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Find The Sentence For The Blank) That Covers The Meaning


99-………….. . Smokers who we trying to give up were split into two groups. One group was given acupuncture, specially designed to help them stop smoking. Of this group, 31% had given up smoking after three weeks, while none of the people in the second control group succeeded in giving up.

A)Many strange techniques are tried by people attempting to give up smoking

B)Smoking is one of the most serious addictions and is very hard to beat

C)Many doctors are now trying to help their patients to give up smoking

D)Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that involves the use of needles

E)New research has shown that acupuncture can help people stop smoking


100-Viruses are even smaller than bacteria, and are the simplest known forms of life. ………… . They live as parasites in bacteria, animals and some plants, Viruses invade the cells of their hosts and simply take them over. The DNA in the virus takes over the DNA in the host cell and changes the instructions so that the host produces more viruses. There are a large number of diseases caused by viruses, such as influenza, measles and smallpox.

A)We use friendly bacteria to make yoghurt and cheese

B)They are not able to live by themselves

C)Some tulips have a virus infection in their petals which gives them an attractive colour

D)Antibacterial drugs are obtained from living organisms

E)Modern vaccines may contain bacteria or viruses which are dead, or still alive but weakened


101-Born in St Lucia in 1930, Derek Walcott and his twin brother Roderick were brought up by their mother, a schoolteacher, …………….. . Derek attended school in Jamaica and studied theatre in New York, then returned to the Caribbean to found and direct the Trinidad Theatre Workshop in 1959. In addition to having published 18 volumes of poetry, he wrote 40 plays and several screenplays. In 1992, he won the Nobel prise for literature.

A)so almost all literature has been produced by descendants of people brought to the region as slaves

B)since the 1950s, a large number of people have emigrated from the Caribbean to Britain

C)however, the Caribbean is better-known for cricket than for literary figures

D)whereas sugar and rum are the main agricultural (bilgi yelpazesi.net) products of the region

E)because their father, an amateur poet and painter, died when they were a year old


102-………….. . It was designed and built during World War II to break the complex code used between the German High Command and front-line forces. The first model was demonstrated at Blectcley Park, the British forces intelligence centre, in December 1943, with a faster version in operation by June1944, days before D Day. Historians believe that the code-breaking made possible by Colossus shortened the war by two years.

A)The tank has become one of the most formidable weapons of ground warfare

B)The Spitfire is probably the most famous plane of the Second World War

C)The first electronic programmable computer was called Colossus

D)The code-breaking work carried out at Bletchley Park has become a British legend

E)The “Goon Show" was one of the most popular radio comedy shows of post-war Britain


103-As a book collector, you should limit your interest to certain genres, themes or nationalities of authors. For example, science fiction, Russian literature, cinema books or books on World War I. ………… . Subsequent editions, on the other hand, generally have little value, and editions issued by book clubs are worthless.

A)Choose the first topic that comes into your mind

B)Normally, the most valuable books are first editions

C)Perhaps science fiction books are the most valuable

D)Books need protection from humidity and dryness

E)Modern books can be found almost everywhere now


104-Climatologists predict that a doubling of carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere will occur over the next l00years. ………. . This is an average rate much higher than at any time in the last 10,000 years.

A)Likewise, a drop in the ability to handle the effects of these chemicals may occur

B)However, other scientists foresee a much greater increase in nitrous oxide

C)It might not produce any noticeable effect on the global environmental situation

D)The level of these gases could become a serious threat to all known forms of life

E)This would lead to a rise in the Earth's temperature between 1 and 3.5 degrees


105-The number of people who go to the cinema has declined since the great days of Hollywood in the 1930s and '40s. The most likely cause is the ever-growing population of television. ……….. . Perhaps this reviving  interest is because the cinema today is truly international, with films being made and distributed all over the world, and reflecting many different interests and cultures.

A)There is new evidence to show that the cinema audience is gradually returning, though

B)The most famous producer of the time was Samuel Goldwin

C)Colour films were first made in the late 193Os, the most famous of which is undoubtedly "Gone with the Wind"

D)The stars of those days like Clark Gable and mien Leigh, still fascinate us decades later

E)Thus the largest film industry today is not in Hollywood, but in Bombay


106-One of the biggest factors affecting the pattern of trade has been the creation of the European Community and other similar groups of trading countries. These have been designed to make it easier and cheaper to move goods about within the group………….,  which is a kind of  tax that countries charge on goods coming  into the country. This makes goods imported from outside the group more expensive than goods from within the group.

