent, although they are being increasingly affected by the Swedes and Finns among whom they live.

A)One may be surprised to learn that there are many Arctic animals

B)Life in the Arctic region does not offer much variety to the locals

C)Research shows that people living in the Arctic area are very fit

D)The inhabitants of Lapland are traditionally a nomadic people

E)Alcoholism is becoming an increasing problem in the Arctic area


55-In most modern industrial countries, including Japan, women are much less than half as likely to commit suicide. ………? Not at all. Psychiatric professionals are agreed that women are actually more likely to experience depression than men. In fact, statistics show that more women than men are treated for depression each year in hospitals.

A)Do the people involved in the field of mental health know the reason for this

B)Does this mean that women are happier and less prone to depression than men

C)Is this because men are less likely to express their feelings than women

D)What is it that causes this difference between men and women in mental health

E)Is the situation the same among the women of less industrialised countries


56-The average child will crawl at eight to ten months, walk alone at twelve to sixteen months and say a few words by the fifteenth month. ……… . Many children walk before they are a year old, and say words before they are fifteen months, and there are examples that first children speak earlier than subsequent children, and girls may speak sooner than boys.

A)However, individuals vary considerably

B)Children usually start school at age six

C)Size is determined by a variety of factors, though

D)The wisdom teeth appear in the late teens

E)And, surprisingly, the same development applies to children of all races




43B   44A      45D        46E        47D        48E        49A         50B        51E        52C        53E        54D        55B        56A










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