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Find The Sentence For The Blank) That Covers The Meaning


71-The beaver is an aquatic mammal with a wide, scaly, paddle-like tail and webbed feet that it uses for

swimming. …………… . They build these dams to protect themselves from such animals as the coyote and the cougar. Their food consists mainly of the bark of the willow, poplar and other trees, but they also eat flowers, grasses and roots.

A)Beavers are often found in areas where people have constructed dams

B)The European beaver lives, like the water-rat, in the banks of streams

C)The American beaver makes dams of logs and branches, plastered with mud

D)In America, their homes have been known to cause flooding in wet areas

E)Beavers are known for their building ability and are thus called nature's engineers


72-President is the title given to the head of state or chief executive in most republics…………. . In others,

such as in Turkey, he merely represents his country, as does the monarch in a constitutional monarchy. In other cases again, such as in the American system, the president will exercise real political power as defined by a constitution.

A)Most often, presidents come into power through violent coups

B)No president may hold office for more than eight consecutive years

C)In some cases, the president may be a virtual dictator

D)The same title is also used for the top officials in some companies

E)In various political systems, the power of presidents varies considerably


73-During the Second World War, the London tube became an air-raid shelter. Heavy raids began on 7 September 1940, Of course, there was mass panic as people rushed to find shelter, eventually finding the tube stations ideal refugee. …………….. . Soon, all seventy-nine deep tube stations were officially designed as air-raid shelters, and by the end of the following mouth, an average of 138.000 people sheltered in the system.

A)The bombing completely destroyed the Underground during the next four and a half years of the war

B)Thus, people entered and refused to leave the underground until the raids ceased

C)Unlike the London Underground, the New York City Subway was never used for such a purpose

D)By the end of the month the city government had instituted a special programme to stop this activity

E)The raids ceased completely within a week, when the Germans saw how ineffective they had become


74-When St Augustine arrived in Milan, he observed that the church did not fast on Saturday, as did the Church in Rome. He consulted St Ambrose, the bishop of Milan, who replied: "when I am in Rome. I fast on Saturday. “When I am  in Milan I do not. ……………. .”    Over time, this comment has become the now famous form: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

A)Since you are (bilgi yelpazesi.net) Roman, you must fast in Milan

B)Go and tell the people here that they should be fasting

C)So, I don't really care what you choose to do

D)if you want to fast, you must return to Rome

E)Follow the custom of the Church where you are


75-Through centuries of internal strife, and successions of warrior kingdoms, several ancient peoples fused into a unified national identity, as in the case of Scots. …………; Norsemen also settled in these lands, mixing with the native Celts and Picts. Though English is the main language today, traditional Gaelic is still understood by many Scots.

A)The land was uninhabited for thousands of years after the fall of Rome

B)Swedish people, however, came from Germanic tribes migrating from the south

C)While they all lived together, the groups  never actually mixed

D)The original Scots migrated to the Celtic lands before the 10th century

E)The recorded history of Scotland begins in the 1st century AD, when the Romans invaded Britain


76-Denim, the material that jeans are made of originally referred to a type of fabric called serge. This was first manufactured in Nimes, a town in Southern France. ………….., which means 'serge from Nimes', but was eventually condensed and shortened to denim.

A)Afterwards, its popularity grew and it spread through Europe

B)Today, the city of Nimes still makes its now famous cloth

C)The famous Levi Strauss used this material to make the first jeans

D)To distinguish it from a rival product from Nice, also in France.

E)The name of the cloth first reflected its origin, 'serge de Nimes'


77-Postcard collectors should gain some knowledge of the subject before they spend money on the first old batch they see. Of the millions of cards issued before 1914, only about 5% are worth anything Particular manufacturers and artists are in demand. ………… , and so do cards  illustrated with art nouveau, sports team pictures and stamps.

A)Collectors pay high prices for romantic cards with hearts and flowers

B)Cards showing the U.S. presidents' portraits are very valuable

C)The most popular ,cards are those printed in France in about 1900

D)Advertising cards command good prices, especially Coca-Cola's

E)A card with an interesting message on it will sell for a high price


78-………… . Beyond these stretched vast deserts. Thus, although it was several hundred miles in length, Egypt was only a few miles in breadth. The prosperity of the land depended, naturally, upon the Nile. Along it, ships brought trade to the towns; from it the villagers obtained water, as they still do.