A)Many additional jobs were created when the European Community established its headquarters in Brussels

B)Another example is ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

C)The main way this is done is by the member countries agreeing to a common external tariff

D)NATO is completely different because it is a purely military grouping

E)European Community citizens can move about freely between the member countries


107-Alien Ginsberg, who died in 1997 in New York, formed the Beat Generation of the 1950s along with William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. Ginsberg first captured public attention in 1956 with 'Howl', a long poem that raged against a conformist society. ………… . These non-conformist activities para1el his work, for which he drew his inspiration from yoga, Buddhism, Native American mysticism, and Torah, and U.S. poets like William Carlos Williams.

A)He was active in both the hippie and anti-war movements

B)Some people consider them to have been the forerunners of the hippies

C)It was the Vietnam. War that brought about the counter-cultural movement known as the hippies

D)Rock groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones all joined in the counter-culture movement

E)Burroughs and Kerouac were novelists


108-Captain Matthew Webb swam the English Channel from Dover to Calais, ……….. . For 22 hours, he swam the high seas. Although he lived to tell about it, he was not so lucky eight years later, when he drowned trying to swim the Niagara River.

A)becoming the first person to do so without a life Jacket

B)while sitting aboard a 75-foot French-made (bilgi yelpazesi.net) yacht

C)unfortunately, he had a fatal accident on the return trip to Calais

D)and managed to accomplish this in less than half a day

E)eight years before a similar achievement on the Niagara River


109-Luigi Galvani was an Italian physiologist who investigated the relationship between electrical currents and animal tissue. ........, and so is the galvanometer, an instrument which is used to detect and measure electrical currents.

A)He invented the first practical electrical switches

B)The verb “galvanize" is derived from his name

C)He was arrested for animal cruelty in 1798

D)He learnt how electricity is related to nerves

E)The Catholic Church condemned Galvani's activities


110-........ . Very occasionally it can get completely out of control, as it did in Germany in the 192Os, when people had to take baskets full of notes to buy a loaf of bread. In China in the 1930s, people eating in restaurants always paid before they ate, in case the price of the meal rose as they were eating. Today, no place in the world is quite that bad, but inflation can be a serious problem for people on fixed incomes, like those living on a pension.

A)A police state is one in which democracy does not exist and people have few or no personal freedoms

B)"Deflation", the opposite of inflation, refers to a fall in prices, but is a very unusual situation

C)There are several examples in history of completely militarised societies

D)A situation where prices keep rising is called "inflation"

E)Money has no value in itself; it is only valuable as a medium of exchange


111-People once thought that the Earth was flat and that you could fall off the edge. Most of us now think of the planet as a sphere, although it is more accurately described as an "oblate spheroid", being flattened at the poles and bulging at the Equator. …………. . On the other hand, unlike an onion, each layer of the Earth is made of a different material.

A)Though this flattening and bulging can be measured. it cannot be seen from a spacecraft

B)It is quite useful to think of the Earth, as being rather like an onion, that is, a ball made of different layers

C)The Earth is sometimes compared to an onion, but onions tend to be pointed rather than flattened at the "poles"

D)A lemon, for example, is just the opposite shape from that of the Earth

E)If you were to slice the Earth down the middle, it would not, in fact, look anything like an onion


112-When there are too many predators, not enough resources and a great deal of competition, an animal population dies ..............  . This can be just as bad. Such a population explosion happened when the brown tree snake arrived on Guam in the cargo of a military plane 50 years ago. The ecosystem was not ready for the reptilian assault, and the snake had no natural competitors or enemies there. As a result, virtually every songbird on Guam has been eaten by the snakes.

A)A number of species have become extinct within living memory

B)But when the opposite occurs, the population explodes

C)No one likes to see an animal population die out

D)Mankind can help protect endangered species

E)This sort of pattern is often found in small environments like islands




99E                  100B    101E      102C      103B      104E      105A      106C      107A      108A      109B      110D      111B      112B










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