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Find The Sentence For The Blank) That Covers The Meaning


57-The speed of sound is generally placed at 1088 fret per second at sea level at 32F. However, it varies at other temperatures and in different media. …………. . Thus, if in air it travels a mile in 5 seconds, it does a mile under water in 1 second, and through iron in half a second.

A)When a plane breaks the sound barrier, it means it's flying faster than sound

B)The speed of sound can be measured using modern equipment

C)Sound travels faster in water than in air, and even faster in iron

D)We use the prefix Mach in order to describe supersonic speed

E)Any sound which is over 120 decibels is painful to the ear


58-…….. . The audience stood or sat in galleries on three sides of the stage, which was left open to the sky for the sake of light, as performances generally began at 2 p.m. At the back of the stage were the dressing rooms, and a small gallery. These theatres were generally owned by businessmen, or by companies of actors like that of Shakespeare.

A)Many modern theatres are breaking away from traditional theatre styles

B)One of the finest examples of a Renaissance theatre is the Teatro Olimpico

C)Elizabethan times brought the first permanent public theatres to England

D)Al present, there are approximately forty-eight major theatres in operation in London

E)The Globe, where Shakepeare's plays were first performed has been restored


59-There is a new5km bridge in Bangladesh, where everyone who crosses in a vehicle must pay a toll. In order to avoid paying, most bus passengers simply get off their buses and walk across. The man who has come up with the most novel solution to the toll problem is an enterprising cycle rickshaw driver. He paid his toll once, then stayed on the bridge, taking people across the river without ever paying the toll again. ………. . Once a group of politicians were so angry on being asked to pay the toll that they simply smashed the electronic equipment.

A)The bridge is so important because it connects the best agricultural land in the country with the capital, Dhaka

B)Cycle rickshaws are one of the most common forms, of public transport in Bangladesh

C)The advanced electronic technology (bilgi yelpazesi.net) used on the bridge may seem out of place in the rural nature of the surrounding countryside

D)The bridge has become an important political issue in Bangladesh

E)But it is not only the poor who object to paying the toll


60-The first known people of the many to settle the island of Malta were the Phoenicians, who reached it in about the 9th century B.C. …………….. . In succession, the island was then occupied by the Arabs, the Knights Hospitaler,  the French, and most recently, the British. All of them have left their mark on the island, reflected in its culture, language and architecture.

A)Malta occupies a strategic location between Italy and North Africa

B)They were followed by the Romans

C)Its capital, Valetta, was important in Thomas Pynchon's cult novel 'V'

D)The Phoenicians, of course, came from the area called Lebanon today

E)Though Malta is a small island, it is far more important than its sire would lead us to believe


61-Spice, the most desired commodity of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, was the driving force of merchant seafaring. Portugal started trading with China in 1557, and spread its trade across Southeast Asia and India, where the greatest variety of spices were to be found. ………….. . The ships of these companies were called "East Indiamen" and were the biggest and best merchant ships for over two centuries.

A)Today, with modern transport, spices are easily obtainable and inexpensive

B)The British Navy became the strongest in the world from the time of the Napoleonic Wars

C)A series of naval wars were fought between Britain and Holland in the 17th century

D)The British East India Company was founded in 1600, and the Dutch East India Company in 1602

E)The development of the steam engine in 'the 19th century meant that tea could be shipped to Europe while it was still flesh


62-Most societies think that men are naturally suited to perform the most strenuous labour. ………… . For example, there was a kingdom in West  Africa called Dahome, which used women as bodyguards and soldiers because they were believed to be especially fierce fighters. The Tasmanians, similarly, felt that women were as suited as men to the most dangerous of hunting tasks.

A)This belief has persisted, almost unchanged, to the present day

B)"Strenuous" labour usually meant farming or hunting

C)This has not always been a universally held belief, however

D)This, is probably why, throughout history, male prisoners have been killed, while women and children were sold as slaves

E)In some societies, inheritance is through the male line, while in others it is through the female line


63-Of all possible eating patterns, skipping breakfast and eating a big lunch is the worst. ………. . Your blood sugar and stored carbohydrates are low. The morning meal replaces the calories and nutrients you need to get you through the day. Calories are burnt up more quickly in the morning than at any other time of the day. Studies of school children have found that those who eat breakfast do better in school.

A)It's said by some that the best meal in England is breakfast and that it should be served three times a day

B)Breakfast is important because when you wake up in the morning, you have not eaten for eight to ten hours

C)A big lunch usually makes you sleepy, and thus affects your performance' negatively

D)Dinner is usually the main meal because the whole fancy, can relax together and talk about their day

E)On the other hand, many people complain that they don't have time for breakfast

64-………….. . Of course, it is only to be expected that they might over-react to their new freedoom, and it is probably better that their parents are not around to observe their behaviour. Normally, however, by their final year they'll have got over the fascination of living without parental control and learnt to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner. It is therefore arguable that the experience of university life is as important as the actual studies.

