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Find The Sentence For The Blank) That Covers The Meaning


113-Once upon a time in Britain, food was something you simply ate. Industrialised early, Britain became a country of cities and factories well before the continent, and Britons got used to eating from tins. In the 40s and 50s, 15 years of war rations solidified the tradition. Food was eaten, but it was not talked about. ……….. . Food has become a national obsession.

A)It will probably always be that way

B)We know from novels that the British ate more interesting things before the industrial age

C)Nevertheless, English cheeses are not as bad

D)Most people feel that the less said about English food, the better

E)However, now the British seem to talk about nothing else.


114-Niagara Falls, on the Canada-USA border, must be one of the most photographed spots in the world. ……… .      The Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of the border is much the larger of the two. As the name indicates, it is a large semicircle. The American Falls, slightly higher than the Horseshoe Falls, is almost in a straight line. Nineteen times as much water flows over the Canadian falls as over the American ones.

A)People have gone over Niagara Falls in a barrel as a stunt

B)One reason is that it is a favourite honeymoon spot

C)It is actually two separate waterfalls

D)The border between the US and Canada is said to be the longest unguarded border in the world

E)Some scientists are worried about the effects of erosion on the falls


115-A mineral can be regarded as a solid material with a fixed chemical composition and having elements that are similar throughout. This is how minerals differ from rocks. ……….. . Granite, for example, is made up mostly of three minerals - quartz, feldspar and mica. These three minerals, however, are not always present in the same quantities.

A)Minerals always have the same composition and structure, while rocks are usually made up of a mixture of minerals

B)It is particularly interesting to note that about half the Earth's crust is made up of oxygen

C)Except for agricultural products, most (bilgi yelpazesi.net) of our raw materials come from minerals found in rocks

D)One of the first things you might notice about a mineral is its colour, though this can be misleading

E)Analysing such bodies as meteorites, we find that the Earth is probably largely made up of iron, oxygen, silicon and magnesium in that order


116-Branches of the same family, the Czechs and the Slovaks speak similar tongues. Slovaks endured Hungarian rule for most of their history; Czechs enjoyed power and influence before bending to Habsburg control. …….. .     In the "velvet Revolution" of 1989, they rejoiced in the same victory over 41 years of Communist rule. Yet barely two years later, they had sued for a "velvet divorce", splitting the country into the Czech and Slovak Republics.

A)Hitler invaded part of Czechoslovakia in World War II

B)At one time, a part of the present-day Ukraine was included in Czechoslovakia

C)The most famous Czech literary figure is 'The Good Soldier Schveik"

D)After World War I, a free nation composed of the two of them, Czechoslovakia, was created

E)Religion is said to be more important for the Slovaks than for the Czechs


117-ln the year 1906,  San Francisco was wrecked by an earthquake. The earthquake was the result of movement along the San Andreas Fault, which runs for almost 1300 kilometres along the west coast of America. It seems as if the whole floor of the Pacific Ocean was shifted northwards by a distance of about 6 metres. ………. . A great deal of the damage was, however, not caused directly by the earthquake itself, but by the flees that raged as gas mains were severed.

A)Tokyo is another city which often suffers from earthquakes

B)It is very likely that the San Andreas Fault may move again

C)Architectural advances have meant that there are more and more earthquake-proof buildings

D)This apparently small lateral movement of rock was enough to kill 700 people and to cause a huge amount of damage

E)Earthquakes are shockwaves that spread out in all directions from the source when rocks are suddenly  and violently disturbed


118-Pyramids have been built in many parts of the world, but the most famous are in Egypt. …….. . Known as the Step Pyramid because of its unusual stepped shape, it was the world's first large all-stone structure. The largest of the Egyptian pyramids is the Great Pyramid of the pharaoh Cheops at Gisa, which is made of over 2 million stone blocks, each weighing from two to fifteen tons. It took approximately 23 years to build this massive structure.

A)Before this, the dead were buried in smaller stone structures called mastabas

B)The first was built more than four thousand years ago as his tomb by a pharaoh named Zoser

C)Every year thousands of tourists visit the pyramids of Giza

D)Some people believe that pyramids have magical properties

E)The civilisation of ancient Egypt was one of the most stable in world history


119-Alexandra David-Neel spent many years in Tibet and was the first European to visit various parts of that mysterious

land. ………. . However, she never hesitated to push on and continue her travels. Her heroic adventures were fully documented in a number of books and articles she published in English and French.

A)Her husband provided her with money to carry out her explorations

B)As a young person, Alexandra dreamed of travelling to faraway places

C)She was the first European woman who was allowed to meet the Dalai Lama

D)Some of the hardships and hazards she faced were unbelievably difficult

E)She spoke the Tibetan language and often travelled disguised as a peasant woman


120- A defining event of the century came in 1913 when Henry Ford opened his assembly line. Ordinary people could now afford a Model T. From now on, products were mass-produced and mass-marketed, with all the centralisation and conformity that entails. ………. . In reaction to this standardisation, a modernist rebellion against conformity motivated art, music, literature, fashion, and even behaviour for much of the century.

