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Find The Sentence For The Blank) That Covers The Meaning


85-Judo is based on the ancient Japanese techniques known as ju-jitsu. It is practised in many countries, and since 1964 has been an event of the Olympic Games, ………… . In the former, each contestant pits his strength against the other. In judo, the art is to let one's adversary do all the work, using his strength, mistakenly applied, to bring about his own defeat.

A)A black belt indicates attainment of the highest level of skill

B)The Japanese are still the most skilful practitioners of judo

C)The summer Olympic Games are held every leap year

D)Not only men, but also women and children are increasingly interested in judo

E)Though they look similar, it is important to distinguish between wrestling and judo


86-…………… . This is attained by freeing oneself from all desires. It is the goal of Buddhist religious exercises and disciplines and is seen to be complete happiness, free from pain and suffering and from the restlessness and heat of emotions. The complete attainment of Nirvana is supposed to free the individual from the chain of reincarnation.

A)Most religions require great discipline from their followers

B)The history of Tibetan Buddhism can be divided into three periods

C)Buddhism is unique among religions in a number of ways

D)Complete happiness is the aim of many religions

E)For Buddhists, Nirvana represents perfect peace


87-CPR is the modern term for artificial respiration. It is only required when the victim has suffered a loss of breathing or heartbeat. The first step in determining whether breathing and heartbeat have stopped is to go to the victim and shout, 'Are you okay?' …………. . Still, the person who doesn't reply may only have fainted, so, as the second step. you should continue by listening for breathing to make sure whether CPR is necessary.

A)Lastly check the persons pulse rate

B) Place the victim on a hard, flat surface (bilgi yelpazesi.net) in order to administer CPR

C)C9ntinue to administer CPR until a doctor can take over from you

D)If you get an answer to this, then obviously, the person is not in need of CPR

E)If there is no reply, CPR is required and should be administered immediately


88-The Ice Age is our 'most recent' geological period, beginning about 2 million years ago and lasting until about 10 or 20 thousand years ago. During this time, great continental glaciers formed in North America and

Northern Europe. ………… . In fact, the ice advanced and retreated at least four times, alternating with mild intervals.

A)Many mammals became extinct in this era

B)However, the climate was not uniformly cold

C)No explanation has been generally accepted

D)It is also known as the Pleistocene period

E)Manhattan Island was a rock moved by glaciers


89-Recently there has been a revolution in the attitude of blue-marlin fishermen. Put simply, blue-marlin fishing is no longer a blood sport. ………., because they don't kill the fish any more. It is enough for them just to tag a marlin: reeling it close, marking it and putting it back into the water, in order to fight another day.

A) Earnest Hemingway was extremely fond of blue-marlin fishing

B) Fishermen rarely seek an obligatory photo beside their dead fish hooked up over the dock

C) Only the rich indulge in blue-marlin fishing because of the time and expense involved

D) In Britain, blood sports attract almost as many protectors as hunters

E) Some people say that an instinct for hunting has been handed down to us by our ancestors.


90-In rural Albania, it can be easier to find heavy artillery than to find a telephone. Therefore, when a quick-thinking villager needed to call the police to the scene of an accident, he used what was handy. ……….The police appreciated his idea enough not to arrest him. They did, however, take away the gun.

A)This points out just how convenient It can be to have a mobile telephone

B)It was lucky that there happened to be a telephone nearby

C)There is a great deal of weaponry left over from the days when Albania was invaded

D)This happened to be his very own anti-aircraft gun

E)There are not very many police, either, in rural Albania


91-Rose Hawthorne Lathrop, the youngest child of the author Nathaniel Hawthorne, also began a literary career, publishing several works. …………… . Under her leadership, two homes for sufferers of incurable cancer were opened in New York.

A)She wrote 'A Story of Courage' with her husband in 1894

B)Rose spent an enjoyable childhood with all the pleasures of refined surroundings

C)She married George P. Lathrop in 1871

D)Her father wrote the renowned novel, 'The Scarlet Letter'

E)But later, she became a nun, devoting her life to caring for the terminally ill


92-In recent years, there has been an advance in the technique known as transplant surgery. This means the replacement of a diseased or damaged part of the body by a healthy one from another person. ………… . This is because our bodies' natural defence against any invader, as with a transplanted organ, is to attempt to destroy it.

