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Advertising by its very nature is obstrusive and attracts attention to itself as well as to the goods and services it offers. It is not suprising that it has become a popular subject of controversy. Nor is it likely that the arguments that rage around it will soon be settled one way or the other. Since a significant proportion of the national income of industrial countries is spent on adverstising and it is a subject of concern to many people, it is to be hoped that economists and sociologists both within the industry and outside it will devote more time and money to its objective study. Much of the inquiry into adverstising that has so far taken place has been partisan. There remains a need for objective investigaiton into all its effects and implications. It is encouraging that advertising continues to be a subject for debate, inquiry and study.


55. According to the passage, advertising is a topic that has given rise to a great deal of heated discussion .................. .


a. nearly all of which takes place outside the industry

b. that has served no useful purpose whatsoever

c. but so far, no one has even thought of making a serous study of the matter d. and is likely to, and indeed ought to, continue to do so

e. most of which is suprisingly objective


(Cevap D) Doğru cevap (d)  şıkkıdır. Paragrafın 4. satırına baktığımızda reklamcılık ile ilgili tartışmaların daha uzun süre devam edeceğini görmekteyiz. Dolayısıyla soru cümlesinde boş  bırakılan yeri en iyi (d) şıkkı tamamlamaktadır.


56. The passage makes the point that much attention is rightly being focused on adverstising ...................... .


a. since the amount of money being spent upon it is, in relation to the national income, quite considerable

b. since a great deal of money is being unnecessarily wasted upon it

c. as so many of the claims made by advertisements contain very little truth

d. especially by the firms that make use of the advertising industry and are growing increasingly discontented with the services it offers

e. thougt this is largely because people enjoy a controversy that doesn’t serously affect them


(Cevap A) Doğru cevap (a)  şıkkıdır. Paragrafın 4. cümlesine baktığımızda reklamcılığa yüksek oranlarda para harcandığını görmekteyiz. Diğer  şıkların paragraf ile anlamsal bir ilgisi bulunmamaktadır.


57. In the opinion of the writer of this passage, the subject of advertising ..................... .


a. is of little interest to anyone other than economists and sociologists

b. has been adeguately researched at least as regards its effects and implications

c. needs to be thoroughly examined and assessed in an open and entirely unprejudiced manner

d. has aroused an unreasonable amount of interes and this should be dicouraged

e. has become exceedingly popular, but there is no rational explanation for this


(Cevap C) Doğru cevap (c)  şıkkıdır. Sorunun cevabı paragrafın sondan bir önceki cümlesi okunduğunda bulunmaktadır.


In the world thought, Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations survives as probably the richest source book of modern economic theory. This book is important because it raised the right issues, including industrial production, the distribution of incomes and employment saving. These are the issues that economic science has been working on ever since. Adam Smith had a rich, sensitive and generous mind, not a rigidly logical one. The result is one can find inconsistencies (bilgi yelpazesi.net) in the text. This is actually an advantage, for it opens the subject up. All his hints can be traced up to the present day in different currents of throught. It is indeed Smith’s very talent for containing inconsistencies that has motivated economic speculation. His direct inspiration also continues. For it was Smith who first realised the importance of economic cooperation between the nations if they were to live together peacefully. And this is still a vision.


58. It is clear from the passage that Adam Smith ...................... .


a. was more interested in the economics of production than of distribution

b. believed that economic cooperation could be a basis for peace in the world

c. concentrated on the practical problems such as income distribution that were relevant in his day, and avoided theories

d. evolved certain theories that later generations hotly contested

e. produced theories that are now outdated


(Cevap B) Doğru cevap (b)  şıkkıdır. Paragrafın sondan bir önceki cümlesine baktığımızda Adam Smith’in toplumların bir arada barış içinde yaşaması için ekonomik işbirliğinin önemine dikkat çektiğini görmekteyiz.


59. The writer of the passage clearly admires the Wealth of Nations because .................. .


a. the guidelines for economic studies set down there are still the accepted ones

b. later generations have not felt tha need to reconsider that issues he raised

c. each issues is dealt with in a purely factual and logical manner

d. it raises many questions and offers final answers to them

e. in it the real and essential issues of economic science are raised so as to invite further speculation


(Cevap A) Doğru cevap (a)  şıkkıdır. Yazar, Wealth of Nations’ı takdir etmektedir; çünkü Adam Smith’in öngördüğü kurallar günümüzde hala geçerliliğini korumaktadır.


60. According to the writer of this passage, one aspect of Adam Smith’s genius .................... .


a. is to be found in the flexiblity of his approach to economics

b. is that there are no inconsistencies in his theories

c. is his wide knowledge of subjects that are really outside economic theory, such as industrial production

d. is to be seen in the fact that he found lasting, even final solutions to several economic problems

e. lies in his ability to graps long–term trends and not give too much importance to short–term fluctuations


(Cevap D) Doğru cevap (d)  şıkkıdır. Adam Smith’in dehası birçok ekonomik probleme geçerli çözümler bulmasıdır ki bu çözümler günümüzde de halen kabul görmektedir.










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