A)Everyone was so happy with this situation that there was no disapproval of it

B)With the ever increasing standard of living, today almost everyone in the United States has a car

C)Products were distributed or broadcast in standard form from central facilities to millions of people

D)This obviously means that almost everyone is happier than ever before

E)Today. countries prefer to concentrate on the production of a few items rather than many


121-Some of the best discoveries are accidental. Until the 18405, for example, rubber was not a very useful material because it was too stiff in cold weather and too soft in hot weather. An American named Charles Goodyear tried to solve this problem by mixing rubber and sulphur, but the experiment failed. ……… . Though he patented the process, which we know today as "vulcanised rubber", it was so simple that many others copied it.

A)One day, he spilt his mixture on a hot stove, and this gave him just the substance he was alter

B)Since he could not create the .substance he wanted, he went bankrupt and died penniless

C)Today he is remembered because of the tyres that bear his name

D)Natural rubber comes from the sap of a tree that has been very carefully cut

E)Then he had an accident and burned himself so badly that he had to stop his search for a long time


122-Before the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the United States had suffered an economic depression roughly every twenty years. This was regarded by business leaders as natural. …………. . Yet the economic stabilisers of the New deal - social security, minimum wage, unemployment compensation, for example - have preserved the country against major depressions for more than half a century.  Roosevelt's most significant domestic achievement was to have saved capitalism from the capitalists.

A)Roosevelt was elected president four times, more than any other US president in history

B)Roosevelt's "New Deal" was loudly denounced by these business leaders at the time

C)The Great Depression which began in 1929 was finally ended by World War II

D)Ordinary workers, on the other hand, suffered unemployment and severe hardship

E)A whole folklore has grown up around the economic hard times of the 1930s


123-……….. . Once language had developed, men were able to exchange thoughts and ideas. Perhaps most important of all, they were able to cooperate in improving their living conditions. The written word came after the spoken word, and enabled people to record their thoughts and their discoveries for future generations to study.

A)It is-remarkable that so many different languages have developed in the world

B)Children below the age of puberty are far more able to learn languages than adults are

C)The languages of the world are divided into many different families

D)It's man's ability to communicate that has helped him to progress to his present highly civilised state

E)Experiments have shown that other animals, such as dolphins, are able to communicate using language


124-One of the wonders of modern medicine is spare-part surgery. This enables many of our joints to be replaced by man-made ones of stainless steel alloys, or plastics. A common joint replacement is that of the hip, but others such as elbow, shoulder and knee joints can also be replaced with artificial ones. The materials used in spare-part surgery have to be inert. ……….. . It would be very unpleasant to end up with a rusty hip joint.

A)That is, they mustn't cause the body's natural defences to reject them, and the materials must not corrode

B)People from as recently as a century ago would be amazed by what can be done now

C)Though artificial arms and legs have been common for centuries, these internal replacements are a new innovation

D)Modern surgery is able to cure most kinds of cancer if they are detected early enough

E)In spare parts for household appliances, of course, this is far less important


125-Medicine has been described as an art that makes use of all the sciences. Its purpose is to maintain the body in good health, to relieve pain, mend injury, and help prolong life. ………… . When we are ill, however, we know that we can get expert treatment from our doctors or specialists.

A)In some countries people commonly suffer from diseases that have long been controlled or eradicated in the West

B)Some surgical techniques which we think of as modern were in fact practised by the ancient Egyptians

C)This is perhaps why (bilgi yelpazesi.net) there is so much controversy today over euthanasia, or "mercy killing"

D)Today most of us take our health for granted, and if we are young, we probably never think about being ill

E)Its development has led to greater life expectancies in most parts of the world


126-Radiocarbon dating works by measuring an object for an element called carbon 14, traces of which are contained in all

organic substances. …………. . This is possible because, although the amount present an living organisms remains nearly constant, when animals and plants die, their level of carbon 14 begins to decrease at a known, fixed rate. Thus the amount of remaining carbon 14 in an object provides a measurement of its age.

A)When it was used on the Turin shroud, supposedly dating from the time of Jesus, it was found to date only from the 13th century

B)Certain religious fundamentalists do not accept radiocarbon dating because it shows the' world to lie older than they believe it to be

C)Archaeologists use radiocarbon dating to discover the age of ancient items

D)Wood from the bristlecone pine has been used to correct the carbon 14 dating system

E)Scientists must be very careful in choosing their samples for radiocarbon dating




113E              114C      115A      116D      117D      118B      119D      120C      121A      122B      123D      124A      125D      126C










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