A)The land of ancient Egypt had one of the strangest shapes known to recorded history

B)The people of ancient Egypt lived near the Nile, because it provided much needed water

C)Ancient Egypt consisted of two narrow strips of fertile land, one on each side of the Nile

D)Ancient Egypt was a very large country, although only a small portion of it was habitable

E)Historians agree that the settlement of the Nile valley took a long time, perhaps 2,000 years


79-One of the most important  of literature writers have used to express their ideas over the last two centuries is the novel. Traditionally a novel is a story about a group of characters, where and how they live, and their relationship with each other. Usually the story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. …………. . By the time the novel is finished, all the loose parts are tied up, and often the good live happily ever after while the bad are punished.

A)Some critics consider Fielding's "Tom Jones" to be the first true English novel

B)The novel as a long prose fiction story was established early in the 17th century by Miguel de Cervantes in his ‘Don Quixote'

C)Though considered a Western European invention, the novel has spread to many African and Asian societies.

D)Psychological novels are stories in which the primary focus is on the workings of the mind in the leading character or characters

E)That is, some kind of problem is stated in the opening of the novel which is worked out through the book and solved at the end


80-Many strange stories are told of the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Whalers and pirates took shelter there. The latter are supposed to have buried treasure there. Other stories tell of the giant tortoises that inhabit the island. ………….. . The word means tortoises in Spanish.

A) Whether these were real or merely mythological is impossible to tell

B)These slow-moving creatures gave the name Galapagos to the islands

C)The Galapagos Islands are home to many fascinating species of wildlife

D)There are still more stories and legends about other strange creatures

E) Skeletons of these creatures may still be seen all over 'this remote island


81-The element lithium was discovered in 1817. Since then it has been used as a cure for gout, epilepsy, diabetes, and, most recently, to relieve depression. However, there is a drawback. ………… . The poison builds up in the body until it causes impaired vision and speech, vomiting and nausea. Coma and death can follow.

A)It is the lightest solid element of them all

B)It has been classified as an' illegal drug

C)A slight overdose is enough to cause problems

D)Temporary side effects have been known to occur

E)This should not prevent 1ts~careful use


82-Rockets have a long history. …………. . However, the missile age recently began during World War II, when German scientists developed flying bombs which almost won the war for their country. Their development of the V-1 and V-2 rockets, the most terrible weapons known until that time, became the basis for much of the subsequent rocket research.

A)As early as the 13th century the Chinese used them as military weapons

B)Rockets will be able to take man (bilgi yelpazesi.net) to a variety of planets in the future

C) During the First World War, none of the armies had the use of rockets

D)They are used today to power extremely fast experimental land vehicles

E)NASA's space shuttles use them to take off, but return to the Earth without them


83-Twenty years ago, senior managers might have been protected from unimportant memos by their juniors.     …………..most managing directors have e-mail on their desktops, voice mail on their phones, business briefings on their computer screens and pagers on their belts, they are as open to overload as anyone.

A)Since the onset of the technological revolution, this has no longer been the case

B)Their secretaries open their mail and put it into their in-trays

C)Nowadays, the office memo is more vital than ever

D)Firms are trying to improve the situation by issuing guidelines

E)This meant they did not receive large amounts of vital information


84-Stonehenge is the most important ancient ruin in the British Isles, situated on Salisbury Plain, not far from the town of Salisbury. The monument is made up of two large circles of huge stones, in the centre of which are tall columns and a l5-foot blue stone block. Its origins are unknown……….. However, no scientific data have been advanced to support this theory.

A)Historians have always been interested in this mysterious ruin

B)It is known that the stone was brought to Salisbury from Wales

C)There are a lot of myths about the possible origins of the structure

D)Legend tells us that it was used for sun-worship by the Druids

E)Stonehenge was given to the nation by Sir Cecil Chubb in 1918




71C  72C      73B        74E        75D        76E        77D        78C        79E        80B        81C        82A         83A         84D










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