A)When young people go to university, it is often the first time they have lived away from home

B)Young people are inherently irresponsible and need to be supervised until they are ready to be parents themselves

C)Students often feel that, as educated people, they have a more valid point of view on society and its problems than do their elders

D)Many university students have part-time jobs, and this gives them a certain financial independence

E)One objection to the grant system in Britain is that it gives privileged young people what amounts to a three-year holiday


65-Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte were the novelist daughters of a country parson. Charlotte wrote Jane Eyre. Emily's most famous novel was Wuthering Heights, which she first published under the name Ellis Bell. ………., athough she was a talented writer too.

A)We don't know where they got their talent from

B)Anne did not achieve the fame of her two sisters

C)It is true that she never had any novels published

D)Charlotte was the oldest of the three sisters

E)Anne wrote several novels under her own name


66-For a number of years, radio telescopes have been trying to pick up signals from outer space, so far without success. There are, however, millions of possible radio frequencies, and there is no reason why a completely alien civilisation should not use a different type of communication, such as X-rays, or even a type of wave we have not yet discovered. ………… . For example, if we made contact with beings 300-light years away - relatively close as space distances go - by the time we had sent an answer and received their response, the earth would be 600 years older.

A)The most famous radio telescope of all is at Jodrel Bank in England

B)We may have discovered only a few of countless types of waves that could be used in this way

C)And then there is the problem of how to carry out contact over such vast distances

D)According to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, it is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light

E)Science fiction writers have been speculating over the nature of alien beings for decades


67-In the United States, a large number of university students suffer from "student shock": severe depression stemming from inability to cope with student life. Universities have been trying a number of ways to help students cope with the pressures they face. Many universities are upgrading their psychological counselling centres. Additional staff are being hired, and experts are doing research to learn more about the psychological problems of university students. …………… . Finally, stress management workshops have now become common on university campuses.

A)A remarkable number of students become so depressed that they commit suicide

B)With such competition for good jobs, students are more nervous over good grades than ever before

C)The end of a relationship can be a large contributing factor to student shock

D)Also, older and more successful students are being trained to counsel their younger peers

E)In addition, some students should get proper jobs and learn what life is really like


68-It was in 1961 that John F. Kennedy, then President of the United States, gave the "go ahead" for his country to make the maximum effort to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. ………….. . They were Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. A third astronaut, Michael Collins, remained aboard the command module, which continued to orbit the moon.

A)The launch of Sputnik in 1957 alerted Americans to the fact that the Soviets were well ahead in some scientific fields

B)Thus the first true men on the moon landed in its sea of tranquillity on 21st July, 1969

C)The first Americans to orbit the earth went in tiny cramped capsules, which look very primitive today

D)People struggling to feed themselves in developing countries might have wondered what the point of it all was

E)Tom Wolfe's book, The Right Stuff, documents the experiences of the first American astronauts


69-……….. . Known as fossil fuels, they took about 250 million years to form, and although new coal and oil are being formed in parts of the world, this happens very slowly, so the coal and oil now being extracted at an extremely fast rate are not being replaced. This means that alternative energy sources must be found and developed.

A)In many (bilgi yelpazesi.net) parts of the world it Is still very difficult to keep warm in the winter

B)Coal production was reduced in Britain because of the life-threatening smogs of the 1950s

C)When we bum coal, we are actually reproducing sunlight which nurtured plants and animals millions of years ago

D)Before its dangers were fully realised, nuclear power was once thought to be the key to future power supplies

E)Man's principal energy supplies coal and oil are unable to reproduce themselves


70-Nine rotten teeth from such notable mouths as Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale and Princes Mary are to be sold at auction. The blackened teeth are thought to have been collected by a society dentist and acquired at the turn of the century by an antique dealer. ……………… . One reveals that Queen Victoria's 23rd tooth was removed when she was 12 years old in 1832. The collection features four of her teeth and two of her mother's.

A)Each tooth is accompanied by a tiny hand-written note

B)It is not known how much he might have paid for them

C)Why anyone would want to buy hundred-year-old rotten teeth has not been explained.

D)The history of dentistry reveals some strange facts

E)The question arises of whether it is entirely ethical or not to collect such artefacts




57C                58C        59E        60B        61D        62C        63B        64A         65B        66C        67D        68B        69E        70A










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