A) People can now carry "organ donor" cards, giving permission for their organs to be used after their death

B)The biggest stumbling block in this area of medicine, however, has been the body itself

C)There are even transplants from certain animals to humans

D)Occasionally, there are moving stories of parents who donate their organs to their dying children

E)Only a few years ago, no one would have believed this possible


93-Margarine was introduced into the United States in 1874 and immediately aroused the opposition of the dairy industry. Taxes were imposed on the substance; in some states, yellow-coloured margarine could not be sold; and federal laws required, among other strict rules, that restaurants serving margarine post a conspicuous notice of that fact. ……………, and now Americans eat as much margarine as butter.

A)However, the consumption of margarine has grown

B)Later types of margarine used animal fats and vegetable oils

C)Laws vary from state to state, but serious crimes are referred to as federal crimes

D)Whale oil was used originally for lamp fuel and later as an ingredient of other products

E)However rapid societal changes created a demand for fast food restaurants


94-Medgar Evers was the first field secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People in the state of Mississippi. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, he registered black voters and organised boycotts of firms that practised racial discrimination. ………….. . A white supremacist, Byron De la Beckwith was tried three times for the murder. The first two trials ended in a mistrial but he was finally convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1994.

A)In 1963, he was shot and killed by a sniper in front of his home

B)Of the total population of Mississippi, thirty-five percent is black

C)In that same year, more than 200,000 blacks and whites marched to the Lincoln Memorial

D)Racial segregation in South Africa is known as apartheid

E)Abraham Lincoln effectively freed all slaves in the Emancipation Proclamation


95-It is a windy, clear afternoon on the Gulf of Mexico, 70 miles out from the Texas coast. The water is dull, grey and choppy. The crew are dozing over plates of half eaten mangoes. Suddenly a road bends………… . The fight is on. After 30 minutes of physical to and fro, the sailfish kicks hard and snaps the line. A cheer goes up as big game fishing is not about who wins, but about the fight.

A)Mangoes are a delicious tropical fruit, especially good when eaten on a boat

B)Two members of the crew begin to quarrel over the mangoes

C)A big sailfish punches out of the water, spreads its blue sail fin  and shoots back under the water

D)One of the fastest fishes is the sailfish, which can swim at speeds of up to 68 miles per hour

E)Not surprisingly, they all hate sharks and are eager to kill this one


96-Millions of years ago, there was no life on this planet. ……….. . It was just a ball of flaming gases. These gases were in a state of considerable chemical turmoil, reacting together to form and reform chemicals. As time passed the gases cooled, became liquid, and eventually a thin crust was formed over the surface. Beneath this crust, the centre of the Earth was, and remains today, a molten mass of rocks and metals with a solid core.

A)In fact, there was no planet as we would recognise it today

B)Even after life appeared, it was a long time until humans first evolved

C)The first life forms appeared in water

D)There may have been one more planet at the time, which has now become the asteroid belt

E)Even now no one knows if there is life on other planets


97-A super liner like the Queen Elizabeth II, or  QE2 for short, contains all the elements of a floating town with a population of about 3000. The QE2 can take 2025 passengers, and has a crew of 906, who maintain the ship and look after the passengers. There are restaurants, a theatre, cinema, and four swimming pools. ……….. . All this is driven by engines producing 110.000 horse power, giving her a top speed of 30 knots, nearly twice the speed of a super tanker.

A)For a time, super liners were thought to be outdated, but now they seem to be making a come-back

B)Passengers on the Queen Elisabeth II can visit a lot of ports all over the world

C)In addition, there is a hospital, a dentist's surgery and a printing plant for the ship's daily newspaper

D)Of Course some people prefer to travel by plane because it is faster and cheaper

E)Under international law, powered vessels of more than 300 gross tons must carry licensed officers


98-Serendib, as the early Arab seamen called the island we know today as Sri Lanka, may have been the land in one version of Sinbad's Seventh Voyage. In that story, Sinbad was captured by pirates and sold into slavery to an ivory dealer. ……….. . Eventually the elephants showed Sinbad their secret graveyard, so he could obtain the ivory without killing them.

A)Slavery was common until this century and is still practised in some parts of the world today

B)Elephants are said to have amazing (bilgi yelpazesi.net) memories

C)The ivory trade has decimated the once vast herds of elephants in East Africa

D)The man forced Sinbad to go into the forest every day and kill an elephant for its tusks

E)Though Sinbad is usually described as a "sailor", it would be more correct to call him a "merchant adventurer"




85E                  86E      87D        88B        89B        90D        91E        92B        93A         94A         95C        96A         97C        98D










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